Friday, November 23, 2007

gathering~~The Legend Four Aces~~


~~the Legend Four Aces~~

should be foolish 4 lar~~

PoOseng, Au, Chee meng + myself~~
i call it the team of Liverpool 4 aces ( i just decided it todayz)~~ =p

4 guys stick togeter for dinner...
wat else we can do?
wat else we can talk?

talk crap lar~~
blow here blow there...
it remind me our study life in UK~~

we sambil makan sambil talk~~

i realize tat our topic more on scolding our company lar~~
hahaha~~ it seems like everybody wanna quit after CNY~~
resign after get the bonus~~

toO bad~~
i sign a c2pid contract~~
if i wanna resign after CNY~~
i gonna compensate this company~~

but if i really unhappy + ada better offer~~
i might resign toO~~
compensate marr compensate lar...

get/apply another company which can help me compensate lar..

life so short~~
dun force myself if i really feel unhappy~~

i feel great after this gathering~~
hope we can meet each others once per month or 2 months lar..

we can release our our stress after scolding~~
we can share exp frm each other toO~~
how to "play taikek" wif the man-con / consultant~~

Thursday, November 22, 2007

1st MC in new company~~

heavy fewer on tuesday~~

walk 10 mins to the polyclinic~~
Q for half an hour baru dpt c the doctor~~

I was shock~~
this doctor is so young~~ n pretty~~~
i really get shock~~~
(sick aredi stil so hamsap~~) =p

sick sure wan MC lar..
i ask for 1day but she giv me 2 dayz...
i starting admire her aredi~~

2 dayz MC...
i wake up then eat then slep againz..
repeat n repeat for 2 dayz...

i feel very weak now...
but relax..
coz really can rest (curi tulang/ayam)~~

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Home~~!!! Sweet Home~~!!!

there r a lots of definitions for home~~

Home can be definite as
  • A place where one lives; a residence
  • The physical structure within which one lives, such as a house or apartment
but I prefer to Describe home as
  • A dwelling place together with the family or social unit that occupies it; a household
  • An environment offering security and happiness

the feeling of going back home is so great~~~

i miss my bed~~
my pillow~~
my books~~
my comic~~
my PC~~
my family members~~
n all my frens~~

every things makes me feel so good~~

mood also becomz better now~~

the Best suggestions to release stress is go home~~

i understand it~~

oh~~ sweet home~~~!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

hOme sweet hoMe~~


i miss my home now~~
dun doubt tat~~

i really mean wat i say~~

i'm saying tat becoz i'm so farking stress now~~

sometimes i really try to use my "heart" to do/finish my jobs~~
but~~ ++++ however~~
i cant make it most of the time~~
especially when i feel stress + the time is rushing~~

damn it~~
so many things to do...
u wont feel panic de merr~~!!??
unless u r farking experience~~
or u totally dun care bout ur farking job....

abit regret to left my candy sweet home n come to this country aredi~~
although early I knew tat this consultant life will be tougher~~

i should noe tat...
small company alwyz like this~~

think on another way~~
i may train til more independence~~
tat's wat i going gain here~~
work hard~~
earn more experience~~

look forward to the future~~

wish myself goOd luck~~


yess~~ i'm going back m'sia this weekend~~~
i wanna yamcha~~
i wanna eat KFC, nasi lemak, chicken rice + wathc movie~~~~!!!!!!

Friday, November 09, 2007

happy deEpavali~~!!!??

happy deepavali~~!???

i'm not so happy lor....
coz i rushing claim @ home~~

yes~~ dun doubt tat~~
i really bring the works back to my house n do it~~~

u tot i play play arr~~!!??
i cant finish all my works lar..
the works keep coming~~
early i tot wanna take leave de~~~

damn it~~
so many things to do..
how to take leave~~!??

i did learn a very useful skill in this company~~~
"拖 (duo)~~~!!!"
( somthing like delay/hang the works)

i really got to do the works according the priority~~

but everything also seems like very important~~
wat to do~~!?
do which 1 1st~~!??

which 1 kena push then do which 1 lar...
u tak ada push me then i leave it only lar..
btw~~ the claims must be out lar..
tat's y i alwyz so farking bizy @ the early of the month~~
damn it...

dun write anymore lar..
back to work lar....
(stil my lunch time ler...)



Tuesday, November 06, 2007


this blog looks like sudah mati~~

i no time to update it lar..
damn it..

Sudah reduce 1 project becoz it is given to a new colleague(my tarc junior)….
Quite pretty de lar…

But got bf de lar…

Hrmm.. consider lucky~~!!??
I also duno lar…
I stil got 10 more to go…
Some is final account…
Some is new project…
Some is on-going project…

i got to prepare tender documents for piling works, main-con & NSC(s)...
Plus the contract documents for Main-contractor & NSC(SSSSS)...
prepare progress payment to Main-con + direct payment for client~~~

damn it~~~
@#%$^%^& ~~~VO~~~

I guess I can becom a manager after I finish these entire projects….

Any 1 wanna offer me a job~!!!??
I damn cheap 1..
can take over all the shit de wor (althought i think i'm sarks)…

Better dun talk so much cock here..
Wish myself good luck lar…
55 finish the things (no way lar...)
at least finish that few stupid claims + the tender documents lar..
calling for tender jor~~~~