Sunday, June 07, 2009

will you choose Love or Bread?

Love or bread?

bread – I’m referring to the daily food necessities --- money…
of course.. it's alwayz ideal to hav them both..
but if u hav to make a choice, would u go to bread or love?
perhaps it is a hard choice for most people….

well, I hav few typical/ classic answers…

sentimental people say,

"i will choose love, becoz money cant buy u love. i’m willing to work hard togeter wif my loved one, becoz u r only happy when u hav love. so what if u hav alot of money and there's no one to share ur happiness wif u?"

"of coz love la.... money cant buy love n happiness...i’m willing to work hard together wit my bf n spend our time happily instead of havin lots of money but he dun love me... "

the more practical people say,
" Bread~~!! :) we r livin in a world were everything concerns money… without bread, u cannot live but without love, I can find it until my end of life & during that time, bread made me living or mayb I can say, i live on bread then find my love…"

"Bread~~!! if I won't have my own love, with the money in hand, I can do a lot of things… I'll never live a loveless life.. that is for sure…"

so… which one r u~~!!??
the practical or the sentimental~~!!??

I tell u wat.. I wont simply discuss this topic anymore.. especially wif gals… this is so frightening… (discuss this kind of topic wif gals?? u cari mati~~!!????)
i’m so sorry…. this is a very tough question my dear... i choose to sit out….
come on, can we stop talking bout this topic~~!!??

actually, LOVE and MONEY r linked~~!!
without money, cannot support marriage… without love, why get married~~!!?
this is so true~~!!

MONEY~~!!!! Without it, how to SUPPORT MARRIAGE~~!!!???

hAM has stealthily fell in love wif a gal…
I’m try’in to set a goal.. which is getting out of debt, buying a home & saving for my marriage….
as we noe.. . nowadayz the wedding and honeymoon become very expensive… is important tat to set up a budget and find ways to pay cash for the wedding …

I want my wife hav a happy memories when she look back at our wedding~~!!!
this is the only reason y I’m stil struggl’inG in this farking country until now~~!!!

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