Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Etihad Guest Miles~~

jeng jeng jeng~~!!

Rewards from Etihad Airway (Guest reward shop)~~!!!
satu kali punya flight (return) sudah able to get this kind of things....
hrmmm.. the flight cost AED 3k ++...
it is paid by company (i'm entitle to claim once per yr de)...

6,944 + 500 points earned (500 is bonus once u sign up for the membership) for last trip…

Dear Etihad Guest,

Thank you for your order placed on the Etihad Guest Reward Shop.
Please carefully review the contents of your order in terms of reward quantities and attributes (size, color etc.) and also verify that your delivery address below is complete and correct. In case of any discrepancies, please notify the reward partner immediately.

Etihad 'Aeroplane' Clock
Reference: 29725-2
Quantity: 3
Estimated Delivery Time: 7 Working Days
Contact Partner: Etihad Merchandise, +971 4 20 45 xxx, etihad.merchandise@xxxxx.com

Belkin Notebook Bag (NE-07)
Reference: 29725-1
Quantity: 1
Color: Black/Cream
Estimated Delivery Time: 7 Working Days
Contact Partner: Ashley LLC., +971 4 397 76 xx, sales@xxxx.com

(ada email for order confirmation de.. damn pro...)

wow... delivery wif UPS sommore.. >.<

3 "Aeroplane" + a Belkin laptop case...


zoOm of the Standard Steel / Aluminum Etihad Aeroplane (cock)~~

total points/miles redeemed for thes items r 6,887 points..

yes~~~ I luv the mini Etihad Aeroplane so much~~ so cute~~~~~~!!!

ohhh~~ aeroplane ahh aeroplane...
fetch me a dream pls... (i wan to be a millionaire) lolz~~~~


Daphne said...

damn cute ~~~
hey, em.. i remember u still haven't give me birthday present...

so i don't mind if u give me this...


ahh_mun vS hAM said...

giv u?
‘bei nei tiao miang’…

i sudah wish u happi bird-day ler... ada "hati" aredi.. tak payah present de lar..

baru ada 3 aeroplane sahaja..
ngam ngam 3 ler…
i promise to giv them all to my lovely sisters..

too bad.. sorri lar Da Fen Ni..