Friday, February 13, 2009

Happening in CNY – Part 3

I went out wif IJM ex colleagues in 1 of the weekend night during this CNY~~
Tina, Stephanie, EC, Susan + Angie (I hope the spelling is correct)~~

We minum, makan, main @ Island cafe starting around 7pm~
I also duno wat is the topic we talk about aredi.. but we all the way ada topic lar…. I knew tat 1 lar… tat is impossible ada silent punya situation as long as sana ada EC + tina..

Around 10 something… we switch to T.T.D.I punya pub….
I hv no idea wat is tat pub’s name aredi becoz I went to tat area few times only.. n I terus masuk tat pub as the ladies requested… (usually my gang dun like to drink 1.. so, I seldom clubbing toO… weird..)

Well, I believe the gals r the 1 who start asking to play som game…
We play “COME MIN TOY”~~ wif the rulez…. winner hav to right to raise some question, n then the loser gotto tell the truth..

Wow~~ Susan really good in playing tat~~ her re-action damn fast lar…

1st round EC kena lar.. lolz…
I also forgotten wat’s the questions hav been asked to EC…
but I believe there r som tricky questions also lar… som kind of dream gals in IJM arr, r u stil virgin n etc lar....

2nd ppl kena 1 is me… ofcoz, I knew tat.. we r the only guys there..
Sure kena 1 lar…

hrmm.. I almost forgotten wat’s the question hav been asked…
But I remember only 1.. the question is som kind like “ wat’s ur expectation/goal to reach target in 5 years~

fark~ I speak damn lound.. “I wanna be a millionaire within 5 yrs..!!”

OMG~~ !!!
everybody looks shocks..
wat is the question aredi arr?
am i drunk?
wat ever lar...

hrmmm..... be a millionaire within 5 yrs...
it sounds like a mission impposible.. Even I keep continuously working in UAE.. With the 5-10% increment per yr + bonus also cannot achieve such goal ..
Unless I’m doing something else like investment on houses or share lar…
Wat else I can do?? build my own company?? Be a subby?
tat might increase the possibility to 50% to achieve such goal de... lolz~~

aiks… now only I noe I really dare to “Speak without using my brain” after drink som beer~~ lolz~~
I noe my limit de lar.. after 2 bottle I sudah abit high aredi 1..
So, normally I wont drink more than 3 bottles..

Ok, after happy hour.. we pergi yamcha around 12 something…. Dismiss around 3am...

well, after finish sending everybody back to their home.. Is around 4 aredi.. Lucky I been trained in UAE… I used to work for 12 hours per day then drive 100km to balik rumah… so.. 4am only mar… doesn’t mean anything to me aredi… 'sap sap sui' lar... lolz~~

the day after, i try to recall wat happen in tat night....
n I seriously think bout tat question againz…
to be a millionaire within 5 yrs really sounds like a mission impossible for me..

how bout ~~ if I able to double up a figure 4 times within 5 yrs..

save 65 as capital @ 1st year…
(65k saving per yr.. can o not??? =.=’’’)

well the formula damn simple…..

65k (capital) x 2 = 130k (2nd yr)
130k x 2 = 260k (3rd yr)
260k x 2 = 520k (4th yr)
520k x 2 = 1.04 Million (5th yr)

Yeah~~ I can be a millionaire easily…..

It is a very simple mathematics..
But~~ who can successfully apply it into our life??


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