Monday, March 30, 2009

1st yr anniversary in middle east...

finally 1 yr aredi...
i sudah stay n work in this country for 1 yr....

u noe y i so happy?
coz i’m entitled to benefit the scheme right now..
i'm protect by the labour law..
i'm entitled to claim the gratuity even i tender resignation myself (just 7 dayz per yr)..
n if the employer nak goreng me, they hav to compensate me 21 dayz salary(per yr)...
if i serve until the visa end, which means 3 yrs.. i'm entitled to get 21 dayz * 3 yrs... which means farking lots money aredi... i can makan nasi lemak n chao kuai tiao for at least 1 yr (without working n any income)...

OH YA~~~
TODAY~~ my managing director issued another MEMO~~
the MEMo stated another 50 ppl will be GORENG @ end of this month~~!!
i tot 450 ppl sudah on the list??? y goreng so little???
btw, tomolo is end of the month.. duno i'll kena o not..
but most properly wont de lar, coz HQ sudah ada org kena (i'm in HQ now)..
i noe there is a HR admin kena aredi.. effective immediately...

sigh... i'm so boring wif my works now...
i 1der when is the date of return to my country now~~

u guys sure wanna ask me ''y dun u resign since u so boring n hate ur current works...??''

aiyo.. i stil owe my company 20k ler..for the accommodation advance..
n if i serve less than 2 yrs, i gonna compensate som company losses (eg : visa)...
if i resign, i ned to pay back the 20k + visa fees...
if they goreng me, i no ned to pay a single cents lar... =p
not worth lar... if i pergi sendiri goreng sendiri n compensate the company..
nanti i sure kena scold by my mum also... wasted the money... nak mati merrr??

haihz.. sienz.. hope either they got a new project n send me to the site... or just goreng me lar.....

i'm so fed up sitting in office doing calculation.........


Saturday, March 28, 2009

i am prostitute~~~!!???

sombody/another 1 is leaving our country soon...

another fren just msg me, she told me tat she is going to Australia soon.. she just got an offer there… finally, she can work in oversea now… as her wish....

hrmmmm… many of my frens went to S’pore, UK, Australia or other countries after graduating from high school…

yes, it’s all about the money….. everybody r trying to justify their actions by saying they have no choice... our country pay us too little n bla bla bla…. but in reality they wish to stay in their lovely country… their family & frens r here….. it remind me bout the Emil Chow’s song~ “其实不想走,其实我想留” (qi shi bu xiang zhou, qi shi wo xiang liu)~~

Sometimes I also wonder I spend too much or earn too little… fark, I baru spend RM500 per month when the time I working I m’sia.. n this RM500 is included the transportation fees, lunch, mobile recharge, entertainment + others expenses (red bom + ppl’s birthday n etc)… Mahai, damn gila lar… I dun think I spend too much lor.. so.. definitely is becoz I earn too little or my pay too low… fark, tat pay really not enough for me....

after graduated from high school, I used to work in m’sia, s’pore then the middle east within 2 yrs (exactly period is 18 months)… hrmmm… change so many companies within such a short period… ofcoz, by jumping here n jumping there, my salary also multiply with a factor lar…

ohh…. si-hAM arrr si-hAM~~ siapa able to pay u higher salary, u akan pergi mana… although I keep running here n there… but no doubt, I luv my country… damn lots.. I just hate those politicians & ‘’mata’’….

well, I’m not the best in my class, I’m not good in social, poor in communication n bla bla bla… but, now I’m the highest pay among my high school schoolmate… I guess I’m the lucky 1… sometimes, I think it is an miracle~~

Truly, frankly speaking…. I dun like to work in oversea… I dun wan to work in oversea… but I have no choice, I hav to work in other countries just for clearing my heavy debt…

wait… y it sounds so familiar?
Were did I heard this be4??
Oh~~~ frm a show…..
prostitutes say the same thing…. they say they dun like to work as a prostitutes, they dun wan to work as a prostitute….. they open their legs and do blowjobs on their clients not becoz they r enjoying wat they r doing…. In fact, most prostitutes hate themselves for who they r & hate themselves for doing wat they do… but they hav no choice... It is not bout the pleasure of sex….It is bout the necessity of money…. MONEY~~!!!

I hav to work in an environment which I tak suka just becoz I hav no choice in the matter… I ned money~~~!!
Well.. sometimes I think I just like a gigolo or those prostitutes….they r selling their bodies, n I’m selling my time, my knowledge & my LIFE to my company…
In fact, we r selling our soul, coz we r doing something we dun like becoz we hav no choice..


back to the topic....

to my fren who is going to Australia soon, I wish u good luck lar..
hope u able to adopt the environment there n make lots of new frens…

n ofcoz.. make big money toO… =p

Friday, March 13, 2009











朋友~很对不起~~!!! 我不会说话,我只能聆聽。。。
(虽然我觉得这很肉麻 + 娘 + 白痴)
但我發自內心的祝福~~愿~我所有的家人 朋友 平安健康~永远 快乐~

20th March 2009
translated to english version~~~ as Tina’s wish~~

SORRY to my frens~~ i really duno how to comfort ppl~~~

Sometimes I’m thinking “ y I duno how to comfort people ~~!!??”
Why ~~~!!???????

I wish to say some words to comfort u…
However, my brain is empty n I hav no idea wat to say…
Such times, wat can I do is just sitting next to u or listen to you quietly on the phone…

my frens, I can feel ur pain and understand bour ur feelings too. . .
But I just cant pull out some comforting word…
sometimes, though I’m not really aware wat is happening… but I am really concerned bout u guys…. Just becoz my face farking ‘cool’, but it doesn’t mean I dun care..
I just duno the way to express my feeling to u…
I noe I’m sarks…

(Sigh) ~ ~
sometimes with the growth of older, we often encounter the problem of facing som kind of situation ‘‘duno wat to say’’…
in the past 3 months, I experienced……

  • my fren called me to tell me tat he is unemployed;
  • the lady i suka told me tat she facing som problem wif her bf;
  • my youngest sis sudden call me, my 2nd sis going to hav minor surgery;
  • my colleague’s father sick (I think quite serious);
  • an old friend is having problem wif his wife(my fren too), divorce stage;
  • my fren’s brother died suddenly…

facing of such pain and embarrassment, wat can I do?
wat can I do?
how shall I do?
how to help them effectively?

I duno, I really duno….. wat to do….. I feel so…. ashamed…. n guilty…
sometimes, I do feel upset by listening wat is happening to u guys…
it sounds so lame, but I really dun noe else to do or say...
I just duno how to say some appropriate words, or do som appropriate thing to comfort u at the right time… but no doubt, I’ll pray for u….

so frens~~~ I’m so sorry~~~
I duno how to ‘’speak’’, I can only listen. . .
in the end, I would like to wish all my frens and family living in health n forever happiness ~
(although I think this is very idiot + sounds pussy)
but I really mean tat…

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

can u imaging 50% of employees lay off within 1 day??

yayaya.. a lot ppl got sacked frm their jobs since Oct 2008 in this country, especially construction related jobs..

well, we all knew tat when recession came, construction industry definitely is the 1st one who taste the effect.. i sudah heard manyak kawan, atau kawan punya kawan ataupun kawan punya wife kena jorr…..
som even worst until kena goreng @ day be4 she go back Malaysia to enjoy her CNY vacation…


my company also sudah goring manyak org aredi..
i believe more than 150 ppl kena aredi (official announced in Dec is 100 ppl, butHR say more than tat) … n then 2 out of 5 Malaysian (a chinese lady + a Malay guy) who working in this company sudah kena laid off within 2 weeks (secretly goreng)….

n now..
ladies n gentlemen….
HR sudah prepared 450 letters in their computer… a folder name “who will be the next’’~~

the letters r pending for the suitable ‘timing’ to print out n release to the staffs….
can u imaging tat?
almost 50% staff lay off within 1 day (mayb sudah more than 50% now) ~~


anyway... I dun feel worry so much right now..
I wish I’m 1 of them.. yes~~ I do hope my name is inside tat list..
but.. ofcoz, I wish tat they will goreng me after May lar.
Let me earn another 2 more months 1st lar…
U noe wat… if they r going to goreng 50% of the staff in this company.. then who is going to do the works?? Ofcoz r those who stil working 1 lar.. there is no doubt bout it, otherwise who is going to do the works?

u will 1 man show, 1 leg kicking later lar…
tiap-tiap hari crying infront on ur desk, facing a table of shit documents everyday, OT until late night & singing “welcome to the hell” everynight..


nyaseng~~ I have been here almost 1 yr but I nv ever feel it like home..
although this country consider as the least strict of the Middle Eastern countries.. but it still sarks.. . I dun like the culture, law + ppl right here… nyamahai, a man life is worth 200k, a women life is worth half of the male (100k) and a race camel life is worth more than 400k.. (according to expat urban legend, a camel costs twice the blood money of a human)~

u better watch out~~ u better pray u choose a women to langgar when u hit somebody in a car accident….. better pray wont kena camel or horses in this country...

wat kind of c2pid law is this?

sex discrimination damn serious right here…
aiks~~~ stop blaming aredi lar..
cabut lar..
run awy from this country be4 too late~~~~

aiks~~ back to the topic..
hrmmm… 50% staff kena goreng within 1 day… it really is a legend~~!!
isn't it~~!!?

Sunday, March 08, 2009

fed up~

hAM is fed up with this farking country~~!!

how to deal with the rude ppl in this country~~!!??
those farking idiot alwyz made me mad~~!!!

fark dap~~
tat idiot security guard.. who u think u r?
u r only a dog in my eye..
ur life might worse than a dog in my country...!!!
lansi lanyong there...

i wonder how much is ur gaji??
600? or 700 per month?
in my country, ur pay is even lower than an indo labour~~!!
stil dare to look small us..
u wat he did???? he ask one of my new fren "go home" when we shopping around the shopping mall...

i nv c a farking security guard in a shopping mall ask/request the customer go home 1~~!!
farking ill-mannered~~!!
no brain~~ no 1der u just a farking security guard~~
i wish u'll standing in the shopping centre n spend ur whole life there..
just standing n act like a dog~~~!!

farker~~the rude people seem to be everywhere in this country..
they show up everywhere~~~
rude people are in check out lines, on the highway driving like maniacs, smoking in the restaurant/lift, on the streets, and sometimes in our homes.. (yes, no doubt, i ned to facing a idiot mather farker guardman in my accomodation… n tat egyt*an is totally a idiot + farker +混蛋~~!!)

Russell Crowe is right~~!!
Ed Hoffman(Russell Crowe) say this in "Body of Lies": "there's nothing here to like~!!"


yayaya~~ i ned to calm down..
don't get mad, get even~~~
dun let this kind of idiot merosakkan my mood~~

there are alwyz few things we need to remember when dealing with this kind of rude people…
nex time i noe how to handle this kind of farking ill-mannered ppl de lar~~~
  • do not become Angry & calm down~~!!! alwayz, alwayz, alwayzzzzzz remember to keep your cool~~!! ( i really ned to be more mature)
  • dun take anything that this person says seriously... (ya~ they just som kind of animals in this world, treat them like fly~~)
  • ignore them completely & avoid them if they keep on bothering you... (a lion nv fight wif a rat, dun wasting ur precious on this kind of ppl)
m'sia really manyak bagus compare wif this country~~
i really starting miss my home & my country~~~!!

Friday, March 06, 2009

i'm legend


皆因上个礼拜有场 30 亿既工停咗,等咩啊?仲吾炒人咩~~!!??
好彩~~!!!! 仲可以赚多个月粮~~

家阵真係睇住 Dubai 死~~


甘代表 D 咩呀?
个人认为~~ 我吾係有料,就係好好运~~


i'm legend~~~~!!!!!!

Monday, March 02, 2009

do u noE wat the snowmen doing during winter?

otherwise, were the ais-kelim come from~~!!??