Friday, June 12, 2009

Desert Safari~

well… they say this is one experience u cant miss when in Tubai… must go there b4 leaving this country…

the safari tour package includes Dune Bashing, Sand Ski,Camel ride, BBQ dinner & Belly Dancing…

~ the world is so big~~

~ peaceful & quiet~~

~ enjoy sitting on the sand~~
(opss, it is farking hot~~!!)

~the cars leaving a trace~ people come n go~~

~visitors & visitor guide~

~i wanna write somthing.. leaving a trace in the desert...
the 1st thing in my mind is "cha siao"~~

~2nd thing in my mind is "cha siao bao"~~ =p

~~~yo~~ sea-hAM in desert~~~

~~aikss.. i ned a better camera... btw.. the foOd really..... zZzzz.......~~
(i'm using my hp camera lar~ sombody pls sponsor me to buy D90...)

~~Tattoo~~~~ spider~~!!?? so weird~~!!

(aiks.. i just noticed tat i manyak bulu also..

~~dang dang dang dang~~ spider becom wugui~~


Tina K said...

Yes, u need a better camera. I recommend u Nikon D90+ kit lens+ sb800 flash ;p

spider become wugui? dont only thk abt f***, haha

ahh_mun vS hAM said...

D90 + kits lens lohh... i sudah buat research lah.... 5k ++ ler..

hmm.. c lar.. if ada bonus mayb i'll buy de (impossibble) =p

f*** = apa??
face, flag, fork or fren?? =p