Friday, February 20, 2009

Freeze~~~ ''takip'' (robbing)~~!!

I hav been invited to be a ‘‘heng dai’’(兄弟~ groomsman~!!??) during my fren’s wedding….

According to my understanding…. on the morning of the wedding, we r going to have the ritual of the groom going to the bride's home to retrieve the bride (接新娘).. ofcoz, there will be some kind of ‘‘traditional activities’’ larr~~
the bridesmaids and groomsmen akan play all kinds of silly games... (does this sounds pretty funny..?)

Oh ya.. I’m shocked~~ y me??
So far I noe there r few ppl sudah promise to be the groomsmen.. Ivan, V + TC…
Hrmmm.. it is kinda weird… 1st thing in my mind is… Y me?

1st~ I cannot drink.. Ivan is great drinker.. he is ‘qian bei bu zui”~~ he satu org sudah capable to drink all the liquid~
2nd~ I cannot joke~ I’m toO serious + boring~~ V is a funny guy~ he is more expert on making everybody laugh~
3rd~ I’m not talkative~~ TC is chatty + smart enough on heating the situation~

But after speak to spear n few ppls..
I notice tat the groomsmen just ned to accomplish certain quests which requested by the bridesmaids then ok aredi..

I question myself… am I qualified for this task??
The answer is~~ I think so kua….
But, I think it supposed to be a funny experience for me lar..

Lolz~ I’m so expecting for it now…
look forward to tat day coming…

Yo~~~~ we r going to takip (rob/kidnap) retrieve the bride (接新娘) soon lor~~!!!

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