Wednesday, December 31, 2008

welcome 2009

today is last day of yr 2008~~~

Time pass so fast~~!!

Hey..Im wondering..
I'm 25 years old and the days r running~~~!!
Im afraid that all of my life will pass so fast~~!!!
I mean I wake up 6:00 am, go to work ,come back at 6:00 pm, bath + dinner + rest a while.. and then the day is over... (sleep @ 10.30pm)
the time pass so fast and I dun 1 that my whole life will pass so fast like that~~~

I hav make a list...
I wish to accomplish these things in yr 2009.
I get the feeling that I can’t get these all done before the 2010, however.... I’ll try my best ~~!!

Things to do in yr 2009

1. Stop caring what other people think of me

2. Learn to be more patient

3. Be more organized

4. Be more social

5. Get a serious relationship

6. Fall in love (Fall deeply, helplessly and unconditionally, I really mean tat)

7. Write a love letter

8. Make more friends

9. Be debt free

10. Better update with fashion and entertainment

11. Learn to budget & have some sort of savings plan

12. Make a mind map on what am I going to do in 2009, write down my personal mission statement, follow it, and revise it from time to time (Dream-Plan-Achieve)

13. Master some skills (language i hope)

14. Avoid saying something dreadful (which i alwyz do)

15. Alwyz say something lovely (which i nv do)

16. Stop brooding about growing old

17. Learn to use a microphone and give a speech in public

18. Exercise regularly ( i really ned tat, i hav a big beer stomach now)

19. Eat more healthy food

20. Drink more water (at least 1.5 litre per day lar)

21. Dining @ Burj Al Arab (brunch also ok lar, dinner mayb too expensive and no body want to accompany me 1)

22. Write more (Complete 888 posts in my blog, now almost 500 posts)

23. Listen more

24. Read more than 10 books within a year (exclude novel & comic, I can easily read 2-3 novel per day)

25. Love more

26. Go to HK, Taiwan, Japan, Vegas or New York (either 1)

27. Go to a concert

28. SMS my frens often

29. Take my mom to oversea

30. Attend my best friend's wedding (i'll fly back~~!!!)

31. Learn to deal with idiots in big companies

32. Learn how to ask for a raise – and DO it~~!!

33. Learn how to complain effectively -- and DO it~~!!

34. Improved on my basketball & futsal skills

35. Get phone number from a stranger… coz she is cute or pretty

36. Ask someone only just met to go on a date =p

37. Laugh until I cry

38. Go up in a hot-air balloon

39. Learn to dance (ballroom dance & hip hop –properly)

40. Try to make a miracle happen

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Redundancy ~~

经济风暴到,处处裁员潮。 减薪加辛料,炒友又知多少~!!??

aikss~~ recession is coMing to toWN~~!!

my company goreng 100 staff last week...
not labour... is STAFFF~~!!!!
mostly r HR and Admin punya staff..
n some junior Level punya commercial staff...
i believe those kena 1 is becoz of their poor performance lar...
wat a poor pity X'mas for them...
n i believe there will be 2nd batch in nex month..

oh ya.. i'm going to tranfer to HQ Dubai (Abu Dhabi HQ sudah tutup)... =.='''
i'll leave Dubai Marina within 2 dayz...

i got to assist the tender dpmnt...
for new tender jobs...
hopefully can get few new projects within few weeks..
otherwise... 2nd n 3rd retrenchment list also come out de lar...


Saturday, November 29, 2008

New Christmas Song~

Recession is coming to town


You’d better watch out
You’d better not cry
You’d better keep cash
I’m telling you why
Recession is coming to town.

It’s hitting you once,
It’s hitting you twice
It doesn’t care if you’ve been careful and wise
Recession is coming to town

It’s worthless if you’ve got shares
It’s worthless if you’ve got bonds
It’s safe when you’ve got cash in hand
So keep cash for goodness sake, HEY

You’d better watch out
You’d better not cry
You’d better keep cash
I’m telling you why
Recession is coming to town!

Finance products are confusing
Finance products are so vague
The banks make you bear the cost of risk
So keep out for goodness sake, OH

You’d better watch out
You’d better not cry
You’d better keep cash
I’m telling you why
Recession is coming to town.



Wednesday, November 26, 2008

annual dinner party canceled due to bad economy

aiks.. i receieved an email from my company~~

below is the MEMO frm the management~~


Dear All,

Due to the current uncertainty in the market, we have decided that it is not the right time to hold a Year End Function planned for 27th November 2008 at the Westin Hotel. We will postpone the function to a later date when the market has stabilized.

We thank you for your understanding and support in this difficult time and look forward to better times in the near future. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.



Managing Director


mati lar~~~
annual dinner/party also canceled jor....

alot colleagues r so disapointed.....

btw~ i told the HR i'm not going to attend also..
lolz~~ this annual dinner only for certain level only...
those junior cannot go 1..
but fatty damn lansi.. say not interest...
actually is true also lar..
we go there buat apa? sosooo wif director or manager??
dun1 lar.. c their face also feel wanna slep aredi...


Saturday, November 22, 2008

NO salaries increment~~!!

There will be NO salary increases for this year~~!!!

This afternoon, all the directors come to my new site (Dubai) n announce tat there is no increment for this coming December/January..

HOLLY SH*T~~!!!!

Btw~ the market really becom worse right now..
A lot big companies in UAE sudah starting retrench their staff…

Hope, I can tahan til nex yr punya May lar..


Saturday, November 15, 2008

job cuts everywere~~economic crisis is coming soon~~!!!

200 employees affected as Damac announces job cuts
Published: November 10, 2008, 18:46

Damac Group on Monday said it will retrench 2.5 per cent of its staff or 200 jobs owing to the global slowdown.


Job cuts on Emaar radar as stocks crash
Published: November 14, 2008, 23:21

Dubai/London: Emaar Properties, one of the world's largest property developers, is preparing to cut jobs to help it steer through the biggest crisis in its 11-year history amid a sharp fall on Dubai's stock markets and a cooling of its property sector.

Warning~ warning~~~!!
Alert~ alert~~!!

bad news everywere~~

n guess wat?
i receveid a msg frm my fren...
1 of my LJMU scholmate kena goreng becoz of the bad economy~~

he is looking for job now~~
n i'm trying to help him also..
wish him good luck lar...



Thursday, November 13, 2008

200km ++ per day...

hAM is transferring to Dubai soon~~ starting from this coming Sunday…

my current project sudah suspended….
So, no choice, pergi Dubai site assist others ppl lar…
got to drive 200km per day…

lucky I pass in my driving test otherwise, fatty going to drive every day..

Monday, November 10, 2008

retrenchment is not a jok~

holly shit..

public listed companies also retrench...

no play play..


now really ~~ zZzZzzz~~

economic down turn..
everybody also worry now.....


Saturday, November 08, 2008

i got my UAE driving license~

8th November 2008


I pass in my driving test..

Only 2 ppl pass in the driving test…
2 ppl out of 11 ppl~~

I’m damn proud for that man..

Sunday, November 02, 2008

back to the UAE jor~

well~ i did hav a great vacation in Oct...

mood sudah tukar ke baik aredi..

damn bizy within this 2 weeks..
got to settle this settle tat..

2 weeks is just too short~~
i cant meet every one i want...
sigh....time pass too fast~~
time pass really fast~


Saturday, November 01, 2008

welcom come back to UAE~~!!??

1st of Nov~~~

back to UAE joR~~~
start working tomolo!!!


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

wanted in this vacation



Monday, October 20, 2008

misSioN imp0ssibLe~!!??

~HNWI~ is a misSioN imp0ssibLe ~!!??

dun think so.....

alwyz aim 4 the mooN, even if u miss, u'll land amonG thE farking staRs~~~!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

dun worry~~tak ada sotong goreng for u guys~


Senior Commercial Manager baru announced tat all the members in the commercial team wont get goreng wor…
The management will make arrangement for all of us shortly…
but most probably all will go to another nearby punya project….
N tat will start work in nex yr wor…

OMG~~ sitting n do nothing.. then get pay….
Hrmm.. this kind of money really easy to earn…

Holly shit…!!

PLS~~~ compensate me 50k plus giv me a NOC then goreng me lar…
lolz~~ tat is our (fatty & me) dream~~

(eat more 'tai tao choi' lar)
dreaming stil early lar...

hahahaha~~ this 2 weeks i'm too frequent posting/blogging...
this is becoz i hav nothing to do againz inside the office......
muahahaha... i sudah leave early(half day) for few dayz jor....
damn ganas.... tat is becoz... once the manager n senior not here...
we r the highest level among the team now(me n fatty)...
those 10 juniors/assistance got nothing to say/shout also...
we say dismiss early mean early...
damn enjoy'ing now~~


Sunday, October 12, 2008



life is never easy~!!!

If you don't take control of your life, the farking life will take control of you......

Friday, October 10, 2008

♪ ♪ ♪ 最近比较烦,比较烦,比较烦~!!! ♪ ♪ ♪
我看这场工怎么也看不到岸~ ♪ ♪ ♪

我问老板 : "怎么办?" ♪ ♪ ♪

老板既然说: "一拍两散~!!" ♪ ♪ ♪


Tuesday, October 07, 2008







谢谢妳的 sms 。。。
心情稍稍平静了一点 。。。


Monday, October 06, 2008

Shoe Box Appeal ~ (Charity Donation)

there is a new charity donation which we have to contribute to; it has been organized by head office under the name “Shoe Box Appeal”....

my company ada involve n TRY to share the happineEs to those general labors/workers in this Eid ul-Fitr (hari raya/开斋节)~~~
so, my site ada 2 org tolong to organize this kind of Charity activity lar..

this 2 org yg tak ada kerja buat dan manyak senang punya ialah ~~ Imad (a Senior MEP guy) + si-hAM (me)~~


-=MEMO from HQ=-

after 2 weeks ++ punya efforts~~

Yo~~~ !!
We managed to collect 1800 AED in addition to some items bought by David Adams...
thanks to Imad who willing to spend the weekend to buat survey/comparison/negotiation in Dubai~
We were able to fill 41 shoeboxes which are passed to our head office....

n thanks for everybody who contributed to the shoebox charity appeal~~~
(this 41 boxes only for our site only.. i'm stil waiting the HQ to announce how many boxes did we manage to send to the Charity society)

-=picture of our team with the sorted bags=-

once again~
Thank you to those who have so generously provided stuffs and donated the money~~


Sunday, October 05, 2008

「生命之水」(Water for Life)

i got my alchohol license 1 month ago jor..
tat day went to Dubai nak try to beli...
but too bad, my license only valid in Abu Dhabi...

n today, fatty fetch my to Abu Dhabi punya shop beli..

i sudah seldom drink beer jor de lar..
i stil remember 2 yrs ago, when the time i was study in UK...
i drink beer like drink water.. clear 18 cans (500 ml) within 6 dayz....
tat is becoz the beer damn cheap...
cheaper than COKE~~

this shop punya alchohol all TAX FREE~~~!!??

this is so farking cheap lar..
cheaper than UK sommore..
i bought 24 cans Heineken baru cost me AED105~~
SMIRNOFF 1 litre baru AED70....
plus half dozen of Smirnoff Ice only AED63(this is wat i usual drink in UK)~

aiks~ sudah 200++ jor..
it is cheap in UAE..
if i was working in M'sia...
i sure wont spend 200++ for this kind of drinks..
my mum will scold me...

but too bad..
no body teman me minum @ UAE..
sigh... sendiri minum 'mun zao' lar...

Saturday, October 04, 2008

herE come anotheR new c2pid felLa~~!!??

oh ya~
satu kawan come to UAE @ 2rd of Oct~~

CB/JB Eng Chuan~
welcomE to UAE~~!!

let'S go curi ayaM togeter in UAE~~~

m'sian ahmoi yg working in UAE ada troubles joR~~
eng chuan very famous & expert in apa-apa & wat wat wat & bla bla bla de...



to EC :
really hapi u'r here...
let me get my farking driving license in this coming Nov then we pergi hunt the
ahmoiS in UAE tourist spots in UAE..
Conquer the
ahmoiS in UAE tourist spots in UAE...!!!!!!


Friday, October 03, 2008


03.10.2008, 09:14pm (GMT+ 04.00)Abu Dhabi, UA



希望她早日忘记 D 吾开心的事啦~~


Wednesday, October 01, 2008

surprise for hari raya~

my projecT leader ada annoucement to make~~ before the Eid ul-Fitr (hari raya/开斋节)~

my project might kena 'buang'~~
muahahahaha~~ abandon~~~!!!!

our client stil owe us few million belum pay yeT~~

stop work~~!!!
jangan buat apa-apa lagi...
i terus order my junior hold wat ever on his hand...
dun do tat anymore....

is this consider as gooD news or bad newS ler~!!??

early i really wish to transfer to Dubai de..
coz influence by fatty~~
but now sudaH settle down jor..
accommodation + transport problem sudah settled jor~
now i really wish to stay here.. for at least 2 yrs.. save som money 1st...then baru plan wat to do..

aiks.. even u giv me 1 month notice/compensate me wang plus giv me the NOC*** i also jialat joR~~
if 2 months ago, i terus request for NOC n cabut.. i can get any job easily here...
but now economic crisis jorr..
mana boleh dpt kerja so easy~~!??
even got mayb also not so high pay jor...
now supply over demand sooN joR...
my fren punya company (international comp) ada 200++ project managers(US/UK) requested to transfer to UAE..

btw~ goreng sure wont goreng me de lar..
i'm so ''talent''~~
"ren cai" (人才)mar~~~
wont goreng me de lar...

haihz.. if really pull out from this project...
then i think they sure transfer me to other sitE jor~~
so far...Abu Dhabi baru ada 2/3 projects...
n semua also row rise punya hotel/residential/commercial unitS~
i think all also below 1 billion~~
i'm not interest on taT lar...

wat i want is those billion billion punya hire rise builDing~~

c step walk step jorr~~
if really ned to be transfered... i'll request to transfer to Dubai...
but i ned to travel frm Abu Dhabi to Dubai everyday..
so shit..
1 yr rental sudah paid...
65k ler.... tak boleh simply move ler...
wat to do... sigh~~~

wish me gooD luck~~
hope everything will be smooth lar...

*** NOC - No Objection Certificate or popularly abbreviated as NOC is a type of legal certificate issued by any agency, organization, institute or in certain cases, an individual, that does not object to the covenants of the certificate.
(if u dun get this from ur current employer, u will be ban automatically for half yr.. tak boleh kerja @ UAE for 6 months)

Saturday, September 27, 2008


last few weeks....
some body phone me @ the 5 O'clock in the morning..

when the time i just wanna start to scold this fella...

"wat??? Head of Sshool? Dr Lim??"

i'm quite surprise tat my Head of School called me... in the early of morning...
oh ya.... M'sia sudah 9am somthing jor.. (UAE baru 5am++)
well~~ he phone me n ask me wether interest to be tuitor or not..

GTO suddenly pop out of my mind @ tat moment~

GT hAM~~!!??
u sure boh?
i becom tuitor??
then those students sure 'die' onmy hand jor....

but too bad...
if i'm stil working for IJM, i might giv it a try lar...
but... now i'm working in UAE ler..
my pay is farking high compare in Msia n S'pore..

hrmm... btw~`
what will i look like when i giving speech during the class?
will be damn serious look?? or a funny tuitor look??
those student baru 5-7 yrs younger than me only...
we just almost same-same age...
imagine tat they call me Sir....
i really cannot imagine tat..

(duno tuitor pikat sendiri punya student will kena sue or not de ler?)
muahahahahaha~~ Onizuka alwyz pikat his own student de wor..

*** Great Teacher Onizuka officially abbreviated to GTO, is a shonen manga, anime, and live-action series created by Tohru Fujisawa. It is the story of Eikichi Onizuka, a 22 year-old ex-bōsōzoku member, and his quest to be the greatest teacher in Japan.

Monday, September 08, 2008

more n more M'sian r coming to UAE~


Chee Meng(LJMU'ian) aredi in Dubai for couples of weeks..
Chin Tatt (LJMU'ian) coming in this early Oct...
Daphne (S'pore's ex colleague also LJMU junior) will be here within 2 dayz also..

it seems our cert is quite 'lakku' in UAE...
they recognize the UK cert... even it is summer course punya cert...
but unfortunately, m'sia n sg not really appreaciate our cert...
n now everybody also come to UAE & S'pore...

i hear S'pore paying a fresh graduated QS for $2.5k...
tat is only started pay.. after probation period will increase 300+-~
n can hit above $3k per month within 1 yr(adjustment)...

damn.. very soon..
m'sia QS will get higher pay also..
coz lag of QS(s)~~
everybody cabut from M'sia...

sigh for our country...
ppl got to go out cari makan~
if not , tat RM2-3k mana cukup to survive in M'sia?
u buy car then cannot buy house..
u buy house(condo only lar...) then u cannot eat ur lunch jor...
u buy car & house... then u got to work for at least 2 job...
pity poor M'sian life...

haihz.. thanks to BN~~
M'sia BOLEH~~~!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Finally~~Some Quality Time with My Blog


I really need some time to breathe… !!
Been very, super, extremely busy lately…

Finally I have chance to write a bit..
The rest time is a bit short but better than none, right?

well… early of July, my senior QS sudah datang..
(in this company, Sr QS equal to an Ast. Manager in Malaysia jor~ he is the 2nd man in Contract dpmnt)~
I’m so farking bizy to hand over and explain the situation to him…
This site is farking messy man… plus farking complicated..

And then I shift to new Site office & apartment in early of August… At the same time….
I was so bizy to move the things, buy furniture, and settle the rental payment…
run here run there..
cancel the internet connection.. re-apply it for my new apartment..
try to settle the utilities fees (for the old apartment), hand over the apartment to HR dpmnt..
bla bla bla….
Finaly.. I hav som time to write something here..

Aiks~ I really hate to move…
A lot thing need to be done…
I need a break~~


Tuesday, July 01, 2008

I pass my theory test

I just pass my driving theory test~~

A lot funny & strange answers inside tat paper..
U can make mistake easily…

For example..

What is the ABS means??

  1. Anti-Lock Braking System
  2. Anti Braking System
  3. Auto Braking System

Which 1 is the correct answer??

Damn confusing lar..
Lucky I chose the answer A which is correct 1….

I score 28 out of 35 in the test…
28 is the minimum pass rate…
Hahahaha… damn lucky man…..
I really feel damn lazy to study the book/rulez lar..
Damn.. 160 pages ler…

lucky I pass the theory...

But my road test will be held in Nov…

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Prince of bowling~

dang dang dang dang~~
my 1st trophy in 'AAE'~~

Ang mo (Project Leader) : “This fella something wrong.. lowest score still laugh like a best player~~ not shame de..”

hahaha, I got the ‘Award’ not becoz I’m the best…

It is becoz I scored the LOWEST among my colleagues…
This is a “ NEED TO
PLAYMORE” trophy~~!!

Trophy for Best scorer(from left), most comedy & Lowest Scorer..

(tell u guys secretly lar … actually I
purposely score the lowest to get the trophy de.. I like the trophy…)

Friday, June 20, 2008


i'm attending my driving theory classes recently...
the Abi Dhabi's rulez...

i got to take a theory exam then go for the driving test..
after all this done/pass then only entitle to get my 'AAE''s driving license...

I arange the classes after work...
every night 8.20pm-10.30pm start from 16th to 20th~~~

it is around 20 ppl punya classes..

the 'lecturer' looks damn professional~~
every time when i fall to slep..
the 'lecturer' will question me n make me awake..
farking tired after work lar...
stil gotto attend this kind of boring classes...

the "aged pupil" like to ask alot of questions~~
they looks like kid..
like to 'Show off '~~
sendiri naik tangan n tell ppl bout their 'story'~~
they really like to "share" their experience...

PLS~~ let the lecturer finish the lesson 1st lar...
at the end baru tell ppl bout ur experience or adventure lar~~

n now~~
i feel damn tired...
feel wanna sick aredi..
not enough slep....

feeL damn tired plus sleply during the workng hour...


Monday, June 16, 2008

1st car in my life~~!!

i just got my 1st car in my life~~!!!

Honda Jazz in white~~

I named it as "little white"~~
sounds damn childisd...


Thursday, June 12, 2008

bad luck

fark 9 them..

fark the owner ...
fark the agent as well..
fark 9 them....


received my 90k then only write me a letter saying tat dun1 rent the apartment to me...

fark u..

i gav u the cheque tat time u nv mention??
i prepare all the doucuments n cheque ned 1 month ler..

u bank in the money in ur account for 1 week aredi..
n now... due date of the contract baru say not going to rent to us..
ask us move out???

if this is m'sia..
i'll ask ppl whack 9 u...
i'll burn 9 ur car as well..
n u dun think tat u able to live in peace at least for 1 yr...

u r so farking lucky...
this is not m'sia...


i really beh song now...

CURSE 9 them~~~!!!!!!

my site going to abandon for at least 3 more months...
tat means wat i did in pass 2 months is wasted...

my team ahead the schedule previously...
we did prepare at least 6-8 future packages/trades...
n now... design changing... all kena buang aredi...
the tender analysis reports all gonna buang too..
all the quotations cannot be use...the validity period expired aredi...

fark u~~~

we preform so well...
tot can get increment + bonus soon de...
but... now all my works got to throw away...
fark dap man...

the engineers/QS(s)/manager(s) r requesting to transfer now..
some sitting here for half yr..
totally no progress here..
all no mood aredi...

i feel farking boring too...
thinking to transfer to Dupai toO...

farking idiot design team...
change ur farking idiot design againz...
farking free izit??

wat kind of farking design consultant...
tot change the design can save money...
did u notice tat every month(time) u spend for this idiot new design will cause the client losing at least 1 millon (per month)..???!!!
only my company staffs' salary aredi cost u at least 600k per month aredi..
tat tahu Math karr...??
tak ada otak punya org...

屋漏偏逢连夜雨~船迟又遇打头风 ~ !!



Friday, June 06, 2008

二千零八年度最想打既男人~ farker in 2008~



+ 78 cents (40%) on the petrol~~
mother farker~~

i think no more 4 wheels~~
i neED a bicycle when i go back m'sia~~~!!!
even i earning alot now..
but i think i cant afford for the farking expensive petrol in future...

thanks to this uncla LAH~~!!!!!!!!

Petrol price has been increased 5 times since this idiot takes over the country's premiership in 2004; total increase of 97.08%~~

uncle LAH : Kenaikan harga petrol, diesel dan gas tidak dapat dielakkan berikutan peningkatan harga minyak mentah yang tinggi di pasaran global~~

bla bla bla....

uncle Lah's track record of increasing petrol price:-
1) Oct 2004 - From RM1.37 to RM1.42
2) May 2005 - to RM1.52
3) July 2005 - to RM1.62
4) Feb 2006 - to RM1.92
5) June 2008 - to RM2.70

RM1.37 to Rm2.70~~ sudah increased 97.08%~~

oh ya~~ thanks to uncle Lah~~~



Thursday, June 05, 2008

"东"遊記 之 ~监狱风云~~!!??

fatty pergi coOk wor...
coOk in 'AAE'~~

we tiap-tiap hari also makan fast food or indian foOd..
we feel damn boring aredi...
those spicy / fried foOd make us feel geli lar....

n today.. fatty sudden 心血来潮(carried awy by a whim)
dia pergi masak man..

dang dang dang dang~~!!!

fatty's 'shou sai'~~~~

ada sayur, ada telur, ada daging... ada BANANA sommore~~!!!
damn well disctributed~~!!!
apa vitamin pun ada jor~~~!!!

hAM : but it looks like prisoner's punya dinner lar...
fatty : choi choi choi~~
hAM: ~~

get from 周润发电影∶监狱风云~~

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


When it comes to things(snack) that make kids happy, chocolate have to top the list in my mind…
I believe tat tak ada kids tak suka chocolate de..
Every kids' dream is to eat un-limited chocolates..

I remember when I was young I wish to eat a lot a lot of chocolates…
Different country & different taste punya chocolate..
Any time any were…
I’m Dream-ing of Chocolate every moment…

Last week…
I bought around Dhs 100++ de chocolate…
(fatty scold me crazy~~ )

But who care~~
I’m able to accomplished 1 of my dream…
a Dream Come True~~

星爷曾经讲过 : '' 做人如果无梦想,同条咸鱼有咩分别啊!? ''

(my favorite artist stephen chow say tat be4 : ''human are no different wif an ikan masin if without any dream/target'')

slowly... i'll accompllish my dreamZ 1 by 1 de...

now i can eat chocolate any time n anywere in my apartment..
I feel damn happy~~

Eat’ing chocolate really make me happy…
Especially when u feel down n lonely…

i noe this sounds like damn childish for u all…
but… for me…

Chocolate really Makes Everything Better~~!!!

♪♪♪♪♪~~chocolate 1~~♪♪♪♪♪

♪♪♪♪♪~~chocolate 2~~♪♪♪♪♪

p/s: Tina Tina, tak tahu u ada baca ini article o not.. kalau ada... u envy tak??

Saturday, May 31, 2008


To 食完饭吾俾返钱朋友既人,

無用呀!好似你啲咁gay嘅男人,無論嚮咩地方,都好似漆黑中嘅螢火蟲一樣,咁鮮明,咁出眾! 你咸色嘅眼神,可笑嘅兔子牙,'拿别'嘅动作,同埋個件'饮衫',都徹底咁嘅將你出賣咗。 雖然你係咁出色,但係行有行規,無論點你都要找埋尋晚嘅食饭钱,食饭唔駛俾錢呀~!!?

p/s: 我都係帮阿荣出声 jek~~ 估吾到有啲人(朋友)真係做得出既~~7年的友情就甘俾嗰80皮出卖咗~~


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

米德乙丝 'AAE' Project

The following pic is my on-going(handl'inG) project~~

Concept Design~~
  • Six (6) residential towers ranging from 21 to 25 floors, on a common podium, with associated parking and external works.
  • Built Up Area - 470,000 m2 +-
  • Contract Period - 40 months
  • Contract Value - AED 3,300,000,000 (US$ 900,000,000 +- or RM2,900,000,000+-)

Progress on site as at 1st May 2008

if my company got the contract in this coming thursday..
then probably i'll stay @ this site for 2-3 or mayb 4 yrs de lar...

if not~~ hehehe.. mayb kena buang (transfer) to others site de lar...

construction is quit complicated man... plus politic...

Friday, May 23, 2008

accommodation provided by company~~

ladies & gentlemens...
let me introduce u mana i stay @ UAE in the 1st 2 weeks when i reach UAE...

as stated in my employment letter...
I’m allowed to stay @ the accommodation which is provided by the company for 1 months de…
But ofcoz.. I wont get my accommodation allowance once I’m stil staying here..
so.. i fast fast cabut n looking for apartment once i reach UAE...

Villa @ Khalifar City (company's accommodation)~~~

Step 1: This is the main entrance to my villa (company's accommodation)~~

Step 2: This is empty space besides(left side) the building~~

no flower, no plant n totally nothing there..
only sands....
damn it...
wasted lar..
such area can build a low of 6 units double terrace house aredi...

Step 3: Front view of the villa.

this is a 3 storey villa~~
got around 15+- rooms..
(Ground floor ada 6 rooms)
i'm not sure lar.. coz i nv been upstair ler..
i baru stay @ this villa for 2 weeks....

around 20-30 ppls stay in this unit...
(each room occupy by 2-3 ppl)

OMG~~~ 20-30 ppl inside a house...
so terrible...

Step 4: Step into the front door & u'll c the Living room~~

but it is dusty...

coz everybody walk in with their shoes...
n only ada few wardrode(put ur shoes) + water dispenser + 1 tong sampah...

Step 5: Dang dang dang dang~ my room~~

it is a common room...
approx. 300 square ft's....
ada toilet(approx. 100 square ft's) de...

ini bilik share by 3 ppl..
fatty, me & a black fella from Zimbawi..
he is cool, nice & looks like Will Smith...
but he is poor fella... stay @ this place for few months aredi....
this room should be only for 2 ppl de..
but since fatty say we r moving out..
so.. i just stay @ here temporary lar...

damn it.. i makan, minum, main, reading + tidur also on this bed..
it is nightmare....

saw our packing??
we r leaving... hurray~~!!!

Step 6: kitchen.....

damn big... but...... sienz...
no table n chairs...
tat's y i'm eating inside my room..
n on my bed after i cook my c2pid maggie mee...

Step 7: Bus~~~this bring us to the city everyday(weekday) @ 7.30-10.30pm...

we stay damn far away from city de..
around half an hour lar..
nearby tak ada shop, tak ada restaurent, no bus , no teksi, no car, somtimes u cant even c a HUMAN here..

the nearest petrol station ned to walk around 45 mins...
i went there be4..
pergi sana supper wif fatty...
damn bad experience...
1 and half and hour for walking only...
but stil enjoy it...

becoz we r too boring to stay inside our villa..
coz nothing to do there...

i'm glad i found my new appartment~~
n i moved out aredi..

Monday, May 19, 2008

wat's the most expensive cake you ever ate in your life~~!!???

dang dang dang dang~~~!!!

Black Forest (top left) & Palace's Cake (their special/recommended 招牌蛋糕)~~

i makan break fast @ Emirates Palace hotel wif fatty, s.wai & ah yee..
opss.. fatty say it is not a breakfast lar..
only can consider as morning tea...
i'm kampong fella~~

u c that round round thing on the top of the black forest??
n some gold color thing spread on the top of the Palace's cake??
they say itu adalah Gold foil (金箔) wor..
gold powder or gold foil lar..
wat ever lar..

Dhs 45/- for satu (1) piece...(be4 16% tax)
damn it.. 1 bite is around 5 bucks aredi… (roughly 9 bites for a cake)
plus my coffee.. a damn small cup...
sudah cost me Dhs 100 +-
(really makan GOLD)

but as wat fatty say...
must try...

i think i understand also de..
as wat Gurmit Singh (Phua Chu Kang) say "die die must try"~~
at least once....

we 4 ppl sudah makan Dhs400++~~~
only for a morning tea~~~
haihz..dun go here so often lar...
pergi makan steak better lar...

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Bak Ku Teh~~

Pork pork pork~~~!!!

BAK KU TEH @ middle east~~!!!
It is THE BEST in *Abi Dhabi & *AAE~~


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

AED & RM~~



Tuesday, May 13, 2008

"东"遊記 之 ~中东QS版


如果非要在這份工加上一个expected salary既话,
我希望是~月薪 "100千"~~~!!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Live & Appreciate Your Life~~

I just experienced a terrible car accident this morning…
I’m glad tat I’m stil alive…
N able to update my blog here…

i'm so tired after injection~~
now my arms n neck starting feel pain~~
starting fear when i recall wat happened this morning...

I'm stil Alive~~
Thank GOD~~!!

Friday, May 09, 2008

If you're happy, and you know it, Shout "Hurray"~~!!

i'm so farking happy~~
i got my pay~~!!!

got 5 digit punya wang inside my account~~~!!!!

thinking wat to buy aredi...
Below is my shopping list~~~

Carrefour :~
  1. washing machines;
  2. stove;
  3. White goods &
  4. TV…

  1. Sofa;
  2. Tv rack;
  3. dinner table &
  4. another wardrobe..
ada apa lagi~~!!??
laptop sudah bought aredi..

hand phone~~!!??
hrmm.. i'm stil waiting for the Rumour Nokia N98~~
I hear tat it is touch screen + wireless + 8GD memory +5/7.2 Mega Pixel camera~~
Damn it.. it looks like the MAX hp in the world aredi…
Semua function pun ada~~
N It looks like an i-phone toO~~
Damn cool~~~!!!!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Driver jailed for death of passenger~~

a driver has been jailed and fined for killing a passenger and injuring 6 others when his car overturned as the result of a burst tyre @ Du-Bye..
this sohai driver lost control of the steering wheel and the vehicle langgar to sand dune before it overturned and landed upside down..

the Traffic Court found this 24 years old Pakistani driver responsible for the accident which occurred because he forgotten to check the tyre pressure...
the court only punished him to two months in jail, fined him Dhs 5k & then ordered him to pay Dhs 200k blood money* to the Indonesian woman's family.
Mean while, this farker’s driving licence was seized for three months ONLY...

Fark dap man...
Jail’inG for 2 months only..

U wont understand my feeling de lar..
Everyday...I sitting inside my teksi i also pray to GOD de...
I really takut m*ti coz all this farkers memang sial de..
Every 1 (who have been in "AAE") also knows how those locals + Pakistani drive their farking vehicle~~!!!
It just like driving on their father’s roads~~~!!
2 words able to describe it~~
is “GANAS + GANASAI”~~!!!

Usually there are farking lots accidents everyday and usually the locals or Pakistani are involved~~!!

Langgar n caused ppl mati baru denda Dhs 200k only~~
If u r rich enough...
Langgar mati org as much as u can..
Baru Dhs 200k for 1 life...
life is so farking chEAp ~~~!!!


* Blood money – when u langgar seseorang sampai dia mati, u gonna compensate his/her family an amount of Dhs 200k~~

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

hAM news : Abi Dhabi experiences slight rain

Unseasonal rain in Abi Dhabi

hAM News Report (Reported By hAM)
Published: May 06, 2008, 08:45 (GMT+ 04.00)Abi Dhabi, AAE

Abi Dhabi: Residents of Abi Dhabi were left pleasantly surprised on Tuesday morning as slight rainfall graced the skies.

At close to 7:15am on Tuesday morning, the partially cloudy skies gave way to slight rainfall, which soon cleared.

Strong winds and unseasonal heavy rains were also seen in Abi Dhabi on Monday night.

This unusual change in temperature comes soon after steady rise in temperature swept the nation over the past few weeks.

May is typically the beginning of AAE’s scorching summer, as temperatures soar and humidity rises.


It is so uncommon + unusual + rare raining in May de ler…
This is so miracle~~
Hahaha, I’m so lucky…
Can experience raining in AAE~~

aiks~~ dun tell me armageddon is "coming" soon~~~


Sunday, April 27, 2008

"东"遊記 之 中东外劳论英雄

中东论 "英雄"~~



3-1-7 三大傻佬在 Abu Dhabi 开台~~~


想当年咱们在拉曼读书时打麻将既情况, 真系天与地~~



也许改变的只是一瞬间, 但系转变的却是一生~~
当初真系好彩, send 左了个 email 去应征~~

有时真系一瞬间也要去争取, 一瞬间也要好好珍惜~~



Monday, April 21, 2008

波 波 波~~


Saturday, April 12, 2008

yes~~ i got laptop~~!!!


i bought it~~
HP brand laptop~~

guna credit card buy de...

i can play freecell or solitaire aredi~~~

aiyo.. better then i laying on my bed everyday n do nothing lar..

now i can watch movie...
n play some windows game lar..

cepat cepat , we go Etisalat apply internet connection lar...
then boleh download alot things aredi..
such as ........... & _____ lar~~


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Things change fast~~~ unpredictable~~!!

9.30am, Thursday, April 10, 2008~~~

Team meeting now~~
it is only for the higher level / management staff~~
is a site meeting among the high management~~
so, I small fish tak payah masuk there..

Abit worries now~~my commercial manager coming back soon wor~~
Rumor lar~~
Actually whole office pun tak really tahu bila dia nak balik~~

I’ll under which team~~!!??

The budgeting team~~!!??
doing budgeting~~!!??
cost control~~!!??
hrmm~~ i'm quite familiar with it~~
it is ok wif me~~
coz this is wat am i doing during the QS consultant firm~~
doing comparision against the forecast costly wif the actual costing~~~
alwyz advise advise advise n try to minimize the cost for the project~~

Or the procurement + payment team~~!!??
this team is doing the job preparing monthly claims + sub-contracting~~
the role involve communication with sub-contractor and suppliers in writing, by telephone and in face-to-face meetings~~~
& mayb with other internal members as necessary to discuss technical issues and problems~~
tat's means u ned to talk much + speak more~~
u ned to hav a better communication skill + writing skill~~
i'm doing this @ previous company too~~
but i hate it~~~
coz my english communication skill + writing skill are farking poor~~
However~~ it is challenging job~~

Probably not the measurement team kua….
I hate to do measurement~~
Sudah few yrs not really do this aredi~~
normally this 1 is done by the juniors~~
doesnt mean i'm senior lar~~
but it used to be done by my junior in my ex ex company~~

Or the new formed team ~?? M&E + precast work punya team~~!!??
M&E works~~
i'm an archi & struture QS ler~~
doing Mechanical & electrical works~~!!??
sanitary plumbing ~~!!??
tak tahu lar~~
totally no idea wat is tat~~~~
usually this is done by the M&E consultant/engineer de~~~

Wat ever lar…
I’m just a small fish here…
I’ll do wat ever u guys ask me to do…

Think positive~~
& look on the positive side of the situation
Everything will be fine~~

Dun worry, be happy~~



10.30am, Thursday, April 10, 2008~~~

Senior came out from the meeting room~~
He organizes a small internal meeting for our team~~
Only 4 of us~~

Surprise~~ !!!
1 of the QS r leaving us~~
a liverpool guy~~
wai call him POOLYAO~~!!

my team form by a Senior QS, a QS n 2 Assistant QS~~
I’m the temporary team member lar~~
Senior QS is the leader of the team here~~

Now fatty are take over that QS’s job~~
& I’m going to take over fatty’s work~~
Fatty banyak cepat get promotion lar…
He naik 1 level within 1 month ++

his face looks stress~~
but this is a good opportunity for him also lar..
he can show the management bout his ability~~

as for me~~
I’ll happy with my current position/situation~~
no jealous + no envy~~
Just “happy” for him~~

I truly understand/believe tat “greater power comes greater responsibility”~~
Slowly lar~~
at this moment~~I wish to assist fatty only lar~~
Back up him at his back when he shouting "need reinforcement"~~

It is considering as a GOOD NEWS for me lar~~
99.9999999% I’ll be located for this project~~~

I tak payah worry tat I’ll going to be “throw” to Dubai or other lousy c2pid site~~
Now is settle down aredi~~

Unless there is another QS coming in to our team..
Otherwise I’ll be in this team~~

Too bad~~
Probably cannot take leave @ same Saturday wif fatty~~
Tat is bad news~~
We cannot pergi sini-sana main together aredi~~


Wednesday, April 09, 2008

1st pay @ Middle East~~!!!

YESSS~~~ !!!
I got my pay~~~
1st Payment @ Middle East~~~!!!!

The salary only paid for last month~~
30th & 31st March~~~

Actually I reach Middle East on 30th~~
But tat nice + kind + friendly Philippino HR stated I start work on 30th of March~~
So~~ tipu 1 hari gaji lagi~~

Even just 2 dayz of salary received…
But sounds not bad right~~!!??
Received my salary pay on 9th~~

It is stated I shall receive my monthly salary on the 15th of the following month in my appointment letter…
But now it is a bit earlier liao~~

Y so little~~~!!!????


The HR take my basic & divided by 31 dayz~~~

so kiam siap~~~

Fatty (wai) is going to buy his laptop this weekend~~~
At least we hav som entertainment liao~~
We can watch Stephen Chow’s MOVIE~~~~

Monday, April 07, 2008

yes~ 1 week sudah pass~~


i sudah tipu few thousand Dirham in this few dayz~~

damn it~~ i kerja kat M'sia 1 bulan pun tak boled dpt~~

i get a manager pay (according in m'sia) but work as a general clerk here(middle esat)~~
sounds great~~~

but i feel lonely lar~~

sini tak ada books, tak ada novel, tak ada interner, tak ada laptop~~
i feel damn boring~~~

hopefully i'm able to move out to my new accommodation within this week~~
then i wanna buy a laptop~~
apply the internet connection n bla bla bla~~

frankly speaking~~
lucky wai is here...
if not i'm gonna mAd aredi~~

i 1der how he tahan in last few weeks~~
pity fatty wai~~

he is SOSOSOSOSO lucky~~
becoz i'm here...
i can teman him chitchatt~~
so he no ned to waste 2k++ Dirham to call back m'sia(he is too lonely + boring)~~
damn ~~ 2k Dirham can buy N82 @ M'sia aredi lor~~

he is SO SO SO lucky~~
becoz i'm here~~

actually i'm the 1 shall glad becoz he is here~~
if not i sure gila aredi~~
if he is not here~~
then the 1 who spend 2-3k for recharge prepare credit is me aredi~~


Thursday, April 03, 2008

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

middLe east~~~!!!

Finally~~ I reach Middle East (Abu Dhabi) as I wish~~

Hrmm~~ happy + worries~~
Feel upset too~~
Upset is becoz gotto left my sweet home againz..
Haihz… left my family members Againz~~!!

Happy is becoz earning more right now…
Damn it~~ I work 1 month @ current company is better than I work half yr in M’sia…
Can u get wat I mean~~!!??
Tat’s mean I can settle my heavy study loan(including my sisters) within 2 yrs whereby it should take me more than 5 yrs to settle it~~
I can achieve financial freedom (clean of loans) within 2 yr ~~
N I can provide farking better life to my mum right now~~~
My sister they all no ned to worries bout their study fees anymore~~
Wat a farking happy cheerful news~~

Even I Dream also smile arr~~

U all won’t understand my feeling de lar…
I’m so farking worries bout this study loans for few yrs aredi~~
Everydayz also thinking bout money money money~~
Almost gila aredi~~~
I ahmoi pun tak berani nak pikat arr….
Farking chammm man~~~

Nowadays kids also noe how to sing it~~
“no money no talk”~~~
Sam Hui (hongkong famous singer) alwyz sing tat “chin chin chin chin” (money money money money)~~
No money u wanna kau lui arr~~??
Even tat ahmoi want , I also dun dare…
So SUFFER~~~!!

But now the situation is different jorRR~~
I got money very soon~~~~
Earn farking a lots comparing wif my same age young adult~~

I cant imagine what will happen in future now…
I have a lots devil frens suggestion me how to use the money now~~
Actually I have a lots devil ideas too~~

Masa tidur pun ketawa now~~

I’M so SATAN~~~!!!!!


Sunday, March 16, 2008

Singapore Zoo

the Singapore Zoo isn’t a very big zoo, but I really like the “open zoo” concept~~
the most attractive and interesting is the fact that I can go really close to the animals~~
Tat's because this Zoo follows the open concept~
Frankly speaking~~ it is “slightly + slightly + slightly” better than M’sia Zoo~~
(M'sia Zoo~~!!?? i heard the fishes all sudah mati(death)~~)

the Zoo has so many species of 100s of animals. It is divided into many parts like Treetops Trail, Wild Africa, Cat Country, Reptile Garden, Small Mammals & etc~~
@ the entrance of the zoo, there are many restaurants where you can rest after your trip at the zoo~~
There is also a KFC restaurant in the entrance and inside the zoo~~

we watch the sea lion & penguins play show~
Take picture n etc~~
It still took us about 3 n half hours ++ to finish every single area in the Zoo~~
Actually it is 2 hours ++ journey only lar~~
We stuck becoz of the animals play show + raining~~

Singapore Zoo ~ me, chee meng, shirley + soOteng~~

white tIger : miao~~

Sunday, March 02, 2008

foOk's mahjong kaki'es r leaving~~

botak sudah pergi ke sarawak~
to "drive" his airo-plane~~
pilot moumou kin~~
sarawak sure got alots chiqs admire u de lar...
dun make garls pregnant so easily arr...
i dun1 to be uncle hAM yet~~

n i'm going to Abu Dhabi soon...
no pork country~~
n i cannot eat beef~~
aiks~~ wat else i can eat~~?
chicken & seafood~~??
my bak kut teh arrr~~~
i'll miss u~~~

foOk tao will stay @ PJ~~
tfk alone~~
no ppl teman him mahjong anymore~~

we all r @ the junction now...
turn left or right?
go straight or U-turn?
No body noe wat’s gonna happen in future..
I wish everybody good luck n all the best lar..

wish botak can becom captain within few yrs~~
introduce ahmoi(s) "Stewardess" to me~~~~!!!!!

foOk tao~~
wish u found ur ideal job lar…
save money n then we can carry on our “plan”~~
pergi travel~~~


Thursday, February 21, 2008

happy birdDay @ sg

happy birDday @ office @ sg wif colleagues~~

my colleagues celebrate birdday for me~
pic taken last few weeks ago~~
now only got time to upload it~~

abit pai seh~~

err... few yrs nv celebrate birdday wif cake aredi...
my closer buddy also noe tat i'm not tat suka celebrate birdday wif cake de...
actually this is bcoz i dun like the feeling when everybody looking @ me~~
especially when alots ppl singing birdday song~~
(u c my face~~ abit like batu aredi~~ )

malu lar~~~

anyway~~ really appreciate it~~
abit surprise~~ pai seh~~ n happy also~~~