Sunday, May 31, 2009


i'm trying to spend the coints as fast as i can aredi..
i dun1 keep them la...

AED 260++ cointsssssssssss

money monster~~ >.<

Thursday, May 28, 2009

distance & love

"i know distance can be daunting...
but~~don't be afraid ...
dun measure the distance...
measure my love ... "

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

a picture say’s a thousand words part 2

the return of little white~~!!!

little white on the road lohhh... (27.04.2009)


little white sudah return for 1 month aredi..
(i forgoten to post this pic tim... >.<)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

My heart is a boat on the sea

yo~~ thursday~~ i lup thursdaYYYYYYYYYYYYYY~~~!!
becoz friday is weekend~~ tomolo off de~~!!

my colleague r planning to go for sailing lohhh...
he is so exciting for the evening~~

bawa sailboat to company pulak....

mana ada mood to work de?? i bet this fella can't wait until 5pm aredi...


♪♪♫♪♪ my heart is a boat on the sea ♪♪♫♪♪♪

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

monEy is Only importanT when u donT hav anY~

♪♪♫ ♪♪♪

stop wasting my time
u noe wat I want
u noe wat I need…

or mayb you don't
do I have to come right flat out
& tell u everything?

gimme some Money… gimme some Money~~!!!

♪♪♫ ♪♪♪

Friday, May 15, 2009

Will you marry me?

yo~~ one of my good fren going to make his marriage proposal later...

u JB V~~~!!
wat the fark u wan to step into 'hell' so early~~!!!???

fark man.. so nervous for him~~
he is going to propose in front of many many ppls...

wish him goOd luck...

all the besT~~~!!!


Thursday, May 14, 2009

My summer plan…..

if u r thinking of spending a holiday trip in a cruise, u should first consider the places were u wan to go….

finally... i found the “most interesting” cruise package in the world~~
a Somalia cruise package that departs from Sawakin (in the Sudan) and docks at Bagamoya (in Tanzania)…

I found this~~~~

Fun For The Whole Family!
Most cruises offer a mini-bar~
We offer a mounted Mini-Gun~

the cruise is encouraging ppl to bring their own high powered weapons along on the cruise...however, if u dun hav weapons, u can rent them frm the organizer on the spot…..

here are som of the costs and claims associated wif the package:


  • $800.00 US/per day double occupancy (4 day max billing).
  • M-16 full auto rental: $25.00/day .ammo: 100 rounds of 5.56 armor piercing ammo at $15.95.
  • Ak-47 assault riffle rental: No charge. ammo: 100 rounds of 7.62 com block ball ammo at $14.95.
  • Barrett M-107 .50 cal sniper riffle rental: $55.00/day. ammo: 25 rounds 50 cal armor piercing at $9.95.
  • RPG rental: $75/day. ammo: 3 standard loads at $200.
  • Mounted Mini-Gun $450.00 per 30 seconds of sustained fire.
  • Crew members can double as spotters for $30.00 per hour (spotting scope included).
"Everyone gets use of free complimentary night vision equipment and coffee and snacks on the top deck from 7pm-6am."

Meals are not included.

well~ the cost is a bit high but it seems well worth n fantastic….

text from the adv:

“We guarantee that you will experience at least two hijacking attempts by pirates or we will refund half your money back, including gun rental charges and any unused ammo (mini gun charges not included). How can we guarantee you will experience a hijacking? We operate at 5 knots within 12 miles of the coast of Somalia. If an attempted hijacking does not occur, we will turn the boat around and cruise by at 4 knots. We will repeat this for up to 8 days making three passes a day along the entire length of Somalia. At night the boat is fully lit and bottle rockets are shot off at intervals and loud disco music beamed shore side to attract attention.”

here r a few testimonials:

"I got three confirmed kills on my last trip. I'll never hunt big game in Africa again. I felt like the Komandant in Schindlers list!"
Lars , Hamburg Germany

"Six attacks in 4 days was more than I expected. I bagged three pirates and my 12yr old son sank two rowboats with the minigun. PIRATES: 0 - PASSENGERS: 32! Well worth the trip. Just make sure your spotter speaks English"
Donald, Salt Lake city Utah USA

"I haven't had this much fun since flying choppers in NAM . Don't worry about getting shot by pirates as they never even got close to the ship with those weapons they use and their shitty aim--reminds me of a drunken'juicer' door gunner we picked up from the motor pool back in Nam"
'chopper' Dan, Toledo USA.

"Like ducks in a barrel. They turned the ship around and we saw them cry in the water like little girls. Saw one wounded pirate eaten by sharks--what a laugh riot! This is a must do."
Zeke, Springs Kentucky USA

well~~ this sounds damn interesting~~!!
as u can imagine, I’m trying to call n inform them to sign me up for the package…

I think they offer group rates and corporate discounts toO..... any 1 of u guys/ladies interested~~!!???

pls let me noe if u guys r interested … we can make arrangement for tat… go together… can ask for discount som more…


we r going for HUNT’inG~~!!
pirates~~ we r com’inG~~!!


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wat the fark am I doinG here!!!!????

this is sooooOOO amazing~~!!!

3 org… 1 commercial manager + 2 QS….
total annual incomes r more than AED 1 million de…

u noe wat r they doing yesterday??
OMG~~ !!!
they r counting how many numbers of TABLES n CHAIRS in HQ…

muahahahaha….. I think our dpmnt (tendering & estimating) r going to switch to another building..
my commercial manager request fatty n I go count the numbers of the furniture in HQ so tat he can make arrangement to switch the support team to another building…

fark man~~!!!! wat am i doinG in this country~~!!????


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Etihad Guest Miles~~

jeng jeng jeng~~!!

Rewards from Etihad Airway (Guest reward shop)~~!!!
satu kali punya flight (return) sudah able to get this kind of things....
hrmmm.. the flight cost AED 3k ++...
it is paid by company (i'm entitle to claim once per yr de)...

6,944 + 500 points earned (500 is bonus once u sign up for the membership) for last trip…

Dear Etihad Guest,

Thank you for your order placed on the Etihad Guest Reward Shop.
Please carefully review the contents of your order in terms of reward quantities and attributes (size, color etc.) and also verify that your delivery address below is complete and correct. In case of any discrepancies, please notify the reward partner immediately.

Etihad 'Aeroplane' Clock
Reference: 29725-2
Quantity: 3
Estimated Delivery Time: 7 Working Days
Contact Partner: Etihad Merchandise, +971 4 20 45 xxx,

Belkin Notebook Bag (NE-07)
Reference: 29725-1
Quantity: 1
Color: Black/Cream
Estimated Delivery Time: 7 Working Days
Contact Partner: Ashley LLC., +971 4 397 76 xx,

(ada email for order confirmation de.. damn pro...)

wow... delivery wif UPS sommore.. >.<

3 "Aeroplane" + a Belkin laptop case...


zoOm of the Standard Steel / Aluminum Etihad Aeroplane (cock)~~

total points/miles redeemed for thes items r 6,887 points..

yes~~~ I luv the mini Etihad Aeroplane so much~~ so cute~~~~~~!!!

ohhh~~ aeroplane ahh aeroplane...
fetch me a dream pls... (i wan to be a millionaire) lolz~~~~

Saturday, May 09, 2009

well~ i'm hav'ing the “A”cup~ so what!!??

a friend of mine just told me this “I was considering having breast augmentation surgery….. OK, I decided to go online & do my breast augmentation searching right now….”


suddenly she said this to me when we r discussing the topic “ We’re NOT handsome” n bla bla bla ~~

I was shocked~~
OMG… my dear… wat r u thinking???
Y the sizes of the breasts r so important to u right now?
is there somebody said or done something to u??
ur bf started dating a girl wif larger breasts than u?

hAM: urs is so small mer?? come, kasi uncla hAM 'test test' 1st..

(opss... i kena slap in msn... )

seriously lar...
hey… u think breast implants will change ur life better?
I tell u wat… let me tell u the facts...
the surgery is very painful de… n the recovery is not quick or easy & tat is risky toO…nanti failed, u hav to cut them both… u wan to say ‘sayonara’ to ur ‘lampu’?? they accompany u sudah 20++ yrs wor…

n the breast augmentation surgery cost a lot of money de... u mana ada wang to do tat??

tat kind of surgery ada certain risk there & if u dun handle it carefully… it might cause breast cancer too…..
can u imagine they put the silicon or gel inside ur boobs? it is dangerous n nanti itu gel leaking then mati lar u… (i think u ned to get higher health insurance coverage if u really wan to do tat)

if u envy women with big “jug”.. try to talk to them... alot of them wish they could hav smaller one…

u c.. my favorite singer Sun Yanzhi also A cup mar.. but she is so confident + attractive ler… I would marry her.. if she nod her head… (dreaming..)

so…. my advice to u is simple~~~ forget bout the fake boobs..
dun worry bout the boobs size.. the figure isn’t everything…

u r good person + pretty... I believe the 1 who luv u is smart enough to realize tat its not about the sizes… (did i say this b4? y sounds like so familiar de?? >.< )

finally, she 'found' back her "confident" n agreed to forget bout the breast augmentation… but…….

wuuuu… :’(

I hav been forced to promise I’m going to marry her if she tak ada org mahu…. but ofcoz.. wif the terms & condition lar… if she really tak boleh marry herself be4 her 33 yrs old bird-day, I hv to register wif her…

sigh…. my readers… dun worry bout tat… I just set a reminder in my calendar.. definitely, absolutely, certainly I’ll marry myself @ the day be4 her 33 yrs old bird-day…


Thursday, May 07, 2009

we're NOT Handsome !!!!

I'm not a handsome man, wasn't good-looking at all...

I’m not cute, I’m not funny, I'm not tall, I'm not strong enough, I'm not a talented, I'm not a well traveled man, I'm not a smart man, I'm not good in social skills & bla bla bla…..

I'm pretty sure tat most women get annoyed & start being mean when they r approached by an average unattractive guy (like me)...

all the gals suka say tat “they only look for personality”~~~

tat is not true~~~!!!
trust me~~~ for them(majority of them) look is mostly what matter...
well, gals r not stupid... if I let u choose, definitely they will pick the handsome one~!!!

its okay! coz humans' first impressions are usually based on looks…
(me also the same >.< )

then macam mana ni??
kami (unattractive guy) tak payah cari gf??
tak payah kahwin karr?
nak jadi monk???



well, buddies..... dun wry…
even we r not handsome or good looking…. it's not like we r hopeless….
u can improve ur personality, confidence and ‘create’ ur own style… handsome is more bout ur appearance/looks, where as being sexy is more bout attitude, confidence & ur own distinctiveness….

so~~u might not handsome but u can be sexy…!!!

i think only "intelligent" gals r smart enough to realize tat its not all about looks !!!


Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Common topic + questions during gathering when u r aging + single…

every time, bila i meet those long time tak ada c punya kawan or ex colleague or cousin …
10 kali sure ada 9 kali mereka akan ask me som same “COMMON” questions….

Let me show u the conversation… a “sample” + “typical” + “common” 1…..


X : “hey buddy… u r not getting any younger…..”

(me: y sudden talk bout this?? =.=''' )

Me :err… I baru 26 yrs old.. consider middle middle age lar… but ofcoz compare wif those college fella, I can consider as old aredi lar… sigh..

Then, X : “y u stil dun hav gf??? shall we look for some1 for you???”

Me :err… ok de.. noe more female also good de… u ada siapa nak introduce ahhh???

X: “ So what about xxx???

Me: “ mmm… she is not my type lah….”

Y : “ then how about xyz ler??? ”

(Y also ada suggestion aredi… she seem very interested on this topic…. =.=''')

Me: “ hmmmm….she looks quite garang lar…i tak berani tackle her lar… ”

X: “ then abc ok or not? She looks soft soft + Uni graduator sommore.. sure ngam u de lar..

Me: “pls lah..err…. i’m not saying tat she not pretty… mayb som 1 suka her… but not me… hey… u nak introduce gals to me also mesti kasih me ada sikit feeling de mar….”

X : “u must try 1st mar… then baru noe it work or not.. giv her a chance n giv urself a chance too.. nanti ada spark leh…”

Me: “she?? I tak ada feeling lar...”

Z : “ r u gay !!!???”

(Z sudden pop out this question to me =.=''' )

Me: “I’m not gay~~!!! i suka ahmoi 1.. I pun ada ahmoi yg suka de.. macam cde, efg, hijk.. tapi they all got bf aredi… sigh…” (must clarify this 1st, this is very serious punya ''allegation'' >.<)

Me: “well.. I just wan to get a serious relationship wif som1 I really luv.. I dun 1 simply go get a gf becoz I think I should hav 1… I dun 1 simply tries to start a relationship wif some 1 i’m not so sure… I dun 1 ‘pak san tuo’ (un-serious relationship), it will hurt tat gal 1…

Y : “go to hell lar … u r too fussy !!!”

X: “fark u~~!! Wasting my time n air-liur…”

Z: “we dun listen to this farker talk cock lar… he only wan the Lee Ka Yan, Lum Ka Yan & Chung Ka Yan only… ask him go to hell lar.. SP(sau pei) lar... ”

Me: ……………….. =.='''

~~~~~ End of the topic ~~~~~


**Lee Ka Yan : Michele Monique Reis ( 李嘉欣) (HK artist) ( Miss Hong Kong + Miss Chinese International + Miss World 1988)

**Lam ka Yan : Karena LAM Ka-Yan (林嘉欣) (Taiwan artist: 1 of my favorite artist..)

**Chung ka Yan : Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) (Miss Chinese International 2004 and is now an up-and-coming popular actress affiliated with TVB)

just in case you guys don't noe who r them.. =p