Tuesday, November 06, 2007


this blog looks like sudah mati~~

i no time to update it lar..
damn it..

Sudah reduce 1 project becoz it is given to a new colleague(my tarc junior)….
Quite pretty de lar…

But got bf de lar…

Hrmm.. consider lucky~~!!??
I also duno lar…
I stil got 10 more to go…
Some is final account…
Some is new project…
Some is on-going project…

i got to prepare tender documents for piling works, main-con & NSC(s)...
Plus the contract documents for Main-contractor & NSC(SSSSS)...
prepare progress payment to Main-con + direct payment for client~~~

damn it~~~
@#%$^%^& ~~~VO~~~

I guess I can becom a manager after I finish these entire projects….

Any 1 wanna offer me a job~!!!??
I damn cheap 1..
can take over all the shit de wor (althought i think i'm sarks)…

Better dun talk so much cock here..
Wish myself good luck lar…
55 finish the things (no way lar...)
at least finish that few stupid claims + the tender documents lar..
calling for tender jor~~~~



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