Thursday, February 26, 2009

i found something funny from my email n just to share with u all…

funny maths~~~

What are the differences between donkey and human~~~

Equation 1

Human = eat + sleep + work + enjoy
Donkey = eat + sleep

Human = Donkey + work + enjoy

Human - enjoy = Donkey + work

In other words,
Human that don't know enjoy = Donkey that work

Equation 2

Men = eat + sleep + earn money
Donkeys = eat + sleep

Men = Donkeys + earn money

Men - earn money = Donkeys

In other words,
Men that don't earn money = Donkeys

Equation 3

Women = eat + sleep + spend
Donkeys = eat + sleep

Women = Donkeys + spend

Women - spend = Donkeys

In other words,
Women that don't spend = Donkeys

To Conclude:

From Equation 2 and Equation 3
Men that don't earn money = Women that don't spend.

So, Men earn money not to let women become Donkeys! (Postulate 1)

And, Women spend not to let men become Donkeys! (Postulate 2)

So, we have?
Men + Women = Donkeys + earn money + Donkeys + spend money

we all Donkeys~~~!!!!!


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

money can’t buy happiness~~!!!???

r u sick of hearing tat money can’t buy happiness?

we used to say “money can’t buy happiness” - "money can buy material things, but real happiness must be truly earned”….

other than tat, it could be found in varying forms~~
“money can't buy everything, money can't buy frens, money can't buy love & etc”…..

well~~ “money can’t buy happiness” argument is tat many major international studies undertaken since duno how many centuries ago.. virtually everyone agree tat "money can’t buy happiness," but sometimes, it can~~~!!! but only if u noe the right way to spend it~~!!

there r few tips (from Mr. si-hAM) for using money to be happier~~

spend the money on others~~
one of the best ways to make urself happy is to make someone else happy~~
think bout ways u could spend the money tat would make a big difference to someone else~~~ whether is ur family, frens or bla bla bla~~~

  • pay a plane ticket for ur gf to Pulau Ledang;
  • call for a bird-Day party or dinner for ur family members;
  • buy som small gift or souvenir to ur frens or belanja them yamcha & etc….
  • donate som money to charities, it will make u feel happy toO…

all this just ned to spend ur little money~ n it might bring happiness to everybody~~
u may toughen bonds with ur family & frends n even make the world a happier place~~!!

another tips to make u to be happier is make ur life lagi simple wif small amount of money~~

  • u just throw ur car n the money to the car wash shop n ask them to wash it…
  • throw money to the laundry to do the washing + ironing~~

u think how much u gonna spend on tat? Once per week…
8 ringgit? 10 ringgit?
fark it lar~~ drop also drop 9(kao) aredi~~
n u no ned to fed up wif spending ur weekend on wahsing ur car or clothes aredi~
u can spend ur time on doing somthing interesting~~~
u must try to improve by throwing the money at the problem~~~ to simplelize ur life~~!!!

do u think tat r we really c2pid enough to believe tat a plasma TV, living in bungalow or owe a sport car will make us happy~~!!??
since when was money good only for buying material belongings?
wat bout all the other things it’s good for?
surely they can factor in to how happy we are?

Says Loewenstein, "If u're a single male driving around in the Ferrari with nobody next to u, it's a glaring omission."~

I strongly agree wif tat statement~~
sometimes u must spend the money on somebody else.. to make others n urself happier… ….

well~~ I’m earning 5 digit salary par month...
even I hav great pay + fantastic job (looks like).. but, I’m not happy wif tat..
I stil feel farking boring + moody…
I pergi shopping alone n bla bla bla.. it wont make myself feel happier...
mayb @ tat moment i free happy awhile lar...but after tat it just make me feel lagi sunyi~~
sometimes I think I lagi suka spend the money on som1 else rather than myself…
now the majority of my money r spend on my debt, expenses, family, frens + foOds…
I think spend money on others experienced greater happiness than spend the money on myself… especially when i spending it on my family and best frens…((but ofcoz I won’t spend every single cents to others lar.. wat I mean is those extra money lar..)

n now.. i truly believe tat money can buy happiness, but only if u spend it on others, don’t u~~!!??

so, the conclusion is “can money buy happiness”~~!!??
well, it can help put the right conditions in place~~
it doesn’t means u can buy the happiness wif money~
but just it is easier to be happy if u hav money n noe the way to spend it~~
(tak ada wang, u sure mati 1 de =p)
whether u call tat buying happiness or not, the understanding is more important than the argument~~

so~ ladies n gentlemen~~ wat's the secret of happiness~~!!??

(hAM: I noe I noe~~!! I belanja u teh-ais, then u belanja me joyoga, abalone & shark fin ~~!! =p )

Sunday, February 22, 2009

please pray for my fren’s brother~

1 of my fren’s brother passed away 2 dayz ago...

i'm sorry to hear about her loss…

it's nv easy losing someone close~~ especially her brother’s wife, she will need some extra prayers.. they just get married for 2 months ++

let's pray for his frens & family~ take care and well wishes~~

Friday, February 20, 2009

Freeze~~~ ''takip'' (robbing)~~!!

I hav been invited to be a ‘‘heng dai’’(兄弟~ groomsman~!!??) during my fren’s wedding….

According to my understanding…. on the morning of the wedding, we r going to have the ritual of the groom going to the bride's home to retrieve the bride (接新娘).. ofcoz, there will be some kind of ‘‘traditional activities’’ larr~~
the bridesmaids and groomsmen akan play all kinds of silly games... (does this sounds pretty funny..?)

Oh ya.. I’m shocked~~ y me??
So far I noe there r few ppl sudah promise to be the groomsmen.. Ivan, V + TC…
Hrmmm.. it is kinda weird… 1st thing in my mind is… Y me?

1st~ I cannot drink.. Ivan is great drinker.. he is ‘qian bei bu zui”~~ he satu org sudah capable to drink all the liquid~
2nd~ I cannot joke~ I’m toO serious + boring~~ V is a funny guy~ he is more expert on making everybody laugh~
3rd~ I’m not talkative~~ TC is chatty + smart enough on heating the situation~

But after speak to spear n few ppls..
I notice tat the groomsmen just ned to accomplish certain quests which requested by the bridesmaids then ok aredi..

I question myself… am I qualified for this task??
The answer is~~ I think so kua….
But, I think it supposed to be a funny experience for me lar..

Lolz~ I’m so expecting for it now…
look forward to tat day coming…

Yo~~~~ we r going to takip (rob/kidnap) retrieve the bride (接新娘) soon lor~~!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Garl Who Took My Breath Away~

Dating som one during this CNY~

well~~ I strongly agree tat “if there is a guy acts like a total jerk in front of u.. tat means he likes you..”

i can’t say anything after look into her beautiful eyes~~
every time I look into her eyes, holly shit~~ it cause my brain damaged ~~
when the time she smile becoz of the jokes or something else~ she took my breath awy… my soul is fading awy.....

I’m trying to pretend to be calm, but if u “check/observe” me carefully/narrowly, u will probably c tat I’m sweating~~

My brain keep stuck’inG ~~just like the CPU overloaded~~ alwyz jammed~~ n it's keep on repeating every few minutes~~ I tak boleh think, tak boleh judge~
time passed by so fast and suddenly 1 hour passed…
I tak tahu wat am I doing at all.. mayb I say som nonsense I sendiri also tak notice…

Holly shit~!!
I noe this is so sickening + disgusting~~

But~~ I noe tat I’m getting LOST…

i alwyz think about her recently~~ either when sleeping or awake~~
i don't dare to sms/phone her so often larr~~
it looks abit weird if i keep sms or call her from oversea right~!!???

aiks~~~ i’m going crazy bout this garl aredi.. really~~~

politics in m'sia~~

What's really happening out there~~!!???
what's happening to our country~~!!??

i was in S'pore n UAE when all this things happened....
i really duno wat is happening...
i read the news from sinchew-i & the star only.....

i'm shocked & stunned since the last year punya General Election~~
it really looks like a Hong Kong drama~~ so unpredictable~~!!!!!

n now~~ i speechless~~

Hee Y*t Foong~~~
@#$%^&@ u~~

Elizabeth Wong~~
dun worry~~ we support u~~!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happening in CNY – Part 5

New car~~!!!
Silver color myVi wif the plate no.of 349~~ finally there is a family car for my family~~
Pls~ dun hit tat car when u c it on the road~~~

it is kinda rush to get the car… my mother insist to get the car be4 CNY~~
she ‘‘threats’’ the salesman sommore just becoz she want to get the car be4 CNY~~

actually I knew tat my mum doing tat just becoz of me..
mayb she think tat I can hav a car to fetch ahmoi during this CNY~~
I think this is her intention lar… She starts chasing me to get a gf aredi…

OMG~~ y all the parents also suka doing tat~~!!????
Pls~ let me settle down my life dulu lar….

n pls~ dun date those auntie punya daughter for me~~
I knew there r few aunties aiming me right now… =.=’’’

never ever arrange ‘dating’ for me pls~~~!!!
otherwise I’ll make tat gal cry infront of u~~!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

fed up + moOdy againZ~



wat am i doing here????
wat the fark am i doinG right here~~~~~~!!!?????
wat the fark am i doing in this c2piD country~~~!!!!!???????

fark dap~~~!!

it remind me som 1 say somthing in the movie~
"Body of Lies"~~

Toward the end of the film, Crowe's Hoffman expresses incredulity at Ferris's apparent intention to stay in the M*ddle East instead of returning home.

"I like it here," says Ferris(Leonardo DiCaprio), and Hoffman(Russell Crowe) gawks:
"This is the M*ddle East. There's nothing here to like."


Memorable quotes for this movie~~
Ed Hoffman(Russell Crowe): "Ain't nobody likes the Middle East, buddy. There's nothing here to like."

I strongly agree bout tat statement~~~!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happening in CNY – Part 4

go out lunch wif sbearrrrrrr~~

Spear~ my senior in 2ndary schol~~
I knew him thru the CS (Counter-Strike -commonly abbreviated to CS, is a tactical first-person shooter video game) ~~~~~

oh ya~~ goOd news~~!!
he is going to be married within this yr.. =p
he proposed aredi… n itu ahmoi sudah nod dia punya kepala~~

well.. his fiancée~~ Cami~~ she is 2 yrs old than him...
Cami tak boleh wait anymore.. must marry aredi....

well~~ I went out wif them twice….
Cami kasih I punya feeling is pretty + Strong + tough + sharp~
She giv me such feeling becoz I heard the way she speak wif his sub-ordinate (on call)~ oh ya, she is a duno wat dpmnt punya manager~~
But when the time she stick wif Spear, she is damn soft, tender + sweet-natured lar..
Malo.. no 1der Spear mati on her hand lar..
Spear kena “teh’ til his soul also come out~~

she is my dream gal toO~~~!!!

I’m in their wedding dinner list aredi..
hv to apply leave soon… if I belum kena goreng @ Sept….
But I believe I tak boleh surv until tat time de lar..
I 90% kena goring soon aredi..
Becoz…. I hv no project on hand for 4 months aredi….


aiks… a word make ppl feel happy + cheerful.. n fear, horror + panic at the same time…

my earlier planning is marry @ 30++..
my idol marry age is around 30-33 yrs old..
becoz @ tat moment, I think my life sudah stable aredi…
at least I hav my own apartment/condominium (at least a shelter lar) + own car…
I no ned to worry bout the rental or installment for the houses and car anymore…
Without worry bout the installment…
I can earn how much, spend how much..
ofcoz, after married.. u ned to plan for ur family n kids….
But life become simple.. since u no ned to worry bout the house + car… my burden becom lighter..

ya~ it looks smooth..... if stick wif my plan lar...
but.. wat happen if~~ my gf is aging~~!!????

if my gf is older than me... n she cannot “wait’’ anymore… then how?????
As we noe tat, aging women will hv certain risk to born anak 1…
They mana boleh wait lagi?
unless u dun wish to hav kids lar….

OMG~ I nv think bout such question be4 this…
no doubt~~ it might be happened also…
aging female~~ they r more mature + understandable + attractive…


Panic aredi~~ arRrRRRRRR~~~!!

Dun think too much~~ money is the big problem for marriage~
aiks.. I think I better concentrate to earn money… rather than imagine/think bout this kind of ‘nonsense’ thing…
as long as money can solve punya problem.. it doesn’t count as problem anymore….

money, monEy, moNey~~~~!!!

$ £ ¥ ~~~!!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happening in CNY – Part 3

I went out wif IJM ex colleagues in 1 of the weekend night during this CNY~~
Tina, Stephanie, EC, Susan + Angie (I hope the spelling is correct)~~

We minum, makan, main @ Island cafe starting around 7pm~
I also duno wat is the topic we talk about aredi.. but we all the way ada topic lar…. I knew tat 1 lar… tat is impossible ada silent punya situation as long as sana ada EC + tina..

Around 10 something… we switch to T.T.D.I punya pub….
I hv no idea wat is tat pub’s name aredi becoz I went to tat area few times only.. n I terus masuk tat pub as the ladies requested… (usually my gang dun like to drink 1.. so, I seldom clubbing toO… weird..)

Well, I believe the gals r the 1 who start asking to play som game…
We play “COME MIN TOY”~~ wif the rulez…. winner hav to right to raise some question, n then the loser gotto tell the truth..

Wow~~ Susan really good in playing tat~~ her re-action damn fast lar…

1st round EC kena lar.. lolz…
I also forgotten wat’s the questions hav been asked to EC…
but I believe there r som tricky questions also lar… som kind of dream gals in IJM arr, r u stil virgin n etc lar....

2nd ppl kena 1 is me… ofcoz, I knew tat.. we r the only guys there..
Sure kena 1 lar…

hrmm.. I almost forgotten wat’s the question hav been asked…
But I remember only 1.. the question is som kind like “ wat’s ur expectation/goal to reach target in 5 years~

fark~ I speak damn lound.. “I wanna be a millionaire within 5 yrs..!!”

OMG~~ !!!
everybody looks shocks..
wat is the question aredi arr?
am i drunk?
wat ever lar...

hrmmm..... be a millionaire within 5 yrs...
it sounds like a mission impposible.. Even I keep continuously working in UAE.. With the 5-10% increment per yr + bonus also cannot achieve such goal ..
Unless I’m doing something else like investment on houses or share lar…
Wat else I can do?? build my own company?? Be a subby?
tat might increase the possibility to 50% to achieve such goal de... lolz~~

aiks… now only I noe I really dare to “Speak without using my brain” after drink som beer~~ lolz~~
I noe my limit de lar.. after 2 bottle I sudah abit high aredi 1..
So, normally I wont drink more than 3 bottles..

Ok, after happy hour.. we pergi yamcha around 12 something…. Dismiss around 3am...

well, after finish sending everybody back to their home.. Is around 4 aredi.. Lucky I been trained in UAE… I used to work for 12 hours per day then drive 100km to balik rumah… so.. 4am only mar… doesn’t mean anything to me aredi… 'sap sap sui' lar... lolz~~

the day after, i try to recall wat happen in tat night....
n I seriously think bout tat question againz…
to be a millionaire within 5 yrs really sounds like a mission impossible for me..

how bout ~~ if I able to double up a figure 4 times within 5 yrs..

save 65 as capital @ 1st year…
(65k saving per yr.. can o not??? =.=’’’)

well the formula damn simple…..

65k (capital) x 2 = 130k (2nd yr)
130k x 2 = 260k (3rd yr)
260k x 2 = 520k (4th yr)
520k x 2 = 1.04 Million (5th yr)

Yeah~~ I can be a millionaire easily…..

It is a very simple mathematics..
But~~ who can successfully apply it into our life??


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happening in CNY – Part 2

I went to sombody’s new house in this CNY..
a 2ndarly school punya classmate punya house…
it can be consider as house warming also lar...
Well.. all my schoolmate/classmate also richer than me 1..
Becoz I’m alwyz the poorest among them…
(all my 2ndary scholmate punya bapa sgt rich 1..)


It is a semi bungalow (corner unit) in Kota Damansara~

This is so farking huge + luxuries~
This semi bungalow cost more than 2 million++ (I heard almost 3 million wor) to buy it + renovation…
It takes almost 1 yr to complete the renovation works….

Once I step into tat gate… Look at the landscape~~so beautiful~~ there is a water fountain~~!!!

ok~~ let's tep into the house 1st…
Fark man.. those lighting + furniture farking luxury~~
look tat the finishes applied in tat house....
U can noe tat they really spend a lot of money on tat..

wow~~ look at that door.. they using a high class 2 hours fire rated door..even just a bedroom door..
n tat ironmongery~~ did u c tat?
ppl usually use tat in external door 1… but they use it in common room door….

OMG~~ there is a KTV room~~
Farking big KTV room~~~
Y there is a 42 inches plasma TV~~ I tot there is a projector aredi…
wait…..!! tat 42 inches TV only use to choose the songs only…!!!
(U tak payah go to red box anymore lar.. tat system totally sama as the Red Box 1…)
Makalo~~ my home only using a 32 inches old TV only..
Ppl using a 42 inches plasma Sony TV to choose song…


Fark… starting from tat moment..
I noe wat I want aredi…
Finally……I hav a new target/aim/goal…!!!!
Tell u wat… I hav been LOST since I achieved my last goal (which is work in oversea n earning 5 digit salary per month)..

I wan my family to stay into such unit~~!!!!
I will work hard to gain money starting from today~~~!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happening in CNY – Part 1

Botak kin~~
1 of my best fren….
Damn close punya buddy since 2ndary schol….

Finally, I met his cabin crew gf~~~ Lilian~ during this CNY~~
Not bad.. she is the type I suka…
JB kin, farking lucky also…. Get a such pretty gf…
but I think he look likes macam paisei to bring the gf out…
Mahai , I think his head lagi besar than me..
I 1der apa dia mahu.. he wan lee kah yan to be his gf?
Mahai.. pls lar.. be satisfied lar…
This JB lang duno nowadays nak cari ahmoi macam ni sudah manyak susah lar..
This kind of sweet young thing damn susah to find aredi..
Overall.. appearance + sikap looks damn good aredi…
But I noe tat she suka minum ‘cuka’ lar..
But gals is like tat 1 lar…
Sei botak pls dun let other chiqs get close to u then ok aredi lar…

Oh ya~~~
This c2pid gal (should be smart lar) pergi curi tengok botak punya msn conversation..
n she purposely pergi tengok mine 1…
Holly shit, all my secret sudah kena bocor~~
Those crap we talk bout… those dream… those ham sap thing we chitchat also kena read by her aredi………...

damn embarrassing lar…
nex time I’ll slap 9 this ahmoi when I meet her..
ohh ya… she dare to panggil I “dai jek kong”~ (hanya cakap, tak berani action)~
well…. I’ll bring ur bf pergi cari ahmoi when he is coming back alone nex time…
Kasih u mati….

P/S: Mahai.. pilot’s life looks damn fantastic…I wish to get a flying license also… Then I can… buaya manyak cabin crew aredi… muahahahaha…

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

kena saman~ @#$%^&*

holly shit~~

kena 2 saman in UAE~~!!!

end of Nov n early of December 1...
we overspeed??

1.3k Dhs gone~~
each of us (fatty + me) Dhs 650 bye bye aredi..

fark man~~


Sunday, February 08, 2009

to be continued~



某D事, 某D人~
燃点起我心中嘅一团火,我屎蛤感觉到,喺呢个moment 要爆啦~

draft 咗仲没有时间写~

safety reach the UAE aredi~~
a lots of things occured within this CNY~
i met alot ppl, faced/experienced alot things...
n i drafted..
just no time to complete them~~
i neD som time to complete these 'articles'~

i neD to rest~~!!!

it sounds like damn pussy~~!!
but i really start missing sombody~~
OMG~~ holly shit..........