Thursday, May 24, 2007

my UOB VOX Card~~~

my UOB VOX Card sudah sampai~~
quite fast also...

just wave, pay & go~~~
just wave your card when paying at the participating merchant outlets with the Visa Wave logo~~
tat is wat i want now~~~

aiks~~but they giv me 2 cards..
1 is visacard(Vox) n another is general mastercard~~
lolz.. early i just want the Vox card only~~

the garl call me just now to active the cards..
ohh~~ there is a term n condition 1~~
if u just get 1 card then u hav to pay for annual fee nex time~~
if u get both then the thing u need to do is "slot" them both 6 times per yr~~
then tak payah bayar annual fees lor~~
aiyo~~accept it lar....

muahahaha~~ 2 more cards to go~~
i think i wont apply for citibank anymore lar..
so many cards aredi~~~

damn~~ work in public listed company really easy to get approve lar..

90 million can do wat orr~~!!??

c2piDhAM :


90 mil is small money only lar~~

90 mil is not including the water proofing system 1 lar..
u noe how exp is the water proofing system arrr?
90 millions only a small small small amount only…
tak cukup to cover it lar..….
U wan including the water proofing??
i think roughly add another 20 mil lar..

I think 20 mil punya water proofing system mayb can giv u 1 yr warrantee only lar…
Takkan I guarantee for whole life marr…..
1 yr is ok lar..
if later BOCOR then u mar employ ppl to repair lor..
since manyak org pun BOCOR every month 1…
lolz~~~ the works is BOCOR after 1 yrs is beli good aredi lor~~~

hey~~ if within 1 yr tak ada BOCOR~~
can the sub-con get award arr~~!??
To praise them lar~~
at least giv them a sijil lar~~
Manyak org BOCOR everymonth ler…
If their works really BOCOR after 1 yr must get award lar~~~

Aiyoyo~~ dun talk wif u aredi lar…
I’m very bizy 1 lerr..
My works is best in Selangor n KL 1 ler…
Dun play play~~~
Only som times BOCOR only~~
But tat 1 is a small small case(accident!!??) lar~~
Ppl very easy to forgot bout this kind of thing 1 lar..
last time the jalan @ duno were were were got prob also wat~~
c~~ now the ppl forgot bout tat jalan aredi ler...
they stil using it everyday~~ tak ada org mati pun~~
take it easy lar~~
were got so easy to cause ppl die 1 arr...

BTW~~ I told u tat the works r not including the water proofing system lor~~
So , this is not my biz~~~
dun alwyz talk bout this issue lar..
i'm beli bizy 1 arrr~~~


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

~~black listed bank by hAM~~

yesterday I was interviewed by a fella n a garl in BU’s center point~~
tat is a research bout credit card~~

so~~ he ask me wat kind of credit card + wat brand am I using now~~
HSBC lor~~

Will u consider bout others credit card~~!??
UOB’s vox lor~~ I applying it now~~~

Y u chooses HSBC as ur prime card~~??
Coz it is world wide~~!?? n I use it be4 in UK~~I think its security is not bad~~
(aiyo~~ 55 apply since this company so easy to get approve~~ apply all the oversea bank lar~~lolz~~~)

Will u consider bout others brand credit card??
For example~~ mayb@nk ~~!??
NO~~~~~~ definitely no~~~!!

the garls laugh on tat~~
becoz I’m shouting the “no” when i answering this question~~~
Wau~~ she is so sweet man~~~ =p
Lolz~~~ tat old fella also laught aredi~~
n ask me y~~?
Coz of the bad experience lar..
Their services so poor~~

All of us laugh only after listen the answer~~


The interview end after 20 mins~~
n there is a free gift..
is a key chain~~so sweet~~~ =p
i gav it to weng aredi~~

after the interview~~
i'm thinking tat since when i start anti M@ybank~~
i think the feeling is so strong is becoz of somthing happen @ last 2 months ago~~
tat time i wanna bank in 2k to my remisier..
My shares will be force to sell if i cant do tat be4 12pm~~
n the service providing by the them (M@ybank @ Jln Yong Shook Lin2) is damn damn damn poor~~
it takes me about 1 hour to lineup n do the transaction~~

actually i'm quite stupid also~~
should trasnfer by ATM lar although i failed to trasnfer wif M@ybank2u~~

but the staff who working in tat branch really giv me a very bad reputation~~
i wont forget bout it~~
i noe tat the figure less than 3k shouldnt bank in @ counter~~
But I aredi out of time lar~~
damn it~~ the online transaction keep failing~~
damn it~~ I going to lost 300 if I didn’t bank in the money~~

poor service~~
+ idiot staff~~~

but too bad~~
my company use this bank as their prime bank~~
everymonth punya salary also hav to trasnfer to it~~

damn it~~~

i try to forgiv n accept M@ybank~~
but it may takes time~~~
"1 hari kasi ular gigit~~ 10 tahun pun takut tali~~"


Sunday, May 20, 2007

2+2 = 22

i got 2 points~~
n u got 2 too~~~

add up toGeter equal to 22~~~~~

wat kind of calculation is this~~!!!??
u sure ur calculation tak ada masalah~~~!!??

btw~~ i like the way u do the calculation~~
2+2 = 22~~

Friday, May 18, 2007

slot it~~~

i went to popular againz~~~

i slot my credit card againz...
7 books againz~~


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

popular @ amcorpmall ada sales~~

Popular @ amcorp mall closing soon~~
Lolz~~ a lots discounted books there..

yesterday my early plan is went to amcorp mall to exchange the remaining pound 1...
but too bad~~ the money changer tak buka~~
then i walk to the popular lor~~
since sudah walk to here~~
pergi tengok ada apa-apa books yg interest tak~~

OMG~~~ I found the book I looking for long long time ago~~
I went to 1u n the curve punya bookstore pun tak ada stock~~
Finaly I found it here~~
Damn lucky~~~

I bought 7 books yesterday~~ It only cost me RM90++
sooooooo cheap~~~~

Lolz~~ 4 books r less for 70% n the others 3 books r less 20%~~

Aiks~~ now I realize the pros of having a credit card~~
Lolz~~ coz there is only 100 bucks inside my wallet yesterday~~
I also takut my books exceed these amount~~
Lucky got credit card~~

SLOT it only~~~~

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

senior in hoSpitaL~~

aiks~~ forgotten how long i nv visit ppl in hospital aredi...

i remember the previous time visit is few yrs ago....
1 of my fren kena car accident~~
3 of the passenger sudah X~~~
he is the only 1 survive~~~
we went there for mentally support him~~

i dun like the feeling being in a hospital lar..
the smell so geli~~~

but this time is my senior masuk hospital~~
suspect is TB wor~~
btw~~ i stil duno wat is TB~~~

it is 24+ yrs ago~~~
i went here be4....
i was born here~~~
Assunta Hospital~~~

opss , back to the topic~~
my seniors looks very tired~~
but stil consider ok ok lar..
hope she will becomz fine soon~~~
now HQ no 1 doing building costing lar..
u must recover faster~~~
if not i'm the 1 who gonna do the costing...
i stil not enough qualification lar~~~
scare lar...

but if the ball really kick to me~~ then i'll take only~~
who cares~~just do my best~~~
(sounds like goal keeper~~ keep the ball~~~~~~~~)


the nurses are so pretty + young lar..

my colleague Kong already say tak nak balik home liao~~~


Sunday, May 13, 2007

S'pore "suck'ing" my frens~~~

chee mEng (my liverpooL coursemate) went to s'pore aredi~~
i receive his sms last few dayz~~
he found a job there~~
start working on mondayz~~~


Au(another liverpooL coursemate) also starting his new job @ s'pore lat week~~
lolz~~ who else wanna go s'pore 1~~!??
i think m'sia's salary really cant satisfy us anymore~~

my frens + coursemates run awy 1 by 1~~
n now~~~who is nexT~~!!??

Saturday, May 12, 2007

~~fark dap weekenD~~


workin @ weekend really sarks~~!!!!

especially u went out @ the dayz be4 u work~~~
Another fella going to S’pore~~~
Yayaya~~ yesterday we farewell for ah Mei~~
She is going to go S’pore liao~~
aiks~~ I think 50% of my classmate(UK's classmate) is working @ oversea now~~
either @ middle east or S’pore~~~~~
i think M’sia’s salary really cannot satisfied us anymore~~

i'm farking tired + sleply now~~~~~


oh ya~~
just now SK blaming me tat y nv tell him tat ah ching got involve wor~~~~
n he really really miss ah ching wor~~~
he miss out jor wor~~~

SK really SK~~
"talk cock more than eat rice"~~~
u r the 1 who nv answer my call ler~~~~~!!!!


Wednesday, May 09, 2007

"Stephen is closing his OCB* bank account.. F*CK THEM! + 投诉!!"

stephen's nick shown in msn is~~
"Stephen is closing his OCB* bank account.. F*CK THEM! + 投诉!!"

tat fella lost 10k within few mins wor~~~
becoz of online banking~~~~

Mr. sifat Wong (Stephen Wong) saiy: "someone fraud and create an online banking and transfer the money out~~"
lolz~~~ let's show u guys bout the talks in msn msger~~~

~~~about 11am~~~~
I'm the 1 who starting the topic~~~~

hAM²: u lost 10k~~!?? wat happen~~!!??

Stephen: yes
Stephen: 10k
Stephen: soh** 10k
Stephen: petpet

hAM²: how come? how they withdraw it?

Stephen: online banking
Stephen: someone fraud and create an online banking and transfer the money out

hAM²: harr? like tat also can?
hAM²: den they sure can found out where n when the money being transfer 1 mar~~!!??

Stephen: ya lor
Stephen: but still the bank cannot refund my money
Stephen: wat to do
Stephen: -_-

hAM²: harr? wtf~~!?? then, sue them?
hAM²: 10k ler..

Stephen: yes
Stephen: doing it now lor
Stephen: haiz
Stephen: see how la

hAM²: good luck then..
hAM²: hahah, i better careful bout online banking now =p

Stephen: yes
Stephen: plz be
Stephen: or dun put your money with them
Stephen: put with me

hAM²: f u lar.. hahaha, put wif u.. later u pergi cari uncle Lim.....


~~~~~~~~the end of the talks~~~~~~~~

so, guys~~~
better careful when doing online transfer liao~~~
n wonG~~~ sue kao them~~~~~~
sue them kao kao~~~~
but~~~~~ woNg, 10k only mar~~
"sap sap shui" for u lar~~~ hahahahaha~~~
the time u use to sue them sudah boleh earn tak tahu berapa 100k lor~~~
hahahaha~~~ u few million "up down" 1 mar~~~(你几百万上下咧)~~~


Monday, May 07, 2007

arSenaL 1-1 chElsEa ~~~ draw~~

as wat my fren alwyz say " i alwys support a team twice every year~~"
the team he means here is the team who against chelsea~~

goOD job Arsenal~~~


Sunday, May 06, 2007

Manchester City 0 - 1 Manchester U.

whos' the man~~~!!??

goOD job man~~~
but only 1 goAL~~~

i wish to c u n roOney score more lar~~


Thursday, May 03, 2007

MU lose~~ TMD~~

no moOd~~~
bad moOD~~~
wat a bad news~~~
shout out frm kOng(my colleague)'s mouth this morning~~~
MU kena sapu by milan~~
3-0 sommore~~~~


lucky i didnt wake up n watch it~~
if not sure farking disappointed~~~

nv mind~~
nex weEk i fully support liverpoOL liAO~~~
gogogo~~ Steven G~~ bunuH the kAKA~~~
sapu them aLL~~
the cup is urs~~~
who is the man~~~~!???
Steven Gerrard~~~!!!!

liverpoOL gogogo~~~~!!!!
oleh oleh oleh~~~

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

watch Spideman3 + liverpool won the match~~

1st of May (tuesday) ~~~labour dayz~~~

wake up @ 11am (slep@ 6am morning)~~
damn~~ i feeL i cant slep anymore~~~
siAL aredi~~ baru 4 hours ++
but really cant slep anymore~~
so~~ wake up n Bou drama @ home whole dayz~~~

dinner + yc @ yi lou(double storey = NKS = Nasi kandar sedap)~~~
opss~~ wenG & yeE share a lots their "secret"~~~
or maybe call tat as "experience" lar~~~
12am fetch yEE back~~then go 1u~~

12.30am~~ sPiderman 3~~~
we saw grace there~~
damn it~~
she properly watch spiderman toO lar...
weng n me saw a garl loOKs like grace @ car park~~
we jsut question each other is tat she~~???
then suddenly grace shake her hand to us~~
tat really is Grace~~~

opss~~ her bf hanging her hand lar~~~
aikS~~~~ lucky chloe not there lar~~
if not som body's heart mighT feEL hurt~~~
(although som1's heart "mayb" getting hurt when saw Grace's bf)

almost 1am lor~~~
damn sleply aredi~~
almost fall to slep when watching the SHI BAI DE MAN~~~

finish the movie around 3am~~
yes~~ time to watch liverpoOl vs chelsea~~~~
malo~~~ LiverpoOl kena tiang fir twice lar~~
i scream til my throat pun sakit~~~
damn it~~ if not can "finish it" earlier~~

but lucky~~~ finally liverpoOl won in the penalty stage~~~
i scream againZ~~~
1 bALL shout once~~
damn IT~~~
liverpoOL rock~~~

aiks~~ if MU win later then i really duno support which side liao~~
but i think mostly i will support back MU lar~~~
coz C. Ronalda is there~~~