Sunday, March 16, 2008

Singapore Zoo

the Singapore Zoo isn’t a very big zoo, but I really like the “open zoo” concept~~
the most attractive and interesting is the fact that I can go really close to the animals~~
Tat's because this Zoo follows the open concept~
Frankly speaking~~ it is “slightly + slightly + slightly” better than M’sia Zoo~~
(M'sia Zoo~~!!?? i heard the fishes all sudah mati(death)~~)

the Zoo has so many species of 100s of animals. It is divided into many parts like Treetops Trail, Wild Africa, Cat Country, Reptile Garden, Small Mammals & etc~~
@ the entrance of the zoo, there are many restaurants where you can rest after your trip at the zoo~~
There is also a KFC restaurant in the entrance and inside the zoo~~

we watch the sea lion & penguins play show~
Take picture n etc~~
It still took us about 3 n half hours ++ to finish every single area in the Zoo~~
Actually it is 2 hours ++ journey only lar~~
We stuck becoz of the animals play show + raining~~

Singapore Zoo ~ me, chee meng, shirley + soOteng~~

white tIger : miao~~

Sunday, March 02, 2008

foOk's mahjong kaki'es r leaving~~

botak sudah pergi ke sarawak~
to "drive" his airo-plane~~
pilot moumou kin~~
sarawak sure got alots chiqs admire u de lar...
dun make garls pregnant so easily arr...
i dun1 to be uncle hAM yet~~

n i'm going to Abu Dhabi soon...
no pork country~~
n i cannot eat beef~~
aiks~~ wat else i can eat~~?
chicken & seafood~~??
my bak kut teh arrr~~~
i'll miss u~~~

foOk tao will stay @ PJ~~
tfk alone~~
no ppl teman him mahjong anymore~~

we all r @ the junction now...
turn left or right?
go straight or U-turn?
No body noe wat’s gonna happen in future..
I wish everybody good luck n all the best lar..

wish botak can becom captain within few yrs~~
introduce ahmoi(s) "Stewardess" to me~~~~!!!!!

foOk tao~~
wish u found ur ideal job lar…
save money n then we can carry on our “plan”~~
pergi travel~~~