Saturday, June 30, 2007

bonus~~!!?? dream'ing lar~~~!!!!!

join this company in last yr n get confirmed...
but i didn’t get the pro-rata bonus which is issue in this month~~~
A bit moody~~~

Reality is ruthless + cruel~~~
Every body discussing the bonus issue there~~
Indelible bad memory~~
Grumble also useless now~~
Nothing I can do right now~~



Friday, June 29, 2007

hAM is blaming againz~~~!!!


300+ CD's in front of my table now~~~
damn it~~~
choosing the CD's to buang now…


ISO means Idiot Sarks Operation~~
Damn it~~ keep so many old data for so many years~~
From year 1999 until 2006~~

year 1999-2003 punya tak payah think lar..
buang saja lar~~
settle it faster~~~

300 / 8 years = 38 tenders..
average 38 tenders per yr…

I think this yr consider as the lowest performance in my dpmnt compare wif the previously years records…
U mahu increment @ yr end~~!!??
Dreaming lar..


I’m farking lazy + lousy now~~~

Motivate me pls~~~!!!

I miss the study life..
Usually I ponteng for 1 week once I feel bored…
n nomarly this will occur once in every semester...

life is farking boring now~~
ha~~~ there is a funny thing there..
i got 2 fren's nick stated "duno wat to do~~~" now...
they duno each other 1..
but their nick is same...
both of them also duno wat to do after 6...
life is so boring...

mayb i get influenced by them lar..
haihz... sienzz~~~

Hrmmm.. I think is time to hav a break~~~


Thursday, June 28, 2007

thieves ~~~!!??

Early of the morning~~
We reach our office~~~

n OMG~~~~!!!!
Wat’s going on to our department~~~!!???
Visited by the thieves~~!!??

Were is all the computers, tables & chair ~~~!!??
OMG~~ partition pun sudah hilang~~~
This thieves damn ganas lar..

Wah wah wah~~All the things are gone….

Wah~~ u c the ceiling board ~~!!??
The 1 my colleague pointing it~~!!??
My colleague Kong suspect the thieves come in thru the roof there…

his suspect on tat is consider reasonable also wat…
But~~ wait~~~!!!
our department @ 1st floor ler..
Atas masih ada 2nd floor ler..
Noway the kakilang(org sendiri) stole the things mer~~!!??

btw~~~ how the thieves move all these “properties” frm the office~~!!??
They got doraemon’s “magic pocket”~~~!???
So ganas lar…
We got so many security guards+ CCTV around lar..

Hrmm… so weird/ministry~~~~

It's just a jok~~my office is under renovation recently…
This is becoz the RBH big family coming to join us soon…
The current partition layout couldn’t fit the huge numbers of staffs…
So, got to renovate then re-partition lar…

Lolz~~ my boss planning to renovate it partly…
(becoz the contracts depmnt stil ned to go on~~ y dun just let us vacation lar~~~?? )
so, the worker demolish 1 part of my office n make som changes there~~

hrmm… hope + pray + wish I can sit back my original seats later…
tat seat really damn good feng shui 1~~~~
boss arr bosss~~~

pls~~~let me choose my seat~~~~~~!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

~~某年某月某日某时和某人去某地做某事~~ (回忆)

星期六~ 晨九时~ 晴~

"wei wei, we watch the 9pm movie la."




sunway's TGV e-ticket system only for booking purpose...
not available to buy it wif credit card...

how u fight wif GSC~~~!!???



偶今天突然 click 到这草稿~~











Monday, June 25, 2007

~~~RM26 million for Proton dealers~~~

WARNING: this article may contain nut~~!!!

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduces, or transmitted in any form or by means, including photocopying and recording, without the written permission of the copyright holder, application for which should be addressed to the publisher. Such written permission must also be obtained before any part of this publication is stored in a retrieval system of any nature. Writer will take Legal action to protect the copyright.

Yesterday we QS'ian (QS Kaki) gathering againz…
Dinner @ 88 restaurant….
After finish all our food + dish..
We start salking about nonsense…
Starting the topic frm garls until the gov….

yi~~~ ada org jual news paper wor~~
buy 1~~ buy 1~~

here is the part of the conversation~~~~~

wai: wah~~ gov say owners would be able to sell their cars which are more than 15 years old to proton for a RM5,000 coupon~~~ u can it as a down payment to purchase new proton cars wor~~

Keap: wah~~ then i can ask my dad change his car lor~~

hAM: ur dad's car sudah 15 yrs old?? 55 change lor.. i think this kind of kang tao , 1st come 1st get 1...

Keap: 13 yrs old only...

hAM: ..............

Keap:hrmm.. do u noe tat proton dealers get compensate frm gov??

hAM: yes yes~~yes~~!! I read this news be4… Proton offered RM150k to each dealer, money that it had obtained from the gov~~~ that’s RM10 million there…. but only 30+ ppl accepted it only… others say they worth not only this price ler… then request more wor..

Keap: yalar.. they say wan 300k… 150k not enough lar…

Wai: wah wah wah~~ kam dou dak~~?? (ini org selalu send by his boss to dubai~~ so tak ada read m'sia news paper)

hAM: let’s register to becomz the proton dealer lar… 1st.. we pergi rent an empty shoplot.. chinchai lar.. rent frm Kampong lar.. rental + expenses~~ 2k per month should be ok… then after 2 months we close it.. n request for the compensate..

Weng: u gila arr?? 1 month enough lar.. rent 2 months for wat? u got alots money arr??

Keap: yalor.. no need renovation arr.. ??

hAM: told u empty office lorr.. deng.. but I think 1 month also can aredi 1 lar..

wai: wah… no “salesman” inside tat shop ?? later the gov ppl check how?

hAM: aiyo.. when they com n check , we just giv them 200 lar.. deng… this kind of thing very easy to handle 1 lar… easy jobs lar… the salesman issue ler.. is so easy… u, u, u & u (weng , wai , keap & hup)… damn.. we aredi got 4 salesmans.. dun play play.. we all got cert 1 ler.. all also “du shu ren”… professional QS pergi sell car.. banyak adcance ler.. u think our salary is low arr.. all also best of the best ler…

Keap: yalor yalor… then when the customers wanna test drive right..? we got wira, gen2, iswara, waja here… wira got special edition some more…

Hup: if the customer say wanna test satria~~??

Weng: tell the customer.. “were got ppl take satria 1.. out jorr larr…” n if them ask for perdana, then we can say “perdana tak ada keluar jorr lar…”

Hup: the customer wanna test drive must test it @ night~~ we tell them “were got ppl test drive in the morning 1.. so farking jam.. test @ night.. the highway tak ada kereta.. easier for u to test the speed of the car… then I can take my uncle’s waja let the client test it.. “u slow slow test lar”.. hahaha…

Hup: wah , sounds like not bad lar... if our biz very good then how orr? stil wan to close it~~!??

hAM: then we dun close it lar.. continue be the dealer lar.. but it seems like difficult than kena TOTO lar… hahahaha…

semua org ketawa: hahahahahaahaha~~~

~~~~the end of this topic~~~~
(the QSian start another topic againz~~~~)


Prot*n's dealer: oii~~~give us RM300k lah~~~ RM150k where got enough? we invest up a minimum of RM200k to setup the operations lar... (BULL SHIT'ING)

Prot*n: err~~~ Ok lah~~~ nah~~here is RM300k, take it~~~
(haiya~~ money doesnt matter, as long as the problem can be solve ~~MOney? u take it only lar…)

Saturday, June 23, 2007

~~week-end blues~~

My boss damn rajin every day~~
Alwayz reading news paper in his room~~
Start wif The Star, then The New Straits Times..
then following by the SinChew Jit Poh~~~

I strongly believe tat this is becoz he is looking for new tender frm the news paper…

I choose to believe my own view….

definitely I’m right~~~


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

nv ever sign in any account infront of ur fren~~

Damn it~~~

I knew tat..
I tot he can be trust...

Advise to u guys~~
to avoid ur relationship between u n urs frens get “infected”~~
PLS nv ever sign in any account (either internet account or ATM) in front of ur fren….
Avoid tat~~!!!!

Damn it~~
My fren use my personal password to log in my frenster…
Zzzz….. I’m not sure tat am I really forgot to sign out or wat lar..
But the fact is~~ my frenster account really did sign in afterward….

N I feel tat there is always a “gap” in between us now….
I feel so angry….
N disappointed…

Damn it~~~
Who gonna to be trust nex time??
Do I need to change all my password~~!!??

Recently I really disappointed wif my frens…
I feel I have been betrayed by my frens..
Twice~~~ by dif ppl~~

I alwyz tot my frens can be trusted…

I think I’m over confident….

I feel moody for this since few weeks ago…
N now~~ I experienced it againz~~~
I really did Infected by this…..
I really feel tat I'm not being respected now~~
I really feel hurts~~
The feeling of being betrayed is sarks~~~

I re-evaluate’ing myself now~~

Y last time I nv care bout this kind of things 1~~!??
did I change~~!??
I becom stingy now~~!??
Am I~~~~!!??

I feel weary & tired~~
N I’m tired~~~


~~~additional (22th June 2007)~~

hrmm… tat fella seems like sign in my account againz..
haihz~~~~ my other fren told me my frenster shown i sign in within 24 hours gainz...

thanks for ur comment~~
hehehe.. I think I get “something” there..

some things in life are bad,
they can really make you mad,
so, i think we ned to be alwayz look on the bright side of life~~~

Lesser hope, minor disappointing, more satisfied~~
World is not only “black” & “white”~~
sometimes ada grey punya ~~

(i 1der y not colourful ?? )


comment to myself :
dun always pessimistic/negative thinking lar~~
beside black, white, grey stil ada banyak color 1~~~
red, yellow, blue, green n bla bla bla~~

I sudah “Dual personality” jorrr~~

sendiri cakap dgn sendiri~~~

Saturday, June 16, 2007

♪♪ moody ~~ no more~~~♪♪

almost 1 week nv update my blog~~

coz abit bizy on doing som presentation for bosS~~
+ office ada revonation~~
+ i moody in these few dayz~~~

lolz~~ mooD becom better right now~~~~
after go out yamcha wif the old fella CK~~~

now i noe tat when u r down~~
PLS go out wif an old salesman~~~
they really do cheer u up 1~~~~



Saturday, June 09, 2007


my neck twisted~~~

damn it~~
cannot turn to right side~~~

i do looks like a robot~~~


Tuesday, June 05, 2007

liverpoOL 1st Anniversary~~

4th of June 2006~~
1 yr ago~~
i went to UK~~
now sudah 4th of June 2007~~

really fast....

kelvin remind me tat sudah 1 yr aredi ~~

i becom older n older....

sudah 1 yr~~~~

Monday, June 04, 2007



U tak boleh satisfy semua orang..
kerane sebahagian orang tu bukan orang~~

Sunday, June 03, 2007


forgot to slot my card..
damn it~~
pay by cash~~~
4 books sudah make my 80 bucks gone~~~

i should go this bookfest last week lar...
a lots books sold out~~~

so many boOKs wif me now~~
i think nex weekend stay @ home lar~~
farking poOr now~~~

Friday, June 01, 2007

sex~~a necessity for pak tuo'ing couple~~!!??

i doing a research todayz~~
since my GM not around~~
i'm so free~~
the topic is 性生活--是不是男女朋友的必需品~~!!??
sex-- a necessity for pak tuo'ing couple~~

agree or disagree~~!!??

early i msg to 30 ppl in my msn list(guys which is online)~~

"todayz's topic
if feel free..
pls answer.. n u may giv comment..

Dun influence by others…
n ur answer will keep as secret...

hahaha.. i'm doing research.. =p
tq for ur involve =p"

ermmm~~ after 1 ++ hour~~
the result is out~~

result of the research(frm 30 guys)~~

agree ~ 21 org; (70.00%)
disagree ~ 3 org; (10.00%)
depends ~ 2 stupid fellas; (6.67%)
(depends ur head lar~~lolz~~~~)
no reply ~ 4 org (13.33%)

~~~n here is the some of the funny comments~~~

(K) :
but sometimes i veiw it as immoral..
many ppl r gettin marry late..
if no sex, how 2 maintain wor..
tis is both mentally n physicaly needs..
oso important in maslow hierarchy of needs..
(cool~~~mentally + physically + Maslow's hierarchyof needs pun sudah keluar~~~ =.="' ~~muahahaha)

dude, we are all human...
no sex = not intresting love life...

ppl doing, i'm won doing....
(i can understand it as the chinese ppl say 人做我不做,我有我态度 ~ som thing like i wont be copy cat lar)

yes, strongly agree

depand la...
but more on no..
hehe.. depand…
depand will be my answer la..

of course depending on individual la...
if both agree then ok la...
sex is not a must...
but eventually MOST people will do la
(i'm not saying a MUST lar.... necessity lar... =.=''')
the most important or needed thing to do at a particular time - defination for nessasary
(swt~~ u pergi cari dictionary bout the definition of necessary~~~ =.=''')
well i agree tat the couple having a sex to make relationship bcome more closer between each other...

however it mus be carry out in a moderate time...
(hahaha~~ farker.... bullshit'ing~~dun cover lar... hahahaha~~)

~~~~~the end of the research~~~~~

hahaha~~ just take it as a jok lar..
lolz.. the purpose of doing this research is becoz i'm too boring~~
n it mayb can cheer up som of u~~~
lolz~~ i also able to use this opportunities to keep in touch wif those ppl i seldom contact...
guys~~ keep in touch man~~~
find me yamcha if free lar...

( u guys punya answer will keep as secret~~ tak payah takut~~ muahahahaha~~ for those who wanna noe wat's my answer 1.. PLS PM me~~ lolz~~~~)

*PM means private msg