Sunday, October 18, 2009

date to tender resignation

yes… regarding the above header.. any idea bout tat?
for me…. there r few ideal dates.. 3rd of June (0603), 6th of June (0606), 16 of June (0616) or 26th of June (0626)….


well… the reason y I wan to resign is….. my tenancy contract will expire in the end of July 2010… so.. I ned to think whether I wan to renew it or not.. If I wan to renew it.. then I hav to work for at least another 8 months for my current company to cover the rental, coz I hav to pay 1 yr rental when I renew the tenancy contract.. n tat cost me around RM40k +- ….

my mate is planning to resign nex yr.. not sure bout the actual date yet.. but most probably is in March to July tat period de lah… if he is going to resign on March then higher possibility for me to resign on June… but if he is going to resign on June toO.. then abit jialat for me lah… suddenly 2 intermediate executive level QS cabut from this Site.. who is going to do the works? (so far we hav 5 QS in this Site, 1 slightly abit senior, 2 intermediate level + 2 juniors).. hmmm.. it sound s like we r ‘zou kao’ our manager aredi… leaving a bad reputation (our M’sian reputation) to others aredi… cabut/resign together at the same time….

8 months.. can allow me earn/ save around 100k (included the graduate bonus + deduct the rental) ...
8 months… such a long period.. takkan I will work alone right here for 8 months right?
tat is not easy for me leh… I tell u wat.. I’m driving alone for 2 weeks sudah make me feel damn tired aredi…. Imagine tat I’m going to drive alone, work alone, stay alone and eat alone for at least 8 months in this fark dup country…. aiks…. I feel nak pensan aredi….

human r herd animals… I mana boleh tahan tat… anyone who like to spend time in solitude in their life? I dun think so right? i noe everyone on this earth like to spend some time in solitude.. but not all the time..

or mayb I really can do tat (work + stay alone here).. but if i choose to stay.. tat’s mean I did choose to be solitude aredi... n I really ned to work in solitude for the nex 8 months (after July)...

so…. the chances tat I’m going to quit on June is the highest… so.. ladies n gentlemen… choose a date for me… my ideal date is 616.. tat 1 sounds damn nice…. If I resign on tat day, serve for 1 month notice, then I stil hav 2 weeks in this farking country.. I stil can accomplish or do something tat I wan to do right here… I dun think I will step into to this country anymore… I dun like here also…

stay… not to stay… july 2010??? March 2011??? aiks… I sudah split personality… better dun think toO much… make decision in May lah… now stil hav long time to go….


Tina K said...

looking at ur situation, i thk u better resign in june la. take 1606 la, tengah bulan at least u get tengah bulan salary, not bad also.

solitude life is not easy to live. some mroe 8 months leh!! u will go crazy i tell u! RM100k itu tak ada apa lah, bukannya u got amoi to spend it on, wakakakaka!

eh, btw, why long time no msn. i looking for u, ada cerita but u not thr =(

ahh_mun vS hAM said...

hahaha… 6.16 (16th June)~ I luv this date… n horr.. I also hav the same thinking as u… tengah bulan boleh dpt tengah bulan gaji… hahahaha…

oii~~ 100k leh.. I can spend tat RM100k on ur lovely sweet young cousin woh… =p

u just send me msg when u r on lah.. somtimes i invisible 1... too many admirer... so fan.... lolz~ =p