Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happening in CNY – Part 2

I went to sombody’s new house in this CNY..
a 2ndarly school punya classmate punya house…
it can be consider as house warming also lar...
Well.. all my schoolmate/classmate also richer than me 1..
Becoz I’m alwyz the poorest among them…
(all my 2ndary scholmate punya bapa sgt rich 1..)


It is a semi bungalow (corner unit) in Kota Damansara~

This is so farking huge + luxuries~
This semi bungalow cost more than 2 million++ (I heard almost 3 million wor) to buy it + renovation…
It takes almost 1 yr to complete the renovation works….

Once I step into tat gate… Look at the landscape~~so beautiful~~ there is a water fountain~~!!!

ok~~ let's tep into the house 1st…
Fark man.. those lighting + furniture farking luxury~~
look tat the finishes applied in tat house....
U can noe tat they really spend a lot of money on tat..

wow~~ look at that door.. they using a high class 2 hours fire rated door..even just a bedroom door..
n tat ironmongery~~ did u c tat?
ppl usually use tat in external door 1… but they use it in common room door….

OMG~~ there is a KTV room~~
Farking big KTV room~~~
Y there is a 42 inches plasma TV~~ I tot there is a projector aredi…
wait…..!! tat 42 inches TV only use to choose the songs only…!!!
(U tak payah go to red box anymore lar.. tat system totally sama as the Red Box 1…)
Makalo~~ my home only using a 32 inches old TV only..
Ppl using a 42 inches plasma Sony TV to choose song…


Fark… starting from tat moment..
I noe wat I want aredi…
Finally……I hav a new target/aim/goal…!!!!
Tell u wat… I hav been LOST since I achieved my last goal (which is work in oversea n earning 5 digit salary per month)..

I wan my family to stay into such unit~~!!!!
I will work hard to gain money starting from today~~~!!!!!!

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