Friday, October 23, 2009

no more 咸鱼'inG~ (hum yu'inG)~

my favorite actor~ Stephen Chow say this in his movie... "a man without dreams is just like a hum yu (salt fish/death fish)"

i hum yu for so long aredi... (after i achieved/accomplish few dreams)...

finally.... i hav set a target for myself… an intermediate-range target/plan…

hmm… it looks like quite difficult.. but it can be very easy to achieve also..
me~~ si-hAM~~ wan to be MANAGER within 5 yrs time~~!!!!

lolz~ 5yrs.. now I baru 26 yrs old… hmm.. wanna be manager be4 31st… sounds like mission impossible… especially for us who working in construction industry (M’sia)… it’s not so easy…

but… I believe I can make it.. just depends on I wan o not… btw.. manager buat wat 1?

I tell u wat… 4 M~~~!!! remember this 4 M, then u can be a very successful Manager…
Meeting, Minum, Makan + Main~~!!!

lolz~~ i sure can make it~~ pray for me~~~ lolz~~

Thursday, October 22, 2009

get reaDy ~!!! anytime ~ anywere ~

''Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you miss them.'' — William A. Ward

''The secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes.'' — Benjamin Disraeli

Sunday, October 18, 2009

date to tender resignation

yes… regarding the above header.. any idea bout tat?
for me…. there r few ideal dates.. 3rd of June (0603), 6th of June (0606), 16 of June (0616) or 26th of June (0626)….


well… the reason y I wan to resign is….. my tenancy contract will expire in the end of July 2010… so.. I ned to think whether I wan to renew it or not.. If I wan to renew it.. then I hav to work for at least another 8 months for my current company to cover the rental, coz I hav to pay 1 yr rental when I renew the tenancy contract.. n tat cost me around RM40k +- ….

my mate is planning to resign nex yr.. not sure bout the actual date yet.. but most probably is in March to July tat period de lah… if he is going to resign on March then higher possibility for me to resign on June… but if he is going to resign on June toO.. then abit jialat for me lah… suddenly 2 intermediate executive level QS cabut from this Site.. who is going to do the works? (so far we hav 5 QS in this Site, 1 slightly abit senior, 2 intermediate level + 2 juniors).. hmmm.. it sound s like we r ‘zou kao’ our manager aredi… leaving a bad reputation (our M’sian reputation) to others aredi… cabut/resign together at the same time….

8 months.. can allow me earn/ save around 100k (included the graduate bonus + deduct the rental) ...
8 months… such a long period.. takkan I will work alone right here for 8 months right?
tat is not easy for me leh… I tell u wat.. I’m driving alone for 2 weeks sudah make me feel damn tired aredi…. Imagine tat I’m going to drive alone, work alone, stay alone and eat alone for at least 8 months in this fark dup country…. aiks…. I feel nak pensan aredi….

human r herd animals… I mana boleh tahan tat… anyone who like to spend time in solitude in their life? I dun think so right? i noe everyone on this earth like to spend some time in solitude.. but not all the time..

or mayb I really can do tat (work + stay alone here).. but if i choose to stay.. tat’s mean I did choose to be solitude aredi... n I really ned to work in solitude for the nex 8 months (after July)...

so…. the chances tat I’m going to quit on June is the highest… so.. ladies n gentlemen… choose a date for me… my ideal date is 616.. tat 1 sounds damn nice…. If I resign on tat day, serve for 1 month notice, then I stil hav 2 weeks in this farking country.. I stil can accomplish or do something tat I wan to do right here… I dun think I will step into to this country anymore… I dun like here also…

stay… not to stay… july 2010??? March 2011??? aiks… I sudah split personality… better dun think toO much… make decision in May lah… now stil hav long time to go….

Friday, October 09, 2009

earthquake~ different of treatment~~

I stil remember.... 1 yr ago…… I had called my mum to donate some money for the Earthquake in China when I read the news from the internet (I’m working in oversea)…

I think... as a ‘chinese’… we should show some care needs to our race… mana tahu my mum really listened to my advice… n she go tolong organize a charity dinner in our village sommore…. OMG~~ my mum…. Really……. I hav nothing to say… =p

it was published on sin-chew newspaper…. The total donation was RM10,720… within one night… hmmm… it can be considered as a very nice result for a kampong aredi…. good job~~ proud of u~~!!!

But this time… our ‘neighbour’ country experienced an Eartquake… I hav to call my mum~~
"You should NEVER, EVER, TRY to donate a single cent to THEM.... DUN EVEN THINK ABOUT IT~~!!! "

I can be very kind.... n very cruel without pity …. it depends on whom I face…. this is me~~!!!

dang dang dang dang~~ m youngest sister cut it from sinchew newspaper, scanned it n email to me~~

Friday, October 02, 2009

goOd fren's wedding~~

hey buddy~ dun alwyz say "TQ plusss hAM so bei mian... come back from Dubai to attend ur wedding ceremony n bla bla bla.... "

i think i'm the 1 who should say TQ... it is a very nice trip + goOd experience for me... thanks for allow me to share ur happiness... thanks for urs invitation + giving me a chance to be ur ''heng dai'' in ur big-Day~~!! I think I'm the worst among them, the most useless heng dai~~ hahahaha...

btw~~ 1st time heard u singing.... twice within a day sommore~~~ OMG~~ Spak really willing to do anything for his soO~~~ muahahahaha....

hope tat I can c the little Spak nex yr lah... a 'lou fu zai' for Spak family~~~