Friday, November 23, 2007

gathering~~The Legend Four Aces~~


~~the Legend Four Aces~~

should be foolish 4 lar~~

PoOseng, Au, Chee meng + myself~~
i call it the team of Liverpool 4 aces ( i just decided it todayz)~~ =p

4 guys stick togeter for dinner...
wat else we can do?
wat else we can talk?

talk crap lar~~
blow here blow there...
it remind me our study life in UK~~

we sambil makan sambil talk~~

i realize tat our topic more on scolding our company lar~~
hahaha~~ it seems like everybody wanna quit after CNY~~
resign after get the bonus~~

toO bad~~
i sign a c2pid contract~~
if i wanna resign after CNY~~
i gonna compensate this company~~

but if i really unhappy + ada better offer~~
i might resign toO~~
compensate marr compensate lar...

get/apply another company which can help me compensate lar..

life so short~~
dun force myself if i really feel unhappy~~

i feel great after this gathering~~
hope we can meet each others once per month or 2 months lar..

we can release our our stress after scolding~~
we can share exp frm each other toO~~
how to "play taikek" wif the man-con / consultant~~

Thursday, November 22, 2007

1st MC in new company~~

heavy fewer on tuesday~~

walk 10 mins to the polyclinic~~
Q for half an hour baru dpt c the doctor~~

I was shock~~
this doctor is so young~~ n pretty~~~
i really get shock~~~
(sick aredi stil so hamsap~~) =p

sick sure wan MC lar..
i ask for 1day but she giv me 2 dayz...
i starting admire her aredi~~

2 dayz MC...
i wake up then eat then slep againz..
repeat n repeat for 2 dayz...

i feel very weak now...
but relax..
coz really can rest (curi tulang/ayam)~~

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Home~~!!! Sweet Home~~!!!

there r a lots of definitions for home~~

Home can be definite as
  • A place where one lives; a residence
  • The physical structure within which one lives, such as a house or apartment
but I prefer to Describe home as
  • A dwelling place together with the family or social unit that occupies it; a household
  • An environment offering security and happiness

the feeling of going back home is so great~~~

i miss my bed~~
my pillow~~
my books~~
my comic~~
my PC~~
my family members~~
n all my frens~~

every things makes me feel so good~~

mood also becomz better now~~

the Best suggestions to release stress is go home~~

i understand it~~

oh~~ sweet home~~~!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

hOme sweet hoMe~~


i miss my home now~~
dun doubt tat~~

i really mean wat i say~~

i'm saying tat becoz i'm so farking stress now~~

sometimes i really try to use my "heart" to do/finish my jobs~~
but~~ ++++ however~~
i cant make it most of the time~~
especially when i feel stress + the time is rushing~~

damn it~~
so many things to do...
u wont feel panic de merr~~!!??
unless u r farking experience~~
or u totally dun care bout ur farking job....

abit regret to left my candy sweet home n come to this country aredi~~
although early I knew tat this consultant life will be tougher~~

i should noe tat...
small company alwyz like this~~

think on another way~~
i may train til more independence~~
tat's wat i going gain here~~
work hard~~
earn more experience~~

look forward to the future~~

wish myself goOd luck~~


yess~~ i'm going back m'sia this weekend~~~
i wanna yamcha~~
i wanna eat KFC, nasi lemak, chicken rice + wathc movie~~~~!!!!!!

Friday, November 09, 2007

happy deEpavali~~!!!??

happy deepavali~~!???

i'm not so happy lor....
coz i rushing claim @ home~~

yes~~ dun doubt tat~~
i really bring the works back to my house n do it~~~

u tot i play play arr~~!!??
i cant finish all my works lar..
the works keep coming~~
early i tot wanna take leave de~~~

damn it~~
so many things to do..
how to take leave~~!??

i did learn a very useful skill in this company~~~
"拖 (duo)~~~!!!"
( somthing like delay/hang the works)

i really got to do the works according the priority~~

but everything also seems like very important~~
wat to do~~!?
do which 1 1st~~!??

which 1 kena push then do which 1 lar...
u tak ada push me then i leave it only lar..
btw~~ the claims must be out lar..
tat's y i alwyz so farking bizy @ the early of the month~~
damn it...

dun write anymore lar..
back to work lar....
(stil my lunch time ler...)



Tuesday, November 06, 2007


this blog looks like sudah mati~~

i no time to update it lar..
damn it..

Sudah reduce 1 project becoz it is given to a new colleague(my tarc junior)….
Quite pretty de lar…

But got bf de lar…

Hrmm.. consider lucky~~!!??
I also duno lar…
I stil got 10 more to go…
Some is final account…
Some is new project…
Some is on-going project…

i got to prepare tender documents for piling works, main-con & NSC(s)...
Plus the contract documents for Main-contractor & NSC(SSSSS)...
prepare progress payment to Main-con + direct payment for client~~~

damn it~~~
@#%$^%^& ~~~VO~~~

I guess I can becom a manager after I finish these entire projects….

Any 1 wanna offer me a job~!!!??
I damn cheap 1..
can take over all the shit de wor (althought i think i'm sarks)…

Better dun talk so much cock here..
Wish myself good luck lar…
55 finish the things (no way lar...)
at least finish that few stupid claims + the tender documents lar..
calling for tender jor~~~~



Friday, October 26, 2007

weekend againz~~~

weekend aredi~~~
so fast..

reach S'pore almost 1 month~~

damn it..
i every week also got to attend at least 2 meeting...

i totally cant finish my works...
the works is come continuously~~

nex monday got 1 new colleague coming in....
is a female...

hehehehe~~ =p

she is fresh grad...
pretty + young~~~
aiks.. no experince..

i hope my boss will ask her to share som of my beban..

hope so lar...


Monday, October 15, 2007

1st post after reach S'pore~~~

15th October aredi..
i reach S'pore for 2 weeks..
n i'm farking bizy here..

damn it..
this company blocked all the website...
u can't enter any website thru this internet explorer 1....

any wayz... my colloegue told me another way...
tat's y i stil can bloging here...

damn it..
i got 11 big + small projects on hand~~~
damn it..
i'm super man here...

sometimes i wish my boss goreng me here..
y i dun just quit myself~~??
coz~ i'm dump~~~
i sign the appointment n stated tat cannot resign within probation period (3 months)...
abit c2pid right~~!!??

duno lar...
i also dun1 to giv up so fast/ so easy....
giv myself a try...
try to "menyesuaikan" myself in s'pore...

consultant is totally dif wif main-con or sub-con...
u got to respond to so many parties...
u got to layan the client, architech, main-contractor, Nominated Sub-Con(s)..
somtimes the farker M&E consultant also come n kacau u~~
damn it...
imagine 1 project aredi got so many parties...

i got 11 here..
so times i duno who is who aredi~~

tell u guys somthings...
i sudah merosakkan the rulez here aredi...
i delay my progress payment..
actually i got to respond to the Main-con or NSC within 10 dayz...
but who cares..
gila arr?
i got to do 6 payment within 2 weeks lerr..
mana boleh..
i'm new here...
gila betul.....

haihz... wish me good luck lar..
btw~~ my boss wont goreng me so esay..
coz he cant get new staff here..


new life~~

but i stil miss M'sia~~
miss my family~~ my frens~~my bed~~ my computer & my comic~~~~ !!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

goOdbye IJM~~~

today is my last workin dayz wif current company~~

i think i'm a heartless person~~
the feeling of leaving is not so strong...
last time went to UK study also macam tak ada feeling..
i'm so heartless~~
sekarang leaving this company also macam tak ada rasa...

but frankly speaking...
until the last minutes i standing outside the Wisma IJM n watch it back frm the car~~

only really got the feeling of leaving~~
baru ada sikit feeling of upset & helpless~~

suddenly~~ all the happy memories & un-happy memories (甜tian, 酸suan, 苦ku, 辣la) in IJM come into my mind~~
my selection of leaving is correct~~!!??

i think there is no answer right now~~
we should look forward to the future~~~
i think i can "survive" probably in S'pore de~~~

i wish IJM Construction continued success in their endeavors...
n really wish all my frens & colleagues in IJM all the best~~
i'll miss u all~~~

shall i shout "i'll be back~~~" when i step out IJm~~!!???
hopefully i will becomz a manager when i "step into" IJM againz lar~~~

Monday, September 17, 2007

75% Discount @ IZZI @ D'sara Uptown~~~

My colleague told me tat uptown branch punya IZZI ada 75% discount for HSBC credit card holder~~
I sure ajak my kaki go there hav a try lar..
75% less ler~~

I try to call n reserve a table but they dun allow me to do so~~
They say the booking is full~~
only walk in is allow~~
ok fine~~~

7.30 pm~~
go wif haliens member~~
damn it~~ 20++ ppl waiting there aredi~~
got to change our plan~~
pergi lain tempat makan~~~~

6.30 pm~~
go wif QS kaki’s~~
damn it~~
20++ ppl waiting againz~~
itu org cakap no more reserve~~the list is full~~
wat the fark~~~!!???
So ganasai~~
No choice~~ we go nreaby punya sate kajang makan lar~~~

I awake @ 11am ++
Damn~~ sudah pergi sana 2 kali~~
Tapi tak dapat makan~~
I feel so upset~~~
Online c who is on 1st~~
Yes~~ ah yee was there aredi~~

“ahh yee~~ u stil wan to eat the IZZI o not~~!??”
“I go there reserve now… later u wanna come??”

yee : “ ok~~ as long as u can get the seats”

“ok~ I call head gor they all n arrange bout it”

i sms head gor~~
“head 哥~~我好想好想好想吃 IZZI~~ 我真是好想好想好想吃 IZZI ler~~”
(head gor~~ I really really really wish to eat IZZI ler… )

head gor really 1 of my best frens..
muahahaha~~ he say come n fetch me~~
n we go queue there lar~~
he really noe me~~~


when we reach the IZZI~~
alots ppl waiting there too~~
I leave my name + contact to the waitress~~
she reserve for me~~
1 hour later come back wor~~

sms + call all the QS kaki~~
oii~~ 1 hour later~~
all come to uptown~~
we make it~~
we did successful reserve a table now~~
we going to conquer the IZZI after 1 hour~~~~!!!!!

i pergi yamcha wif head gor at dhaross restaurant while waiting for the call~~

1 hour later~~
we step into the IZZI~~

1st step into the Damansara Uptown branch IZZI~~
err.. the design is quite modern~~
it occupies 2 lots of the shops~
1 half with an open kitchen concept~~
well~~ ppl can see what they are cooking up~~~
I advise u guys better to sit next door beocz its cooler~~

the decorations in this restaurant is much emphasize on colours and fashionable
+ the IZZI ada free wifi and reading materials~~
it makes it a really nice place to relax~~grab a drink and enjoy ur meal~~~
Nearby the entrance ada dessert counter~~
It’s a part of their selling point~~
Wau~~ I saw the pretty garls alwyz walk to there to get their cakes~~

Ok~~ is time to giv som comment bout the foods now~~
I order a prawn linguine~~
Hrmmm~~ the taste is so so~~
N I try ah yee’s chicken steak wif pasta~~
Err… we both think tat the pasta is abit salty & the chicken steak is just bout right~~
Assam laksa & the sweet sour pine mixed also so so only~~~
Nothing to shout bout it~~

The asian platter habis~~
vietnamese springroll pun habis…
almost semua asian starters pun tak ada stock wor~~~
out of stock~~~!???

just 3pm only….
+ all the fruit jus pun sudah habis except the mango jus only~~~

all in all~~~IZZI's food not that great~~
but~~ their service is very fast~~
coz they have a lot of staff~~
as a conslusion~~
the pizza is better than the pasta~~~

75% less for the bill~~
RM240 * 25% = Rm60

RM60/5 ppl~~
Each person baru around Rm13~~
Dun blame so much lar~~~
RM60 for 8 meals + 7 drinks~~
Dun expect too much lar~~~~


attached the bil for you guys to hav a view~~~

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

PTP, Johor Bharu~~~

well~~ i went to Johor to submit a tender on this tuesday~~
wif my colleague, Kong~~~

stay 1 night @ JB then going back to HQ on wednesday~~
hrmm.. we drive the company pajero to JB~~
we start our journey @ IJM wisma @ 4.30 pm~~
errmmm... following the map print out frm the internet...

we reach the JB @ 8.00 pm~~~

well~~ we r proud to ourselves~~~

reach JB in such period~~~

C~~~ tat's the New York Hotel~~
fast fast~~
drive to there...
tat is the hotel we gonna stay tonight~~~
yes~~~ it looks coOL~~~~

aiks~~ we belok wrong direction lar~~
sini tak boleh U-turn lar~~!!!
nv mind~~~
there there there~~~
infront ada U-turn~~~~~!!!

well~~ finally... we reach the hotel lobby~~
aiks~~~the standard room sudah habis~~

harr~~!? deluxe room~~!!??

how much is tat~~!!??

wah~~ so expensive~~!!??

is tat any cooperate rate~~!!???

ohh~~got arrr~~
10 % ++ ???
lucky lar~~~~

wah~~~ Deluxe roOm~~~

wat the hell is this~~~??
walau~~ it is the "mother remote control" of the room~~
muahahaha~~ it loOks so advance~~
damn it~~~
we can control the all the light inside the room, air-con & Tv by a single touch~~

hrmmm~~ at least this c2pid deluxe stil under our budget~~
we no need to pay for the extra to stay into this Deluxe roOM...
aiks~~ i accidentally deleted the pic frm the camera~~

so~~ cannot show u guys the view frm this 19th roOm~~

but i can roughly describe the outside view here lar..

outside the JB loOks like the KL city~~
the lights r every were~~~~

u can c alots cars~~motorcycler + alots ppl frm my room~~

after check in~~
we went to the nearby shopping center to makan our dinner~~
wau~~~the ahmoi cantik like in KL~~~

they looks coOL~~ like the local ahmoi lar...
all so fashion~~

c2piD hAM~~~
taken be4 tidur~~~

Sunday, September 09, 2007


信 任




但倘若你迟迟不敢去信任一个值得你信任的人,那永远不能获得爱的甘甜和人间的温暖,你的 一生也将会因此而黯淡无光。 




to yeE Ai,

i try my best to translate it lar~~
actually this article is forward by som1~~
bt~ i duno how to translate the writer name lar...


Sometimes, a trust will take many years.
Therefore, some people never trust anyone in their life.

If you can only trust those who seek your favor, it is meaningless.
If you trust everyone, then you are a fool.
If you rushed to a trust or trust someone without doubt, you might betrayed by him/her easily.
If you trust a person folly without sense, then immediately come is probably annoying suspicion and betrayal.
But if you still dare not to trust a person who worth for your trust, then you might can’t get into better relationship (eg, feeling of luv & etc… ), your life will also result in darkness.

Trust is a feeling of life, trust is noble, and trust is a better connecting link between people.

Your obligation is to trust another person,
unless you can prove that such person is not worth for your trust;
you also have the right to be trusted by another person,
unless you have been certified by such person that you are not worth it.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Putraline LRT~~ @#$^%$%#$@#!!!!

Thanks to this farking Putraline LRT~~~
It spoiled my morning~~

Fark dap~~
actually early of the morning sudah moody aredi~~
saturday stil ned to work~~
N now~~~ it make me more heated~~~!!!

Usually~~ I use my Touch n Go to pass thru the LRT gate~~
Todayz~ I cant pass thru when i reach the Tmn Jaya Station AGAINZ~~
Then, no choice~~
I take my Touch n Go card to the counter to solve this farking problem~~

This farking idiot staff say I didn’t touch my card when I entry the gate~~

I tell u wat~~
There are 2 possible ways to occur this kind of situation~~

the 1st is ur farking idiot system cannot detect when I touch my card on ur farking gate~~
another possibility is I pass thru the gate without touch my card~~
for the 2nd possibility, it means ur farking idiot staff nv guard ur farking idiot gate~~
n let the anonymous go in n out simply~~
orhhh~ ya~~ mayb there is 3rd possibility~~
mayb I can invisible myself n go thru the gate without notice by others~~
BTW~~ If I really wanted to cheat ur farking RM1.30~~
I would just walk away frm the monthly pass entry~~
fark dap~~
use ur farking brain~~~

I dun 1 talk so much farking crap wif that idiot~~


tat idiot : “ u got to pay here.. buy a single trip ticket”


I farking long time nv buy this single trip ticket aredi~~
so , I’m not sure how much it cost frm KELANA JAYA to this Tmn Jaya~
previously when I facing this kind of problem..
the staff will automatically deduct the money frm my Touch n Go~
this time, this farking idiot asking me pay n buy another ticket…
ok~~ well~~
I hav no small change~~
RM50 only~~
U dun1 accept it??
Ok~~ fine~~
Do u accept credit card??
U can choose either 1~~
OUB got Wave n Go function~~
U choose lar~~

oh~ ya~~~
sorry arr… ur station is TOO FARKING OUTDATED~~
Cannot accept credit card~~
So~~ wat the fark r u waiting for???
Accept this farking RM50 n giv me back my change lar…
fark dap~~

after I paid~ this idiot nv giv me any “ticket”~~
she just ask me pass thru the gate~~
u ate the farking money arr?
No ticket?
Ok, fine~~
I out of time aredi~~
Dun 1 waste my time for this farking matter~~

Putraline LRT got time to adjust the rate of journey + monthy pass~~
but no time to improve their service~~
nv provide a comfortable or equivalent service~~
PLS lar~~~
Nowadays ~~
This kind of farking attitude to serve is not work anymore~~

Sudah Merdeka 50 tahun aredi~~~
Pls change abit ur farking attitude lar..
Cuti-cuti in M’sia worr~~
If the overseas visitors experience this, they will laugh lar…

I’m stil blazing~~~ in fire~~~!!!!
Fark dap~~
But once i call back the famous "pet phrase"~~
My emotion will calm down~~
It may works to u too~~
Just remember this 2 words when u facing any un-fair treatments~~

Just shout this out~~

MALAYSIA BOLEH~~~!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

tender resignation~~

[ Address ]
[ Tel # ]
3rd September 2007

General Manager (Contracts)
[ Company Address ]

Dear Mr. ABC:

The purpose of this letter is to inform you of my resignation from my current position as Contracts Executive with XXXXX. Please accept this letter as formal notification that I am leaving my position with XXXXX on 3rd of September 2007. My last day of work will be Tuesday, 2nd of October 2007.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation to you as my supervisor, as well as many friends and colleagues here at XXXXX. It has been a great pleasure to work with you all, and I have also learned a great deal about tendering jobs. I am certain that the skills I have acquired here will be of great value to my future career.

I wish you and XXXXX continued success in all your endeavors. And please let me know if I can be of assistance in any way to help with a smooth transition.


Contracts Executive

C.C : HR Department

~~~~~~~the end~~~~~~~~

wau~~ this letter sudah save in my blog for few months jor~~
i draft it @ feb~~
tat time i tot wanna giv this as a sample to pipe 1~~
n now~~ i used it~~


i updated my blog~~
hrmm~~ almost 2 weeks nv update my blog~~
2 weeks ago i went to seremban-tampin 2 dayz for site visit~~
becoz of farking tired after the site visit + got new tender~~
so no time to update my blog~~

n last week i went to s'pore(vacation or clear leave lar)~~
n then i get an offer there~~~
so~ i submit the letter to HR n my boSS on mondayz(boss is tuesday coz he on leave)~~
i'm going to s'pore soON~~
the offer there is so so only lar..
it's a QS consultant company~~
3 months probation period + 5 dayz work + 2 times adjustment per annual~~
so~~ i just hav a try there lar~~

i think the Director loOKs frendy but abit "snakely"~~~
but overall the image is not bad lar~~

i neD money to survive lar~~
farking c2pid study loan lar~~
damn it~~
earn the Sing dolar for at least 2 yrs~~
to settle my loan~~
then only re-consider bout my future~~

money really "everything" now( for me)~~
haihz~~ sigh~~~

i'll miss u guys~~~
QS kaki~~3-1-7 members~~haliens~~all my colleagues~~

Monday, August 20, 2007


dang dang dang dang~~~!!!!!

my 1st platinum credit card~~~~
1st platinum card in my life~~~~~!!!!!
(i think this is quite easy to get approval lar~mayb just becoz of their marketing strategy~to con the ppl like me to use their credit card~~~ )

i'm toO busy until now baru upload this pic into my blog~~

s0~~ i cancel my VOX visa to get this~~~
this 1 got alots cash rebate 1 wor~~
btw~~ i dun clubbing frequent~~
so get this One card is better than tat VOX lar~~~
this 1 got visa wave too~~
i go GSC can get 5% cash rebate toO~~
n i did slot it last week toO~
flash point~~

i use it n slot a washing machine @ carrefour for my mum last week toO~~
got 4% cash rebate ler~~~
RM500 * 4% = RM20~~~
aiks~~ i so"Auntie" now~~~

n i wave it to pay my sushi @ carerfour toO~~
it is so simple + fast~~~

just touch n gO~~~!!!


Saturday, August 18, 2007

~~~cancellation letter of credit cards~~~

18th August 2007

Customer Service
XX Bank
2, Jalan XX
46200 Petaling Jaya
Selangor D.E.

Re: Closing account on XXX Visa card account

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am writing this letter to request the cancellation of my XXX credit cards by the end of the month with XXX.

The card is, a XXX Visa card with the number of 8888 8888 8888 8888, valid until 08/12. I will not be using the credit card so do not wish to incur the annual fee.

I paid the account's balance and here enclosing my destroyed credit card.

To my knowledge, all my fiscal responsibilities with this credit card account have been fulfilled. Therefore, please close my account and include a notation in the report to the credit bureaus that the account was "closed by request of cardholder."

Once this is done, please send me written confirmation of the closure of my account, in good standing and at my request.

If there are any discrepancies between my records and yours, please contact me by mail at the address below or by phone at 012-67260XX.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.



dun depends on a phone call to cancel your account~~!!!
write a cancellation letter to provide proof of your decision~~!!!

notify the card issuer by phone~~
then follow up by notifying the card issuer in writing.

get a copy of your credit report and make sure it's accurate~~~
Repeat the procedures~~~ if necessary~~~~


Thursday, August 16, 2007

lolz~~~ i'm baka~~~ ^ ^

finally i finish my work~~~
the c2pid tender submission is tomolo~~~
i OT til 8 somthing~~~
yesterday OT til almost 11pm ler~~
damn it~~
hrmmm~~ i'm free now~~~~
now i remember i promise some 1 to re-post an article~~~
actually i posted this early then hidden it afterward~~~
but my fren(weng) looking for this post recently~~
he ask me to email this to him~~
he say this is DAMN DAMN funny~~~
so.. no choice~~ i post it AGAINZ~~
hope it really do entertain u all lar~~~

this is so so so soooooo CLASSIC~~~
i sendiri also laugh like hell when reading it~~~ y i talk so much nonsense at tat moment~~~???
lolz~~ anywayz~~ u guys enjoy~~~~

(i try to translate the mandarin to english~~ so tat som of my frens can understand wat's the meaning of it~~)


Keap2hO_ says (7:13 PM):

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:13 PM):
wat's up~~~~~~~~~???!! =p

Keap2hO_ says (7:13 PM):
事实系事实爱情系现实~~你吾好自己呃自己啦~~~!!!! ah salt fish ~~~ =.='''

Fact is fact & luv is realistic~~ u dun tipu sendiri lar~~!!!! ah salt fish~~~~=.=''' )
(THIS IS POSTED IN MY MSN as a sub- NICK~~ he asking me wat's the meaning of this~~)

Keap2hO_ says (7:13 PM):
wat the mean????

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:13 PM):

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:13 PM):
err.. duno?
u say ler...?

Keap2hO_ says (7:13 PM):
i oso dun noe la...

Keap2hO_ says (7:13 PM):
this things is write by u...

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:14 PM):
hahaha , then i tell u lar..
it's saying some 1 sendiri tipu sendiri..

Keap2hO_ says (7:14 PM):
tat one is u la???

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:14 PM):
it advise "he/she" dun do tat againz.

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:14 PM):

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:14 PM):
ohh.. u think is me lar?

Keap2hO_ says (7:14 PM):
so u stil wan cheating urself...

(i really duno who is cheating himself now~~ som1 chasing a garl for 1 yr + aredi~~ stil dun1 giv up~~~~swt~~)

Keap2hO_ says (7:14 PM):

(hrmm~~ he really tot i got trouble in luv~~~~ swt~~~)

Keap2hO_ says (7:15 PM):
ppl won simply write/...

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:15 PM):
ohh.. i will record this...

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:15 PM):
u really thinking i'm writing it becoz of "me"...

Keap2hO_ says (7:15 PM):
like tat oso need 2 record....

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:16 PM):
mayb u try ask hup they all..

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:16 PM):
who is lying himself..
muahahaha =p

(i can bet wif u~~~ they sure say is ~~~~ MR. H* W*** K***)

Keap2hO_ says (7:16 PM):
no ppl lying....
juz run away frm the fact....

Keap2hO_ says (7:17 PM):
somtime the fact is very diff 2 face by ourself...

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:17 PM):
maybe lar..
but pls dun 100 steps laugh 50 steps lar

Keap2hO_ says (7:17 PM):
wat u mean?

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:17 PM):
i sure noe wat i writing + saying lar.. not like som1... lolz..

Keap2hO_ says (7:17 PM):
how talk of twin tower?

(swt~~ y suddenly pop out this question~~~???? swt~~~ =.=''')

Keap2hO_ says (7:17 PM):

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:18 PM):

Keap2hO_ says (7:18 PM):

Keap2hO_ says (7:18 PM):
u noe or dun noe?

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:19 PM):

Keap2hO_ says (7:19 PM):
i ask the twin tower ah????

Keap2hO_ says (7:19 PM):
wat u answer me???

Keap2hO_ says (7:19 PM):
i wan the answer...

Keap2hO_ says (7:19 PM):
how tall???

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:19 PM):

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:20 PM):
i duno wor....

Keap2hO_ says (7:20 PM):
the height of twin tower...

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:20 PM):
i anwer u aredi..
duno wor

(swt~~ =.=''')

Keap2hO_ says (7:20 PM):

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:20 PM):
u duno mer??

Keap2hO_ says (7:21 PM):
the answer is = 451.90公尺

公尺 = metre run)

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:21 PM):
wat's wrong?
y sudden ask tat?

Keap2hO_ says (7:21 PM):
then how abt the Taiwan 101???

Keap2hO_ says (7:21 PM):
giv u some tips...

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:21 PM):
wait wait wait

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:21 PM):
y u asking me this?

Keap2hO_ says (7:21 PM):
is more higher than twin tower...

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:22 PM):
wat for u asking me this?
(so funny~~~~)

Keap2hO_ says (7:22 PM):
quistion time...

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:22 PM):
i'm not interest on this lar..

Keap2hO_ says (7:22 PM):
change topic...

Keap2hO_ says (7:22 PM):
wat u wan 2 talk?

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:23 PM):
if u really wanna talk tat also can de..lolz..
(haihz~~ layan u lar... later say i dun layan u pulak~~~ c wat u wanna ask on nex~~~)

Keap2hO_ says (7:23 PM):
where u now?

Keap2hO_ says (7:23 PM):
stil working?

Keap2hO_ says (7:23 PM):
nvrmind la...

Keap2hO_ says (7:23 PM):
fren not interesting...
who dare 2 talk again the boring topic...

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:24 PM):
home now.... taipei 101 is 1670ft
(this is so easy for me~~~i can get the answer within 1 min~~~ haihz.. layan u lar since u do looks so boring there~~~)

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:24 PM):
wat else u wanan noe?

Keap2hO_ says (7:24 PM):
is 1524ft

Keap2hO_ says (7:24 PM):
u r wrong...

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:24 PM):
hehehe ,r u sure??

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:24 PM):

Keap2hO_ says (7:24 PM):

Keap2hO_ says (7:24 PM):

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:24 PM):

Keap2hO_ says (7:25 PM):
more than...
(really~~~!?? )

Keap2hO_ says (7:25 PM):
u dun ask me gamble...
(he noe i'll ask him him to gamble~~~ he really do noe me well~~~~=.=''')

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:25 PM):
wat i noe is around 1670+-1%

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:25 PM):
haihz... if u r wrong then how?

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:25 PM):
hehehe , stil dare to say moer than 100% confident..??

Keap2hO_ says (7:26 PM):
coz is 508公尺

Keap2hO_ says (7:26 PM):
then x 3 = 1524ft...

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:26 PM):
is not 1524 fts

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:26 PM):
out of tat figure alots aredi..

Keap2hO_ says (7:26 PM):
coz 1公尺 = 3ft...

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:27 PM):
pls lar...
tat's y i alwyz say 说话不要说到这样满

说话不要说到这样满 = dun talk so loud if u r not sure~~~)

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:27 PM):
moer than 100% confident pulak..

Keap2hO_ says (7:27 PM):

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:27 PM):
if is 1524ft...
i can gamble wat u got..>
ur wira , ur apartment , even ur life...

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:27 PM):

Keap2hO_ says (7:28 PM):
sure b confident...
if not how 2 fight wif the other ppl...
(stil very confident pulak~~ now i takut aredi~~~
i'm the 1 not confident now~~~were is my calculator~~!!?? wat's the factor of conversion for Metre run to ft~~~!!??)

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:28 PM):
u stil remain ur answer?1

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:28 PM):

Keap2hO_ says (7:28 PM):

Keap2hO_ says (7:28 PM):
is my final answer...

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:29 PM):
tat's really funny...

Keap2hO_ says (7:29 PM):

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:29 PM):
change answer now..

Keap2hO_ says (7:29 PM):
508 x 3 = 1524ft

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:29 PM):
just now duno who say moer than 100% confident is 1524ft =p

Keap2hO_ says (7:29 PM):
my answer stil the same...

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:29 PM):
508m is not equal to 1524ft..
pls lar...

Keap2hO_ says (7:29 PM):

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:29 PM):
tat's means the early answer u given until now also wrong..

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:30 PM):
1m is not equal to 3ft only..
is more than tat..

Keap2hO_ says (7:30 PM):
then my final answer is 1666.48ft

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:30 PM):
1 meter = 3.2808399 feet
(i got this frm google~~~ =p)

Keap2hO_ says (7:30 PM):
final answer...

Keap2hO_ says (7:30 PM):
i get it liao..

Keap2hO_ says (7:30 PM):

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:30 PM):
u go calculate lar.>
dun final answer final answer lar.>
u aredi wrong at early lar..

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:31 PM):
more than 100% confident pulak...

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:31 PM):

Keap2hO_ says (7:31 PM):

Keap2hO_ says (7:31 PM):

Keap2hO_ says (7:31 PM):
next quistion...

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:31 PM):
stil the same..
so.. u stil dun admit u r wrong ?

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:31 PM):
at early?

Keap2hO_ says (7:32 PM):
wat the height of dupai future the most higher in the world building???
(oi~~~ change topic like tatt???????????? =.=''')

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:32 PM):
anwer me 1st..
be4 i answer ur question..

Keap2hO_ says (7:32 PM):
now under construction/...

Keap2hO_ says (7:32 PM):

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:33 PM):
u havent answer me ler..

Keap2hO_ says (7:33 PM):

Keap2hO_ says (7:33 PM):
which one?

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:33 PM):
so... u stil dun admit u r wrong on the 1524ft high??

Keap2hO_ says (7:33 PM):
juz the factor wrong...

Keap2hO_ says (7:33 PM):
508m is the correct answer....

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:34 PM):
but early i ask u , u say 1524ft lar..
i ask u againz , r u sure?
u say yes..
then i ask againz , 100%??
u say confident more than 100% ler...

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:34 PM):
tat 1 stil not consider u wrong?

Keap2hO_ says (7:35 PM):
but u check back my 1st answer is in m...

Keap2hO_ says (7:35 PM):
after tat apply the wrong factor...

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:35 PM):
u stil dare to say ur 1st answer is in Meter?
(harr??? i better check back the history 1st~~ yes... i'm right~~ u answet me in ft at early~~~)

Keap2hO_ says (7:35 PM):
so indirectly make the ft answer wrong...

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:36 PM):
hahaha , but u 1st time answer me is 1524ft ler..

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:36 PM):
tat's mean U R WRONG at early..
afterward only u say in Meter..

Keap2hO_ says (7:36 PM):
tat y i told u lo...

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:36 PM):
m i right?

Keap2hO_ says (7:36 PM):
the factor apply wrong...

Keap2hO_ says (7:37 PM):

Keap2hO_ says (7:37 PM):
juz 4get abt it la...

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:37 PM):
lolz.. i dun care wat's the factor now.>
i just wanna noe..
u 1st time answer me is the 1524ft.. am i right?

Keap2hO_ says (7:37 PM):
the quistion time is over liao...
(wah wah wah~~~~)

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:38 PM):
so , means u r not wrong lar?

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:38 PM):
means ur answer is correct?

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:38 PM):
frm the beginning until the end u also answer me in Meter run only?
no ft?

Keap2hO_ says (7:38 PM):
my answer is wrong lo...

Keap2hO_ says (7:38 PM):
u r the winner lo...
(finally~~i win~~)

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:38 PM):
hahaha , ok..

Keap2hO_ says (7:38 PM):
happy o?

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:38 PM):
tat's all..
case close...

Keap2hO_ says (7:39 PM):

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:39 PM):
haihz.. somtimes..
just tat easy..
wrong mar wrong lor..
no 1 wanna laugh or look small u 1 mar...

Keap2hO_ says (7:39 PM):
force me said this....

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:39 PM):
we "human" must learn to noe our mistake n admit it..
not alwyz defence although u r wrong..

Keap2hO_ says (7:39 PM):
i noe i not wrong...
juz sometime dun noe how 2 explain only...
(aiks~~ i'm not yet win~~ he stil keep defencing for himself~~~)

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:40 PM):
stil no wrong..

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:40 PM):
then nex time dun say so "loud" ..
nv say 100% confirm if u not sure..

Keap2hO_ says (7:40 PM):
i sure 4 my answer....

Keap2hO_ says (7:41 PM):
juz the factor is apply wrong...

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:41 PM):
hahaha... wanna let weng they all judge for this?

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:41 PM):
let the public judge lar..

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:41 PM):
aiks.. i lazy to do tat lar..

Keap2hO_ says (7:41 PM):
i dun care....

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:42 PM):
nex time u answer this to ur boss lar..
i'm not wrong..
just factor problem..
lolz.. =p

Keap2hO_ says (7:42 PM):

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:42 PM):
it's very serious 1 ler..

Keap2hO_ says (7:42 PM):
i 'll tell my boss like tat...

Keap2hO_ says (7:42 PM):
coz not my wrong...

Keap2hO_ says (7:43 PM):
some time boss oso understand one...
(ur boss really kind + nice to u~~~ u measure the quantities n apply it in wrong factor also wont get scold 1 arr??? wah~~ my tender project all hundred millions 1 wor... urs i duno lar~~~ btw~~~ u salah apply factor also wont cause the losing~~~!!??)

(1670 ft– 1524 ft = 146 ft's )

(146 ft's almost equally to 44 metre~~short of 44 metre height punya building~~1 metre height cost u 100k, u also mati lar~~ jump frm taipei 101 also useless~~~ )

(taipei building sure "crying" there now… sudden becom shorter~~~ lolz)

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:43 PM):
then whose fault/wrong?

Keap2hO_ says (7:43 PM):
then they 'll ask u change the factor...

Keap2hO_ says (7:43 PM):
the the correct answer 'll appear...

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:43 PM):
ohh.. means u stil didnt do anything wrong lar?
just the factor mistake..
is not a "wrong" also lar..
just a mistake lar? =p

Keap2hO_ says (7:43 PM):
the fator wron lo...

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:44 PM):
ohh , the factor get frm where?
who do the factor?

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:44 PM):
so , whose wrong? =p

Keap2hO_ says (7:44 PM):
the factor is frm computer....
(so computer is the 1 who doing the mistake~~ y the PC dun tell u the factor of conversion is
1 meter = 3.2808399 feet when u key in 1 meter = 3fts~~~!!?? swt~~~~ =.=''')

Keap2hO_ says (7:44 PM):
v oso need the time 2 check...
then only noe the factor is worng...

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:44 PM):
hahaha , i laughing infront of my PC now..
hmm.. computer mistake.>
not urs..
ok , i got it...
( believe me~~ i really do laughing~~~~ lucky i home alone now~~~ if not~ my family members tot i sial aredi~~~)

Keap2hO_ says (7:45 PM):
after tat 'll change 2 the correct one...
then get the real answer...

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:45 PM):
wei.. wai n weng watching movie now lar..
duno finish aredi o not ler..

(hrmm....i start changing topic aredi~~asking him find others~~ dun kacau me~~i movie'ing 1 ler~~~~)

Keap2hO_ says (7:45 PM):
dun noe...

Keap2hO_ says (7:45 PM):
u call them la...

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:46 PM):
no ned lar..
i just tell u tat only..
if u feel free n wana find them..

Keap2hO_ says (7:46 PM):
y u not join them?

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:46 PM):
i jsut makan n watching movie now..

Keap2hO_ says (7:46 PM):
wat movie?

Keap2hO_ says (7:46 PM):
wat u makan?

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:47 PM):
makan at home lor..
watching HK old movie..
my sis just get a CD frm last week

Keap2hO_ says (7:48 PM):
then dowload n borrow me...

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:48 PM):
not download..
is a CD..

Keap2hO_ says (7:48 PM):
i wan watch movie...
coz nothing do 2..

Keap2hO_ says (7:48 PM):

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:48 PM):
watch aredi?

Keap2hO_ says (7:48 PM):
gtg liao...

Keap2hO_ says (7:48 PM):
not yet...

Keap2hO_ says (7:48 PM):

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:48 PM):
then u can get the CD lar..

Keap2hO_ says (7:48 PM):

[ ahh_mun³ or hAM² ]~~♪ ♀ ♂~~ (movie'ing) says (7:48 PM):

Keap2hO_ says (7:49 PM):
brb take k

Keap2hO_ says (7:49 PM):
good nite

(harlo~~ brb means be right back lar~~~ u should say bb= byebye lar~~~ dun simply type if u dun understand~~~ swt~~~~)

~~~~~~~~~~~end of the conversation~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~hAM's comment~~~~~~~~~~~
hrmmm~~~ this is sooooo CLASSIC~~~ ~~~!!!!
n this Mr. Ho Weng Keap is the most KENGCHAO QS i know in my life~~
i dun think any 1 can competitive wif him in this world~~
totally cannot fight wif him~~
u c the conversation also noe i sure lose 1~~~
but mayb can find som 1 to fight wif him in this Universe lar~~

if the ET really come n conquer the earth~~
we can send this MR. HO WENG KEAP to negotiate wif them~~
we SURE WIN in the negotiation~~~
coz this MR. HO is our hero~~~

he is the 救世主 (messiah) send by the GOD~~~
he really noe everything in this world~~~
nothing can doubt him~~~
n 1 more thing~~ he nv do any mistake+fault in his life~~
although ada mistake + fault also not becoz of himself~~~
tat fault+ mistake + wrong is caurse by others (eg: the computer which doing the factor mistake in this post~~)

Stephen Chow's KUNGFU Dialogue : u tak masuk the hell, siapa masuk~~!?? u must entering the HELL~~~ only u can bear the task of defeat the evil and safeguarding the world peace~~)

i'm damn bad~~~~~!!!!!!!!


Friday, August 10, 2007

wat is this~~~!!??

any 1 noe wat is this~~~!!???

i mean i noe this is make frm clay~~
but wat the hell is this~~~!!???

guess guess guess~~~~


Thursday, August 09, 2007

funny company~~

This is so funny~~

this Glob*l construction company really KENG CHAO~~~
They submit a company profile without office contact & fax number~~
Wat kind of ahpek company is this~~~!!???
I got to call the Contract Manager(HP #) listed inside the profile~~
N guess wat~~!!??
That manager resigned~~~

Then I call the Project manager’s hp~~
Resigned too~~~

u think I’m god arr~~!!??
How to call u or fax u the quotation/tender invitation~~~!!??

who surpose to contact now~~~!!???

C2pid betul~~~!!
Tak ada otak~~~!!!

now ~~ I hav no choice~~~
straight away call the director~~
OMG~~ this director baru 37 yrs old~~~

no 1der lar~~~


Very potential company~~~

any job vacancy there~~~!!??
i apply for the Contract Manager post lar~~~



Wednesday, August 08, 2007

durian madness~~~!!

Warning: durian "inside" ~~!!!


  • Grown in Malaysia and Indonesia.
  • the fruit having a hard, prickly rind and soft pulp with an offensive odor but a pleasant taste.
  • Each fruit weighs 2-3kg and has a soft, cream-coloured pulp, with a smell considered disgusting by the uninitiated.
  • A 100-g portion is a rich source of vitamin C; a good source of vitamin B1; a source of vitamin B2; supplies 125 kcal (500 kJ).
  • Within the shell are five or six segments of golden or cream-colored custardy pulp, the flavor of which is reputed to be so delectable that it is commonly known in Southeast Asia as the "king of fruits."

one little, two little, three little durians~~

as wat the pic shown~~
a quite huge numbers of durians STORING in my house~~~

wah~~ damn it~~ the smell is SOSOSOSOOOOOO bad~~~!!!!
i can smell it once i step into my house~~

"maaa(mum), y so smelly~~!!?? who ate durians~~~!!??"

my mother pointing the store room n ask me to hav loOk~~
walau~~ y so many durians there~~!!??
durian mega sales arrr~~~!!??

"nolar~~ tat uncle bought it n hoard it here temporary~~"

damn~~ it's so smelly~~~
hrmmm~~~ nightmare for me~~~
i sudah few yrs nv touch this "king of fruits" liao~~~
coz i cant tahan the smell of it~~

3 yrs ago~~
i ate durian frm dayz til night~~
coz i having vacation @ my auntie's Durian Park~~
it's nightmare for me~~~ makan makan makan~~~
so crazy~~~u can smell the durian flavor when i open my mouth~~
so GERI~~~~~!!!

Monday, August 06, 2007

new place~~~

finally~~my dpmnt's renovation is done~~
i switch my seat for 3 times aredi~~
finally~~ i think this is last change for me~~
here's some pictures of my cubical~~
before n after renovate~~~ =p

my place(before renovation)~~



my place(after renovation)~~overall view~~

~~front view~~

~~sweetzzzz~~ candy get frm som1 (by force~~!!?? anyway, thanks to Angeline =p )~~~

hrmm~~ i'm quite satisfy wif my new place~~
coz i choose it by myself~~~
althougt it is infront of the GM + Manager(s)'s room~~
but i can c any1 who passing in the dpmtn~~~~ =p

my new place/seat~~
it's my world~~ my areas~~
u better dun step in~~ I'll sue u later~~~ =p

Friday, August 03, 2007

office talk~~~ Step mother coming in~~~



RB purchasing dpmt moving in today~~
n my contracts dpmnt punya QS will moving in on 10th n onward~~~
tapi few dayz ago sudah ada few of them come n survey aredi~~
i was bizy'ing on the tender submission~~
so , tak ada layan them..
not even c they r male or female~~~
(when i concentrade doing something, i alwyz ignore others~~~)

let me tell u guys a story~~

long long time ago~~
(semua story also ned to start like this~~~~~lolz~~~)
there is a widow(RB) get married againz to a new husband (IJM)~~
once they get married~~
the later husband ask the step childs (step sons + daughters) move to his house(wisma IJM)~~
this is becoz the husband say they r 1 family now~~
so~~should stay under 1 roof~~~

problems appears~~

early~~~the daddy alwyz say tat "now we all 1 family aredi.. Tak ada diferentiate who is whose childs (RB or IJM)~~ we all satu family~~~ u all also my childs~ all follow daddy's surf name lar(all also consider IJM staff~ no more RB)~~ ~~ "

the later husband giving his step childs alots of candy(ESOS), baju baru(car parking) n etc~~~

mean while, the husband sendiri punya sons + daughthers tak dpt baju yg baru (car parking) now~~
early mempunyai~~ but now no more~~
the baju baru (cark parking) only for those elder sons+ daughters (manager levels)~~
the anak bongsu(executive levels) sudah bising sangat now~~

the candy(ESOS) only issued to the step childs (RB staffs)~~
sudah 3 tahun tak ada giv the candy(ESOS) to the own childs aredi~~~

the poker money(salary) of the step childs also higher than the own childs~~
the daddy(IJM) say got adjustment soon~~~
saying tat frm April until now(August)~~~

so~~ kids~~ u wait lar~~~
i think got adjustment on ur pocket money 1~~~
wait lar~~~~

Step mother alwyz more powerful than the daddy 1~~~
lolz~~ so funny~~
this is the rulez~~~

so~~ kids~~
if u tak puas hati + tak suka + tak boleh tahan~~
then move out(resign)~~~~


~~~ extra~~~

at this stage lar~~
we (or maybe just me only lar) think tat this daddy really unfair~~

u can hear those aunties gossip @ any were… eg: pantry~~
treat step childs better than own 1~~
but tak tahu lar~~~

mayb he wan to please the step childs lar~~
he want them accept this new daddy~~~
lolz~~ so tat the step childs will like this daddy n wont leave(resign)~~~
my own view lar~~ its do looks unfair~~
tapi mayb just my own view lar~

but~~who cares~~!!??
i think i stil getting the same treatment~~
or maybe better pulak~~
coz the salary got adjustment since the RB staff's salary is higher than us~~
so~~ i think get benefit on the adjustment lar...

so~~ i tak kisah larr~~
nothing different or big chances for me~~~


Monday, July 30, 2007






而~~~~ 生活依然醬寂寞~~

Friday, July 27, 2007

garl of the month~~~

my cute cute sister~~~
The youngest cousin came to my house~~
Pretty o not~~??
She damn smart lar..
Baru 3 years old can sing the “Lao Shu Ai Da Mi” aredi~~
SOooooooo cute~~~

Hrmmm~~~ keropok n bear~~ u going to choose which 1~~!!??

aiks~~ food is more important~~
(mun-mun: I hungry mar~~~)

Hahaha~~ flowers~~~~ garls memang like flowers~~~

Monday, July 23, 2007






Thursday, July 19, 2007

theory of tears~~~



i noe tat garls' tears alwyz r their secret weapon~~
at the same time it is men's "weakness"~~~

som1 told me tat men's tear also the weak point of women~~~
is tat true~~!!???

then u go cry infront of a garl n c wat's her respond lar~~
try it infront of ur dream garl lar..
test the POWER OF UR TEAR~~~!!!
i 120% fully mentally support u~~~~~~

i think the garl wont go out wif u anymore...
n mungkin block u frm her phonelist too~~
btw~~ duno u will kena slap or not~~ when the time u crying infront of her..
good luck dude~~~


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

鸡屎果 n番石榴~~~

I ask few of my frens (inside my msn list) a question just now~~

I ask : "hey~ wat’s the dif between 鸡屎果(kai shi ko~~ Cantonese) n 番石榴(fan she liu~~ mandarin)~~!!??"

100% of them say duno..

n majority of them question me back ~~
“ got different mer??”

I answer : "got~~ the different is 鸡屎果(kai shi ko) is bigger n 番石榴(fan she liu) is smaller…"

A: “wakao, ur head lar”

B: “fuck u”

C: “ u sohai ahh?”

D: “………”

E: “mahai”

F: “mch, are u fooling me?”

Hrmm…. I think I consider quite polite compare wif this gentlemen lar~~
Coz I did ask my fren bout the same question on Sunday night~~
N he answer me the answer exactly like wat I answer u guys~~

the different is 鸡屎果(kai shi ko) is bigger n 番石榴(fan she liu) is smaller lar…

n mine respond is~~~ stun for 3 seconds there~~
the time like stopped~~~
wat the hell~~~
this fella really damn genius lar…
like tat also can…
but his face showing extreme confident on his answer..
he doesn’t looks like joke lar…

wat kind of respond should I show to him~~??
I sudah stun for 3 seconds jorr…
N I couldn’t speak a single word out of my mouth~~~s
Wat’s my reaction at this moment is ~~~ just open my mouth n staring him~~

Yet~~ he stil showing me tat he is so proud + confident wif his answer….

other frens start laughing jorr~~~
som times I really “respect” this Mr. Ho Weng Keap~~~
He is a genius + intelligent + smart fella~~~
He noe EVERY things 1….

I wonder wat’s the answer if I ask him~~
wat’s the different between durian & 榴莲 (liu lian~mandarin)~~??”

Will he answer me tat~~
"durian is bigger 1… 榴莲 (Liu lian) is smaller …!!!???"


p/s: coconut is bigger~~~ kelapa is smaller~~~!!!!!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Poem~~!!?? thruth~~~!!??

Know’ing the luv is NOTHING~~
Awareness of the luv is SOMETHING~~
make’ing the luv is EVERYTHING~~~


Mr X :
usually, normally, generally, majority, commonly~~
the guys will agree bout the above statement~~
this is the fact~~ guys alwyz think wif their 'bottom part' ~~ =p

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Ring ring ring~~~

Ring ring ring~~~~!!

Ring @ midnight~~~!!
Not the Japanese RING lar~~~

Som 1(1 of my fren) alwayz off his mobile when he sleping~~~
N guess wat is happening~~!!??

A very hot + wild + sexy + pretty babe calling him during 3 a.m.~~~
Tat fella wake up at the morning baru switch on the mobile…
N saw 2 misscall at midnight~~~ 3 something~~~
can u imagine how his face looks like~~!!??
terus tukar to green + hitam~~~

He is farking regret now~~
he did sms + call back tat garl @ the early of the morning~~
but tat garl nv reply him anymore~~

Duno y tat garl looking for him @ midnight~~
3 something somemore~~~
2 calls sommore~~
but Friday night 3 something is ok lar~~~
we~~~ will nv noe the answer 4ever~~

BECOZ tat garl DUN 1 reply him anymore~~~

My advise to this fella~~
nv ever switch off ur phone during the night lar~~
aiyo , ppl urgent baru call u 1 mar~~
wont call u @ midnight for fun 1 lar~~
at least my frens wont do tat (call for fun) lor~~~
block those farkers if those farker dare to call u @ midnight just for kacau~~
c~~ u miss a chance~~
mayb tat garl really neds ur help at midnight~~
haihz…. Poor pity fella~~~

haihz~~~this fella stil switch off his mobile when he sleping~~
haihz~~~ tak listen others’ punya advise 1~~
I hope tat garl call him againz~~ in this weekend~~ 4 am something~~~

let's pray~~~~~

i wish c his "very down" punya muka~~~
dai 4~~~~