Wednesday, December 31, 2008

welcome 2009

today is last day of yr 2008~~~

Time pass so fast~~!!

Hey..Im wondering..
I'm 25 years old and the days r running~~~!!
Im afraid that all of my life will pass so fast~~!!!
I mean I wake up 6:00 am, go to work ,come back at 6:00 pm, bath + dinner + rest a while.. and then the day is over... (sleep @ 10.30pm)
the time pass so fast and I dun 1 that my whole life will pass so fast like that~~~

I hav make a list...
I wish to accomplish these things in yr 2009.
I get the feeling that I can’t get these all done before the 2010, however.... I’ll try my best ~~!!

Things to do in yr 2009

1. Stop caring what other people think of me

2. Learn to be more patient

3. Be more organized

4. Be more social

5. Get a serious relationship

6. Fall in love (Fall deeply, helplessly and unconditionally, I really mean tat)

7. Write a love letter

8. Make more friends

9. Be debt free

10. Better update with fashion and entertainment

11. Learn to budget & have some sort of savings plan

12. Make a mind map on what am I going to do in 2009, write down my personal mission statement, follow it, and revise it from time to time (Dream-Plan-Achieve)

13. Master some skills (language i hope)

14. Avoid saying something dreadful (which i alwyz do)

15. Alwyz say something lovely (which i nv do)

16. Stop brooding about growing old

17. Learn to use a microphone and give a speech in public

18. Exercise regularly ( i really ned tat, i hav a big beer stomach now)

19. Eat more healthy food

20. Drink more water (at least 1.5 litre per day lar)

21. Dining @ Burj Al Arab (brunch also ok lar, dinner mayb too expensive and no body want to accompany me 1)

22. Write more (Complete 888 posts in my blog, now almost 500 posts)

23. Listen more

24. Read more than 10 books within a year (exclude novel & comic, I can easily read 2-3 novel per day)

25. Love more

26. Go to HK, Taiwan, Japan, Vegas or New York (either 1)

27. Go to a concert

28. SMS my frens often

29. Take my mom to oversea

30. Attend my best friend's wedding (i'll fly back~~!!!)

31. Learn to deal with idiots in big companies

32. Learn how to ask for a raise – and DO it~~!!

33. Learn how to complain effectively -- and DO it~~!!

34. Improved on my basketball & futsal skills

35. Get phone number from a stranger… coz she is cute or pretty

36. Ask someone only just met to go on a date =p

37. Laugh until I cry

38. Go up in a hot-air balloon

39. Learn to dance (ballroom dance & hip hop –properly)

40. Try to make a miracle happen

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Redundancy ~~

经济风暴到,处处裁员潮。 减薪加辛料,炒友又知多少~!!??

aikss~~ recession is coMing to toWN~~!!

my company goreng 100 staff last week...
not labour... is STAFFF~~!!!!
mostly r HR and Admin punya staff..
n some junior Level punya commercial staff...
i believe those kena 1 is becoz of their poor performance lar...
wat a poor pity X'mas for them...
n i believe there will be 2nd batch in nex month..

oh ya.. i'm going to tranfer to HQ Dubai (Abu Dhabi HQ sudah tutup)... =.='''
i'll leave Dubai Marina within 2 dayz...

i got to assist the tender dpmnt...
for new tender jobs...
hopefully can get few new projects within few weeks..
otherwise... 2nd n 3rd retrenchment list also come out de lar...