Monday, May 19, 2008

wat's the most expensive cake you ever ate in your life~~!!???

dang dang dang dang~~~!!!

Black Forest (top left) & Palace's Cake (their special/recommended 招牌蛋糕)~~

i makan break fast @ Emirates Palace hotel wif fatty, s.wai & ah yee..
opss.. fatty say it is not a breakfast lar..
only can consider as morning tea...
i'm kampong fella~~

u c that round round thing on the top of the black forest??
n some gold color thing spread on the top of the Palace's cake??
they say itu adalah Gold foil (金箔) wor..
gold powder or gold foil lar..
wat ever lar..

Dhs 45/- for satu (1) piece...(be4 16% tax)
damn it.. 1 bite is around 5 bucks aredi… (roughly 9 bites for a cake)
plus my coffee.. a damn small cup...
sudah cost me Dhs 100 +-
(really makan GOLD)

but as wat fatty say...
must try...

i think i understand also de..
as wat Gurmit Singh (Phua Chu Kang) say "die die must try"~~
at least once....

we 4 ppl sudah makan Dhs400++~~~
only for a morning tea~~~
haihz..dun go here so often lar...
pergi makan steak better lar...

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