Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happening in CNY – Part 4

go out lunch wif sbearrrrrrr~~

Spear~ my senior in 2ndary schol~~
I knew him thru the CS (Counter-Strike -commonly abbreviated to CS, is a tactical first-person shooter video game) ~~~~~

oh ya~~ goOd news~~!!
he is going to be married within this yr.. =p
he proposed aredi… n itu ahmoi sudah nod dia punya kepala~~

well.. his fiancée~~ Cami~~ she is 2 yrs old than him...
Cami tak boleh wait anymore.. must marry aredi....

well~~ I went out wif them twice….
Cami kasih I punya feeling is pretty + Strong + tough + sharp~
She giv me such feeling becoz I heard the way she speak wif his sub-ordinate (on call)~ oh ya, she is a duno wat dpmnt punya manager~~
But when the time she stick wif Spear, she is damn soft, tender + sweet-natured lar..
Malo.. no 1der Spear mati on her hand lar..
Spear kena “teh’ til his soul also come out~~

she is my dream gal toO~~~!!!

I’m in their wedding dinner list aredi..
hv to apply leave soon… if I belum kena goreng @ Sept….
But I believe I tak boleh surv until tat time de lar..
I 90% kena goring soon aredi..
Becoz…. I hv no project on hand for 4 months aredi….


aiks… a word make ppl feel happy + cheerful.. n fear, horror + panic at the same time…

my earlier planning is marry @ 30++..
my idol marry age is around 30-33 yrs old..
becoz @ tat moment, I think my life sudah stable aredi…
at least I hav my own apartment/condominium (at least a shelter lar) + own car…
I no ned to worry bout the rental or installment for the houses and car anymore…
Without worry bout the installment…
I can earn how much, spend how much..
ofcoz, after married.. u ned to plan for ur family n kids….
But life become simple.. since u no ned to worry bout the house + car… my burden becom lighter..

ya~ it looks smooth..... if stick wif my plan lar...
but.. wat happen if~~ my gf is aging~~!!????

if my gf is older than me... n she cannot “wait’’ anymore… then how?????
As we noe tat, aging women will hv certain risk to born anak 1…
They mana boleh wait lagi?
unless u dun wish to hav kids lar….

OMG~ I nv think bout such question be4 this…
no doubt~~ it might be happened also…
aging female~~ they r more mature + understandable + attractive…


Panic aredi~~ arRrRRRRRR~~~!!

Dun think too much~~ money is the big problem for marriage~
aiks.. I think I better concentrate to earn money… rather than imagine/think bout this kind of ‘nonsense’ thing…
as long as money can solve punya problem.. it doesn’t count as problem anymore….

money, monEy, moNey~~~~!!!

$ £ ¥ ~~~!!!!

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