Tuesday, February 24, 2009

money can’t buy happiness~~!!!???

r u sick of hearing tat money can’t buy happiness?

we used to say “money can’t buy happiness” - "money can buy material things, but real happiness must be truly earned”….

other than tat, it could be found in varying forms~~
“money can't buy everything, money can't buy frens, money can't buy love & etc”…..

well~~ “money can’t buy happiness” argument is tat many major international studies undertaken since duno how many centuries ago.. virtually everyone agree tat "money can’t buy happiness," but sometimes, it can~~~!!! but only if u noe the right way to spend it~~!!

there r few tips (from Mr. si-hAM) for using money to be happier~~

spend the money on others~~
one of the best ways to make urself happy is to make someone else happy~~
think bout ways u could spend the money tat would make a big difference to someone else~~~ whether is ur family, frens or bla bla bla~~~

  • pay a plane ticket for ur gf to Pulau Ledang;
  • call for a bird-Day party or dinner for ur family members;
  • buy som small gift or souvenir to ur frens or belanja them yamcha & etc….
  • donate som money to charities, it will make u feel happy toO…

all this just ned to spend ur little money~ n it might bring happiness to everybody~~
u may toughen bonds with ur family & frends n even make the world a happier place~~!!

another tips to make u to be happier is make ur life lagi simple wif small amount of money~~

  • u just throw ur car n the money to the car wash shop n ask them to wash it…
  • throw money to the laundry to do the washing + ironing~~

u think how much u gonna spend on tat? Once per week…
8 ringgit? 10 ringgit?
fark it lar~~ drop also drop 9(kao) aredi~~
n u no ned to fed up wif spending ur weekend on wahsing ur car or clothes aredi~
u can spend ur time on doing somthing interesting~~~
u must try to improve by throwing the money at the problem~~~ to simplelize ur life~~!!!

do u think tat r we really c2pid enough to believe tat a plasma TV, living in bungalow or owe a sport car will make us happy~~!!??
since when was money good only for buying material belongings?
wat bout all the other things it’s good for?
surely they can factor in to how happy we are?

Says Loewenstein, "If u're a single male driving around in the Ferrari with nobody next to u, it's a glaring omission."~

I strongly agree wif tat statement~~
sometimes u must spend the money on somebody else.. to make others n urself happier… ….

well~~ I’m earning 5 digit salary par month...
even I hav great pay + fantastic job (looks like).. but, I’m not happy wif tat..
I stil feel farking boring + moody…
I pergi shopping alone n bla bla bla.. it wont make myself feel happier...
mayb @ tat moment i free happy awhile lar...but after tat it just make me feel lagi sunyi~~
sometimes I think I lagi suka spend the money on som1 else rather than myself…
now the majority of my money r spend on my debt, expenses, family, frens + foOds…
I think spend money on others experienced greater happiness than spend the money on myself… especially when i spending it on my family and best frens…((but ofcoz I won’t spend every single cents to others lar.. wat I mean is those extra money lar..)

n now.. i truly believe tat money can buy happiness, but only if u spend it on others, don’t u~~!!??

so, the conclusion is “can money buy happiness”~~!!??
well, it can help put the right conditions in place~~
it doesn’t means u can buy the happiness wif money~
but just it is easier to be happy if u hav money n noe the way to spend it~~
(tak ada wang, u sure mati 1 de =p)
whether u call tat buying happiness or not, the understanding is more important than the argument~~

so~ ladies n gentlemen~~ wat's the secret of happiness~~!!??

(hAM: I noe I noe~~!! I belanja u teh-ais, then u belanja me joyoga, abalone & shark fin ~~!! =p )


Daphne said...

spend money on me la.. ulimited money on me = unlimited happiness.. lolz..i'm willing to help u be happy .. haha

ahh_mun vS hAM said...

oiii merr~~!!??

u pergi dump ur bf 1st lar… then I sure spend unlimited money on u ~~ unlimited luv also can…



Tina K said...

u don complaint lonely, i offered to help u tackle girl, u dont want

if u paiseh, then u can pay me to help u tackle her. This way u can
1) spend money to make yourself happy
2) spend money to make her happy
3) spend money to make me happy

so everybody is happy =)


ahh_mun vS hAM said...

aiyo… not I dun 1 pay u..
tackle ahmoi is easy…
but tackle som1 I luv then I scare aredi…

u noe wat~~!!??
my brain stucked + my soul is fading awy when I facing her.....
I becom an idiot aredi~~
apa strategy, tactic or plan also useless lah…