Monday, June 01, 2009

dining in the so called 7 star hotel punya restaurant...

i tell u wat... it is not easy to makan in a so-called 7 star hotel (actual is 5 star only)...
u must follow the Rulez Set by the management de....

below is a sample of booking confirmation for makan in the restaurant...


From: Restaurants Reservation []
Sent: Friday, January 32, 2009 13:13 PM
To: Nei Lou Mei
Subject: Confirmation

Dear Mr. Nei Lou Mei,

Thank you for your kind request and the interest shown in the restaurants of Burg Ar Arap.

Further to your request we are delighted to confirm your restaurant reservation as follows:

Nei Hai Soohai Restaurant
located on the 28th floor
Friday, February 30, 2009
2 person(s), 10:00 hrs
Non Smoking only
Kindly be advised that we will be offering Brunch Buffet $$ 495.00 per person and there will be no a la carte service available.

Your confirmation number is PKM 8811967. Kindly mention your name or the confirmation number upon arrival at our welcome center to ensure a smooth access to the hotel. (tolong lah kasih kerjasama, no confirmation no. or booking, u r not allow to go in de... )

This reservation is being held on a guaranteed basis and will be kept as such unless cancelled 24 hours prior to arrival. In the event of a non-arrival in the restaurant or a cancellation being received on the same day, a charge of $$ 300 per person will be charged to your credit card. (i dun care u come or not, u must pay for it.. if u r not cancel the booking earlier..) However the payment is required on the same day in the restaurant either by cash or credit card.

Please note the following regulations in Nei Hai Soohai Restaurant:
  • The dress code in the restaurant is elegant. Gentlemen are requested to wear a shirt with collar, trousers (no jeans) and closed shoes (no trainers) or national dress. (how bout ladies?? naked is ok, but no jeans n trainers pls >.<)
  • Please be informed that the reservation for the above mentioned restaurant does not permit access to additional areas of the Hotel, such as other Restaurants, Spa and guests floors. (toilet also not allow to go, pls bring ur own bottle to standby.. just in case…)
  • Kindly note that photography is allowed in the restaurant, however limited upon managers discretion. Refrain from video recording. (is this cinema ??? or restaurant?? =.=''')
  • Requests for a window table will be noted, however, tables at the window will not be confirmed, but provided subject to availability. (c my moOd lar n c how u looks like, i takut nanti those bird falling down when c ur face... if u r too ugly, no windows seat is allow..)
  • Use of mobile phones in our restaurants is restricted; please switch your phones to silent mode while dining. (i really think this is a cinema~)
  • Due to the high demand of the restaurant we will be holding your booking for a period of 30 minutes from the reservation time onwards. (ok, i'm ok wif this)
  • Please note that there will be no alcohol service before 12.00hrs in the restaurant. (reasonable)
  • According to law in Tupai, children below 21yrs old are not permitted in the bar. (no doubt for tat)
  • Children are welcome for brunch. Children above the age of 7 years are welcome for lunch. Moreover, for dinner children below 12 years are welcome to dine in the restaurant from 19.00 hrs to 20.30 hrs.
  • Children from 0-3 years of age dine free of charge in all the F&B Outlets; 4-11 years of age will be given 50% discount on buffets, a la carte menu and set menus. However there will be no discount on kids menu and beverages. Any children above 12 years of age will be charged full rate. (fair enough)
  • Kindly bring this confirmation letter along with you to ensure smooth access to the hotel and restaurant. (management : u idiot~~!!! no confirmation letter, u r not allow to go in, u MUST BOOK 1st, pls follow the rulez…)

Enhance your lunch or dinner experience at Burg Ar Arap by arriving in style with one of our white Rolls Royce. Should you wish to book or have more information please contact the transportation department on 08 6769 11967 or email (Subject to availability) (normally u can get the car easily de lar.. even we say it is subject to availability.. u noe wat? Our guest normally come wif helicopter der… Rolls Royce is too cheap… the local ppl punya punggung tak boleh tahan kereta yg manyak cheap…)

We are looking forward to welcoming you and your guests to Burg Ar Arap and should you have any queries or require further information or assistance please do not hesitate to contact us immediately.

Join us, the Zhok Shui Yu and Rewards Program. From indulgent room upgrades to spa treatments or dinners for two, a host of Awards await when you join us. If you are not a member yet, register online at

Yours sincerely,

Zhok Nei Shui Yu

Sales Agent
Restaurant Reservations Department
Burg Ar Arap
Tupai United Arap Emerates
Tel: +967 8 467 9967
Fax: +967 8 469 9969
Visit us at


Daphne said...

how is there ? This Nei hai So Hai Restaurant worth to go?

or really is Tong Nei Sui Yu??

ahh_mun vS hAM said...

aiyo.. now just boOking only lar..
i'll let u noe worth or not after tat..