Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happening in CNY – Part 5

New car~~!!!
Silver color myVi wif the plate no.of 349~~ finally there is a family car for my family~~
Pls~ dun hit tat car when u c it on the road~~~

it is kinda rush to get the car… my mother insist to get the car be4 CNY~~
she ‘‘threats’’ the salesman sommore just becoz she want to get the car be4 CNY~~

actually I knew tat my mum doing tat just becoz of me..
mayb she think tat I can hav a car to fetch ahmoi during this CNY~~
I think this is her intention lar… She starts chasing me to get a gf aredi…

OMG~~ y all the parents also suka doing tat~~!!????
Pls~ let me settle down my life dulu lar….

n pls~ dun date those auntie punya daughter for me~~
I knew there r few aunties aiming me right now… =.=’’’

never ever arrange ‘dating’ for me pls~~~!!!
otherwise I’ll make tat gal cry infront of u~~!!

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