Tuesday, June 09, 2009

i hav been placed on the "ALTAR"~~

U guys remember tat~~!!??
I was complaining bout I hav been requested to lead a small team to carry out the tasks/works by a US fatty (my Chief Estimator)??

b4 tat... i hav been taken over n incharge for some 'shit' aredi..
tat senior QS transferred to site, n he didn’t hand over the things to anybody…
this is so shit~~!! I hav to judge everything by myself… duno my company will suffer lossing of tat o not… but dun worry so much lar... everything loOks fine... =p

n now.. u request me to lead a small team to finalize the shitz againz.....
I keep blaming, ''y me~~!?? there r so many QS(s) in my department wat.. all(majority) also older than me 1… n I’m just temporary staff (temporary in HQ)… y I neD to lead them n not they come to lead me~~!!?? is there any reason behind it~~!!?? grRRRRR~~~''

well… I received the pay slip this afternoon.. n I just noticed tat those “older QS” punya position r lower than me… (no 1der lah...)
=.= '''

OMG~~ they r just junior QS.. not even an assistance QS….
WTF~~!!??? dua (2) level lower than me… holly shit…
proof once againz, the Nationality is damn IMPORTANT~~!!!
but ofcoz.. the races n qualification r damn important toO~~~!!!

PKM…. stresSSSSSS……

I wan increment + bonus~~~!!!
(but I dun1 get "promoted "…)

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