Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Garl Who Took My Breath Away~

Dating som one during this CNY~

well~~ I strongly agree tat “if there is a guy acts like a total jerk in front of u.. tat means he likes you..”

i can’t say anything after look into her beautiful eyes~~
every time I look into her eyes, holly shit~~ it cause my brain damaged ~~
when the time she smile becoz of the jokes or something else~ she took my breath awy… my soul is fading awy.....

I’m trying to pretend to be calm, but if u “check/observe” me carefully/narrowly, u will probably c tat I’m sweating~~

My brain keep stuck’inG ~~just like the CPU overloaded~~ alwyz jammed~~ n it's keep on repeating every few minutes~~ I tak boleh think, tak boleh judge~
time passed by so fast and suddenly 1 hour passed…
I tak tahu wat am I doing at all.. mayb I say som nonsense I sendiri also tak notice…

Holly shit~!!
I noe this is so sickening + disgusting~~

But~~ I noe tat I’m getting LOST…

i alwyz think about her recently~~ either when sleeping or awake~~
i don't dare to sms/phone her so often larr~~
it looks abit weird if i keep sms or call her from oversea right~!!???

aiks~~~ i’m going crazy bout this garl aredi.. really~~~


Anonymous said...

Wah..u r really in love u..go go go..all the best ya..


ahh_mun vS hAM said...

Support wat larr… i fall in love with someone ‘secretly’ only~~

i think she didn’t notice also..

anyway~ i just wan to express my feeling here.. since the memory still fresh~~

EC arr EC~~ I feel damn helpless now~

Anonymous said...

please let her know..dun kep it ursef..must let her know at least u know whetjer she interest u or as fren only..mayb she oso got tat thinkin of u..or mayb she jus wanna fren wit u..but at least u let her know ur feels..then u can decided d..tat's all..


ahh_mun vS hAM said...

I ned to calm down~~
just let me calm down 1st~~n think clearly~~~
I ned to analyze current situation + think bout the future thoroughly~
I'm afraid tat I'm doing something wrong~~
I dun1 she get hurt~~~
mayb I dun1 myself get hurt toO…

Tina K said...

tell me who, i kautim for u! hehehe

*just buy me some UAE food when u balik, kekeke*

ahh_mun vS hAM said...

tak mahu~~
u think so easy kautim merr~~!!??

btw~ i think if kasih Tina tahu means inform the whole world aredi~~


u really wan 2 noe? really??
buy me drink when i go balik..
n if i drunk, mayb i'll tell u~~


Tina K said...

eh, EC's secret still safe with me k. hehe

cheh, me hati baik want to help only, tak mau sudah. dont regret yer....hehe

Tina K said...

eh, EC's secret is still safe with me =) so im actually very reliable one...

cheh, me hati baik want to help u only, since u r so shy...tak mau sudah. dont regret yer!! hehe

belanja u drink? sure boh? takut all ur other secrets also leaked out to the whole world, keke

ahh_mun vS hAM said...

tak payah ur help lar..

if this kind of thing also ned ur help, I rather buy a piece of tofu n langgar my head (kill myself)… =p
mayb just ned ur advice lar…
sigh.. a lot things ned to be considered…

btw~~ i have no way to deal with it now.. so~~ just let it have its swing….
let it be~~ ^^

mayb~~~ slowly… my feeling won’t be so strong.. then I’ll forget bout her de lar…
mayb~~ akan sembunyi my feeling in a secret place dlm my hati..