Wednesday, June 20, 2007

nv ever sign in any account infront of ur fren~~

Damn it~~~

I knew tat..
I tot he can be trust...

Advise to u guys~~
to avoid ur relationship between u n urs frens get “infected”~~
PLS nv ever sign in any account (either internet account or ATM) in front of ur fren….
Avoid tat~~!!!!

Damn it~~
My fren use my personal password to log in my frenster…
Zzzz….. I’m not sure tat am I really forgot to sign out or wat lar..
But the fact is~~ my frenster account really did sign in afterward….

N I feel tat there is always a “gap” in between us now….
I feel so angry….
N disappointed…

Damn it~~~
Who gonna to be trust nex time??
Do I need to change all my password~~!!??

Recently I really disappointed wif my frens…
I feel I have been betrayed by my frens..
Twice~~~ by dif ppl~~

I alwyz tot my frens can be trusted…

I think I’m over confident….

I feel moody for this since few weeks ago…
N now~~ I experienced it againz~~~
I really did Infected by this…..
I really feel tat I'm not being respected now~~
I really feel hurts~~
The feeling of being betrayed is sarks~~~

I re-evaluate’ing myself now~~

Y last time I nv care bout this kind of things 1~~!??
did I change~~!??
I becom stingy now~~!??
Am I~~~~!!??

I feel weary & tired~~
N I’m tired~~~


~~~additional (22th June 2007)~~

hrmm… tat fella seems like sign in my account againz..
haihz~~~~ my other fren told me my frenster shown i sign in within 24 hours gainz...

thanks for ur comment~~
hehehe.. I think I get “something” there..

some things in life are bad,
they can really make you mad,
so, i think we ned to be alwayz look on the bright side of life~~~

Lesser hope, minor disappointing, more satisfied~~
World is not only “black” & “white”~~
sometimes ada grey punya ~~

(i 1der y not colourful ?? )


comment to myself :
dun always pessimistic/negative thinking lar~~
beside black, white, grey stil ada banyak color 1~~~
red, yellow, blue, green n bla bla bla~~

I sudah “Dual personality” jorrr~~

sendiri cakap dgn sendiri~~~

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i always believe frens r like passengers in a bus..when i go up to the bus..i'll meet some new frens..i intro mysef..they intro themself..then when reach a destination, some passengers go off and some come in..i wil be intro by new frens again or i may not be knowin them..when i reach my destination, i wil go off which mean i go away from my a new environment..
For me, frens r being used all the time and of course, there r some good frens, some jus average and some jus hi and i may used or so cal 'help' from u but tomolo i may be used by the others frens for others in everythin tat we had done to frens.. we must always care the frens feeling, respect frens privacy and others..
we can share everythin except gal fren and certain things..
To me, usin ppl account wit ok..witout permission..better dun lo..if u jus wan see and look..oso better ask permission..
so, tat is my up to u to judge ursef towards so cal frens..