Sunday, June 28, 2009

back to heLL

yayaya... back to work right now..
farking tired~~
yesterday 12.30am reach home, slep @ 1am... then wake up @ 6am....

arrRRRrr~~ they switching........
moving office from this building to another 1.... to cut cost..... it is so messy...!!!

OMG.. i'm sitting in front of the head of dpmnt (HQ tendering dpmt)....
but lucky.. it is a single partition.. no body can kacau me....
n no 1 can c wat am i doing right now..
i can concentrate to curi tulang + curi ayam....

zZzZzzz.... fatty sitting another side...
zzZzZzzz... no body teman me 'keng kai' aredi..
i'm serounding by philipinos.....


Friday, June 19, 2009

I'll keep my word...

I’m thinking to resign becoz my leave application hav been rejected (pls check “I'm an Idiot)..

I’m damn stress + damn emotional at that time… cannot think wisely.. i'm an idiot...
the thing occupy my mind is ~~ I wan to attend my good fren’s wedding dinner (Sept 2009).. I promised to attend; I MUST keep my promise~~~!!! (if I resign in Aug, I stil able to attend their wedding)

hey ppl…we live only once... marriage also only once in our life(perhaps =p)… I wan to be there… in my good fren’s BIG DAY…

oh ya.. I should tell u guys wat’s the reason he (my manager) reject my application..
becoz we get awarded a Hotel project n we r going to move back to Abu Thabi soon.. so far only 3 QS r available for tat project.. so we might facing shortage of staff to carry on such big punya project.. 1 of the QS aredi applied leave on Sept… we clash in tat period….

Ok… I accept ur explanation… (nyama, I’m so important? Then y no increment + bonus???)

finally, I found the solution (after i clam down)…
I request my colleague to change his schedule…
I offer him tat I’ll bear all the extra cost for tat… lucky, he agreed to change his schedule for me… tq tq…

finally.. I pay him around 1k (extra admin fees & bla bla bla) to change his flight ticket…

p/s: i don't easily make a promise... but once i made it.. i'll keep my promise..

Thursday, June 18, 2009

muahahahaha.. i luv this som much~~

well... 2 "shit" task hav been completed..... i'm free man....
hurray~~ can slep well aredi....

this evening..... my chief estimator (HQ Tendering Dpmnt) call me go into his roOm againz...
during 4pm somthing... almost 'fong gong' aredi...

he ask me, "do u think ur man work hard for this few days?"

ok... againz.. i dun 1 kutuk ppl lah...
i answer, "sure.. they all work hard + work under pressure for this few dayz"

my chief estimator staring at me..

"ok ok... early mayb som ppl r quite lazy.. but mayb just becoz of monday blues... after tat.. the 2nd day everybody work damn hard, otherwise we cannot finish the 46 buildings within 4 dayz..." i'm trying to defence for them..... oiiii... stop staring at me lar~~~!!

"do u think they r entitle to get a special leave tomolo? (Thursday)"

(harrr??? )
"yes... definitely... absolutely"
i shout... (nyama, u ask me pulak... )
"wait.... there is another tender to be carry on, right? they ned to giv u the stuff on Saturday?"

"ok.. i'll extend tat until Wednesday.. they can giv me the stuf on Wednesday morning~ 8 o'clock.."

"??? "(=.=''')
"then shouldn't be any problem lah..."

"ok.. u guys hav a special leave tommorow... go tell ur man tomolo off..."

oh ya..... tat 7 QS feel so grateful for it...
nyama... i becom their "god" aredi... althought i keep saying is Chief estimator's decision...
nyama.. the feeling damn goOd.....

fatty dun hav speacial leave lar.. coz he is not involve for this task... he ned to work alone tomolo... OMG..... whole department baru satu org kerja??? =.='''

anyway.. i think i stil go to work tomolo lah... since i nothing to do at home also.. try to tity out the works... but i'll balik rumah early lah... lolz~~


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

finally.. mission completed~~

finaly.. I completed my task.. within a targeted date..

let me tell u wat hav been done by me for thse few dayz…

  1. I hav to plan the schedule & divide time equally between tasks can be an asset by tat 7 ppls…
  2. I hav to distribute the works (solve out the drawings n distribute to them), guide them, manage, monitor + coordinate wif them..
  3. I hv to standardize the format we r going to use… arrange a short meeting to check their progress + solve their problem.. I hav to make sure all the things r under control & completed within deadline... for the meantime, I hav to check + carry out the changes for 6 buildings… (at the same time, I hav to motivate them toO, make sure everybody r happy + feel conformable wif their works… =.=’’’)
  4. Monitor the progress & report to Superior(my chief estimator)...
  5. In the final phase, I hav to compound all the works n make sure everything r in order…

so stressssssssssssSSSS~~~!!
I hav to take all the responsibilities for any fault caused by them…
I noe u might not understand y i ned to do tat… u might ask, y dun u ~ just push back (their fault) to ur subordinates? let them bear the responsibility lah….

I noe many ppls r trying to avoid to take the responsibility for their subordinates’ fault… but in my mind, a leaders should take tat responsibility… otherwise, why we need a leader? A good leader should be able to guide his/her teammates to be able to perform well… if they did something wrong.. it is part of ur responsibility….

when u live wif the attitude tat u r responsible for everything, ur whole life will change… when u take up responsibility for everything tat happens around u, u’ll start expanding...

I strongly believe tat.. the more responsibility u take up, the more u will expand and grow…


hehehe.. performance review…

muahahahahaha… matilah u… the most lazy fella…
well… I damn generous aredi… I dun 1 to ‘kutuk’ u 1…
but when I mentioned to my chief estimator (something like AGM in M’sia) tat I think everybody looks “good” + very “helpful”… he knew I talk cock n he wants me to tell the truth.. but I insist dun 1 tell him.. u ‘blow’ me~~~!!??


then the junior estimator (“his man”) giv us a suggestion, ask me to rank them…
ok.. I rank them from 1 to 7( 5 guys + 2 gals)….
nah… I judge them(ranking) base on their performance (80%) + attitude (20%)…

ok.. good luck to u guys…

haihz… duno ada increment or not…
makan bubur or nasi also depends on this adjustment aredi..

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I'm an Idiot

I really feel tat I’m going mad when disturbed people troubling me~~~
especially when I was busy’inG to manage 7 guys to rush for an addendum for 46 buildings within 4 days (at the same time, my leave application have been rejected by my Manager, I might not able to attend my good fren’s wedding dinner)…

fark~~!! happens againz…
it is just as the same~ wat happening in 3 yrs ago…
I scold a rude word + show my anger in our conversation (me n my dream gal)…
my image spoil againz.. one more time..
(i remember i avoid this gal for almost 1 yr after matter.. n now.. the same thing will be repeated??/)

fark man.. I think I'm not tat kind of fella tat show my anger easily 1… but it just happens twices within this 3 yrs.....

why is this happening to me… againz???
i lost myself n unable to judge wisely... n i feel i like a stupid fella...

i'm so emotional~~~!!!!!

grrrRRRr~~ wat am i doing here??
fark... i duno wat to say.. n how to say... farking panic now...

perhaps.. it is the time to cut off relations wif tat disturbed fren…
well, it is a little childish but i really dun 1 get mad anymroe becoz of him.... it is enough~~~!!!!

I’m farking down + upset now…

hAM is an idiot~~!!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Desert Safari~

well… they say this is one experience u cant miss when in Tubai… must go there b4 leaving this country…

the safari tour package includes Dune Bashing, Sand Ski,Camel ride, BBQ dinner & Belly Dancing…

~ the world is so big~~

~ peaceful & quiet~~

~ enjoy sitting on the sand~~
(opss, it is farking hot~~!!)

~the cars leaving a trace~ people come n go~~

~visitors & visitor guide~

~i wanna write somthing.. leaving a trace in the desert...
the 1st thing in my mind is "cha siao"~~

~2nd thing in my mind is "cha siao bao"~~ =p

~~~yo~~ sea-hAM in desert~~~

~~aikss.. i ned a better camera... btw.. the foOd really..... zZzzz.......~~
(i'm using my hp camera lar~ sombody pls sponsor me to buy D90...)

~~Tattoo~~~~ spider~~!!?? so weird~~!!

(aiks.. i just noticed tat i manyak bulu also..

~~dang dang dang dang~~ spider becom wugui~~

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

i hav been placed on the "ALTAR"~~

U guys remember tat~~!!??
I was complaining bout I hav been requested to lead a small team to carry out the tasks/works by a US fatty (my Chief Estimator)??

b4 tat... i hav been taken over n incharge for some 'shit' aredi..
tat senior QS transferred to site, n he didn’t hand over the things to anybody…
this is so shit~~!! I hav to judge everything by myself… duno my company will suffer lossing of tat o not… but dun worry so much lar... everything loOks fine... =p

n now.. u request me to lead a small team to finalize the shitz againz.....
I keep blaming, ''y me~~!?? there r so many QS(s) in my department wat.. all(majority) also older than me 1… n I’m just temporary staff (temporary in HQ)… y I neD to lead them n not they come to lead me~~!!?? is there any reason behind it~~!!?? grRRRRR~~~''

well… I received the pay slip this afternoon.. n I just noticed tat those “older QS” punya position r lower than me… (no 1der lah...)
=.= '''

OMG~~ they r just junior QS.. not even an assistance QS….
WTF~~!!??? dua (2) level lower than me… holly shit…
proof once againz, the Nationality is damn IMPORTANT~~!!!
but ofcoz.. the races n qualification r damn important toO~~~!!!

PKM…. stresSSSSSS……

I wan increment + bonus~~~!!!
(but I dun1 get "promoted "…)

Sunday, June 07, 2009

will you choose Love or Bread?

Love or bread?

bread – I’m referring to the daily food necessities --- money…
of course.. it's alwayz ideal to hav them both..
but if u hav to make a choice, would u go to bread or love?
perhaps it is a hard choice for most people….

well, I hav few typical/ classic answers…

sentimental people say,

"i will choose love, becoz money cant buy u love. i’m willing to work hard togeter wif my loved one, becoz u r only happy when u hav love. so what if u hav alot of money and there's no one to share ur happiness wif u?"

"of coz love la.... money cant buy love n happiness...i’m willing to work hard together wit my bf n spend our time happily instead of havin lots of money but he dun love me... "

the more practical people say,
" Bread~~!! :) we r livin in a world were everything concerns money… without bread, u cannot live but without love, I can find it until my end of life & during that time, bread made me living or mayb I can say, i live on bread then find my love…"

"Bread~~!! if I won't have my own love, with the money in hand, I can do a lot of things… I'll never live a loveless life.. that is for sure…"

so… which one r u~~!!??
the practical or the sentimental~~!!??

I tell u wat.. I wont simply discuss this topic anymore.. especially wif gals… this is so frightening… (discuss this kind of topic wif gals?? u cari mati~~!!????)
i’m so sorry…. this is a very tough question my dear... i choose to sit out….
come on, can we stop talking bout this topic~~!!??

actually, LOVE and MONEY r linked~~!!
without money, cannot support marriage… without love, why get married~~!!?
this is so true~~!!

MONEY~~!!!! Without it, how to SUPPORT MARRIAGE~~!!!???

hAM has stealthily fell in love wif a gal…
I’m try’in to set a goal.. which is getting out of debt, buying a home & saving for my marriage….
as we noe.. . nowadayz the wedding and honeymoon become very expensive… is important tat to set up a budget and find ways to pay cash for the wedding …

I want my wife hav a happy memories when she look back at our wedding~~!!!
this is the only reason y I’m stil struggl’inG in this farking country until now~~!!!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Congrats on the quitting~~!!

my msn sudden pop out a msg...
"URGENT~~!! were can find the labour law?? i'm going to resign today... "


i receiving a msg when i'm bizy'ing to deal wif the idiot in my company...
(ohh, i have been temperary "promoted" to becom a team leader in my dpmnt.. fark that US fella... i'll refuse to take tat responsibility soon... i'll talk bout it in other post later..)

ok, let's back to the topic...
hehehehe.... after sending her the labour law....

i ask her : " resign today?? finally? =p "
actually she mention 2 me b4.... she is going to quit in Sept... she hates her current company + boss + client...
hAM is think'ing... but now baru early of june ler.... wat's happening??

oh~~his her idiot matar farker boss speeding up her resignation 'process' aredi....
they did somthing damn JB....


I’m so happy for her…
but u might say….. she is jobless soon wor… y stil so happy?
hey… u guys sure cannot imagine tat…
we hate this place~~!!!
people hate this place so much n they won't even comment on a post about it~~!!!
but i DO~~!!!

let me tell u~~ once againz…
“ ain't nobody likes the Maddle East, buddy... there's nothing here to like……”

So… I ask… “so, r u going to postpone ur plan? the UK master course…”
She answer me : “yes…”
hAM : “what r going to do now?”
She answer me: “ take a break, go perhentian vacation”
hAM: “ oh…. Envy u…. oiiiiii~~!!! go Maldives lar… since u hav so much saving (not going to UK)”

Da Fen Ni : "................."
she speechless againz...
(mayb she considering bout it also.. lolz)

but I thing I can guarantee~~ tat this c2pid gal sure singing this song in her dream tonight….
“hurray~~ I quit my job and I'm fleeing the country~~!!” ♪♪♫♪

Congrats on the quitting & the travel~~!!!
good luck out there~!!!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

bad news from fren...

a fren of mine msg me this afternoon…

he is going to divorce wif his wife…. Submitting the documents to lawyer tomorrow…

finally….. walk until this step….

Sigh…… they used to be a happi couple.. but things n ppl keep changing…

they registered in yr 2006 n their love is death (divorce) in yr 2009…

counting wif my fingers, I noe this couple since 1998.. more than 10 yrs aredi…

seeing their ending really make me upset..

however , this is their decision… I shall respect their decision…

zZzZzzz… I moody againz…. zzZzZz..

Monday, June 01, 2009

dining in the so called 7 star hotel punya restaurant...

i tell u wat... it is not easy to makan in a so-called 7 star hotel (actual is 5 star only)...
u must follow the Rulez Set by the management de....

below is a sample of booking confirmation for makan in the restaurant...


From: Restaurants Reservation []
Sent: Friday, January 32, 2009 13:13 PM
To: Nei Lou Mei
Subject: Confirmation

Dear Mr. Nei Lou Mei,

Thank you for your kind request and the interest shown in the restaurants of Burg Ar Arap.

Further to your request we are delighted to confirm your restaurant reservation as follows:

Nei Hai Soohai Restaurant
located on the 28th floor
Friday, February 30, 2009
2 person(s), 10:00 hrs
Non Smoking only
Kindly be advised that we will be offering Brunch Buffet $$ 495.00 per person and there will be no a la carte service available.

Your confirmation number is PKM 8811967. Kindly mention your name or the confirmation number upon arrival at our welcome center to ensure a smooth access to the hotel. (tolong lah kasih kerjasama, no confirmation no. or booking, u r not allow to go in de... )

This reservation is being held on a guaranteed basis and will be kept as such unless cancelled 24 hours prior to arrival. In the event of a non-arrival in the restaurant or a cancellation being received on the same day, a charge of $$ 300 per person will be charged to your credit card. (i dun care u come or not, u must pay for it.. if u r not cancel the booking earlier..) However the payment is required on the same day in the restaurant either by cash or credit card.

Please note the following regulations in Nei Hai Soohai Restaurant:
  • The dress code in the restaurant is elegant. Gentlemen are requested to wear a shirt with collar, trousers (no jeans) and closed shoes (no trainers) or national dress. (how bout ladies?? naked is ok, but no jeans n trainers pls >.<)
  • Please be informed that the reservation for the above mentioned restaurant does not permit access to additional areas of the Hotel, such as other Restaurants, Spa and guests floors. (toilet also not allow to go, pls bring ur own bottle to standby.. just in case…)
  • Kindly note that photography is allowed in the restaurant, however limited upon managers discretion. Refrain from video recording. (is this cinema ??? or restaurant?? =.=''')
  • Requests for a window table will be noted, however, tables at the window will not be confirmed, but provided subject to availability. (c my moOd lar n c how u looks like, i takut nanti those bird falling down when c ur face... if u r too ugly, no windows seat is allow..)
  • Use of mobile phones in our restaurants is restricted; please switch your phones to silent mode while dining. (i really think this is a cinema~)
  • Due to the high demand of the restaurant we will be holding your booking for a period of 30 minutes from the reservation time onwards. (ok, i'm ok wif this)
  • Please note that there will be no alcohol service before 12.00hrs in the restaurant. (reasonable)
  • According to law in Tupai, children below 21yrs old are not permitted in the bar. (no doubt for tat)
  • Children are welcome for brunch. Children above the age of 7 years are welcome for lunch. Moreover, for dinner children below 12 years are welcome to dine in the restaurant from 19.00 hrs to 20.30 hrs.
  • Children from 0-3 years of age dine free of charge in all the F&B Outlets; 4-11 years of age will be given 50% discount on buffets, a la carte menu and set menus. However there will be no discount on kids menu and beverages. Any children above 12 years of age will be charged full rate. (fair enough)
  • Kindly bring this confirmation letter along with you to ensure smooth access to the hotel and restaurant. (management : u idiot~~!!! no confirmation letter, u r not allow to go in, u MUST BOOK 1st, pls follow the rulez…)

Enhance your lunch or dinner experience at Burg Ar Arap by arriving in style with one of our white Rolls Royce. Should you wish to book or have more information please contact the transportation department on 08 6769 11967 or email (Subject to availability) (normally u can get the car easily de lar.. even we say it is subject to availability.. u noe wat? Our guest normally come wif helicopter der… Rolls Royce is too cheap… the local ppl punya punggung tak boleh tahan kereta yg manyak cheap…)

We are looking forward to welcoming you and your guests to Burg Ar Arap and should you have any queries or require further information or assistance please do not hesitate to contact us immediately.

Join us, the Zhok Shui Yu and Rewards Program. From indulgent room upgrades to spa treatments or dinners for two, a host of Awards await when you join us. If you are not a member yet, register online at

Yours sincerely,

Zhok Nei Shui Yu

Sales Agent
Restaurant Reservations Department
Burg Ar Arap
Tupai United Arap Emerates
Tel: +967 8 467 9967
Fax: +967 8 469 9969
Visit us at