Monday, September 17, 2007

75% Discount @ IZZI @ D'sara Uptown~~~

My colleague told me tat uptown branch punya IZZI ada 75% discount for HSBC credit card holder~~
I sure ajak my kaki go there hav a try lar..
75% less ler~~

I try to call n reserve a table but they dun allow me to do so~~
They say the booking is full~~
only walk in is allow~~
ok fine~~~

7.30 pm~~
go wif haliens member~~
damn it~~ 20++ ppl waiting there aredi~~
got to change our plan~~
pergi lain tempat makan~~~~

6.30 pm~~
go wif QS kaki’s~~
damn it~~
20++ ppl waiting againz~~
itu org cakap no more reserve~~the list is full~~
wat the fark~~~!!???
So ganasai~~
No choice~~ we go nreaby punya sate kajang makan lar~~~

I awake @ 11am ++
Damn~~ sudah pergi sana 2 kali~~
Tapi tak dapat makan~~
I feel so upset~~~
Online c who is on 1st~~
Yes~~ ah yee was there aredi~~

“ahh yee~~ u stil wan to eat the IZZI o not~~!??”
“I go there reserve now… later u wanna come??”

yee : “ ok~~ as long as u can get the seats”

“ok~ I call head gor they all n arrange bout it”

i sms head gor~~
“head 哥~~我好想好想好想吃 IZZI~~ 我真是好想好想好想吃 IZZI ler~~”
(head gor~~ I really really really wish to eat IZZI ler… )

head gor really 1 of my best frens..
muahahaha~~ he say come n fetch me~~
n we go queue there lar~~
he really noe me~~~


when we reach the IZZI~~
alots ppl waiting there too~~
I leave my name + contact to the waitress~~
she reserve for me~~
1 hour later come back wor~~

sms + call all the QS kaki~~
oii~~ 1 hour later~~
all come to uptown~~
we make it~~
we did successful reserve a table now~~
we going to conquer the IZZI after 1 hour~~~~!!!!!

i pergi yamcha wif head gor at dhaross restaurant while waiting for the call~~

1 hour later~~
we step into the IZZI~~

1st step into the Damansara Uptown branch IZZI~~
err.. the design is quite modern~~
it occupies 2 lots of the shops~
1 half with an open kitchen concept~~
well~~ ppl can see what they are cooking up~~~
I advise u guys better to sit next door beocz its cooler~~

the decorations in this restaurant is much emphasize on colours and fashionable
+ the IZZI ada free wifi and reading materials~~
it makes it a really nice place to relax~~grab a drink and enjoy ur meal~~~
Nearby the entrance ada dessert counter~~
It’s a part of their selling point~~
Wau~~ I saw the pretty garls alwyz walk to there to get their cakes~~

Ok~~ is time to giv som comment bout the foods now~~
I order a prawn linguine~~
Hrmmm~~ the taste is so so~~
N I try ah yee’s chicken steak wif pasta~~
Err… we both think tat the pasta is abit salty & the chicken steak is just bout right~~
Assam laksa & the sweet sour pine mixed also so so only~~~
Nothing to shout bout it~~

The asian platter habis~~
vietnamese springroll pun habis…
almost semua asian starters pun tak ada stock wor~~~
out of stock~~~!???

just 3pm only….
+ all the fruit jus pun sudah habis except the mango jus only~~~

all in all~~~IZZI's food not that great~~
but~~ their service is very fast~~
coz they have a lot of staff~~
as a conslusion~~
the pizza is better than the pasta~~~

75% less for the bill~~
RM240 * 25% = Rm60

RM60/5 ppl~~
Each person baru around Rm13~~
Dun blame so much lar~~~
RM60 for 8 meals + 7 drinks~~
Dun expect too much lar~~~~


attached the bil for you guys to hav a view~~~

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