Saturday, May 09, 2009

well~ i'm hav'ing the “A”cup~ so what!!??

a friend of mine just told me this “I was considering having breast augmentation surgery….. OK, I decided to go online & do my breast augmentation searching right now….”


suddenly she said this to me when we r discussing the topic “ We’re NOT handsome” n bla bla bla ~~

I was shocked~~
OMG… my dear… wat r u thinking???
Y the sizes of the breasts r so important to u right now?
is there somebody said or done something to u??
ur bf started dating a girl wif larger breasts than u?

hAM: urs is so small mer?? come, kasi uncla hAM 'test test' 1st..

(opss... i kena slap in msn... )

seriously lar...
hey… u think breast implants will change ur life better?
I tell u wat… let me tell u the facts...
the surgery is very painful de… n the recovery is not quick or easy & tat is risky toO…nanti failed, u hav to cut them both… u wan to say ‘sayonara’ to ur ‘lampu’?? they accompany u sudah 20++ yrs wor…

n the breast augmentation surgery cost a lot of money de... u mana ada wang to do tat??

tat kind of surgery ada certain risk there & if u dun handle it carefully… it might cause breast cancer too…..
can u imagine they put the silicon or gel inside ur boobs? it is dangerous n nanti itu gel leaking then mati lar u… (i think u ned to get higher health insurance coverage if u really wan to do tat)

if u envy women with big “jug”.. try to talk to them... alot of them wish they could hav smaller one…

u c.. my favorite singer Sun Yanzhi also A cup mar.. but she is so confident + attractive ler… I would marry her.. if she nod her head… (dreaming..)

so…. my advice to u is simple~~~ forget bout the fake boobs..
dun worry bout the boobs size.. the figure isn’t everything…

u r good person + pretty... I believe the 1 who luv u is smart enough to realize tat its not about the sizes… (did i say this b4? y sounds like so familiar de?? >.< )

finally, she 'found' back her "confident" n agreed to forget bout the breast augmentation… but…….

wuuuu… :’(

I hav been forced to promise I’m going to marry her if she tak ada org mahu…. but ofcoz.. wif the terms & condition lar… if she really tak boleh marry herself be4 her 33 yrs old bird-day, I hv to register wif her…

sigh…. my readers… dun worry bout tat… I just set a reminder in my calendar.. definitely, absolutely, certainly I’ll marry myself @ the day be4 her 33 yrs old bird-day…



Tina K said...

for a girl, the size of her cup is as important as how you guys feel about the size of your little brother...the bigger the more ego its normal that most girls have this kind of thoughts of wanting to enlarge their boobs to look more 'womanly'. Too bad no such thing as 'little brother enlargement for guys to increase his 'manhood' la, hehe.

ahh_mun vS hAM said...

STRONGLY AGREE bout ur statement~~!!!
Tina, u r soooo SMART~~~!!!

now i understand her feeling aredi...