Friday, June 01, 2007

sex~~a necessity for pak tuo'ing couple~~!!??

i doing a research todayz~~
since my GM not around~~
i'm so free~~
the topic is 性生活--是不是男女朋友的必需品~~!!??
sex-- a necessity for pak tuo'ing couple~~

agree or disagree~~!!??

early i msg to 30 ppl in my msn list(guys which is online)~~

"todayz's topic
if feel free..
pls answer.. n u may giv comment..

Dun influence by others…
n ur answer will keep as secret...

hahaha.. i'm doing research.. =p
tq for ur involve =p"

ermmm~~ after 1 ++ hour~~
the result is out~~

result of the research(frm 30 guys)~~

agree ~ 21 org; (70.00%)
disagree ~ 3 org; (10.00%)
depends ~ 2 stupid fellas; (6.67%)
(depends ur head lar~~lolz~~~~)
no reply ~ 4 org (13.33%)

~~~n here is the some of the funny comments~~~

(K) :
but sometimes i veiw it as immoral..
many ppl r gettin marry late..
if no sex, how 2 maintain wor..
tis is both mentally n physicaly needs..
oso important in maslow hierarchy of needs..
(cool~~~mentally + physically + Maslow's hierarchyof needs pun sudah keluar~~~ =.="' ~~muahahaha)

dude, we are all human...
no sex = not intresting love life...

ppl doing, i'm won doing....
(i can understand it as the chinese ppl say 人做我不做,我有我态度 ~ som thing like i wont be copy cat lar)

yes, strongly agree

depand la...
but more on no..
hehe.. depand…
depand will be my answer la..

of course depending on individual la...
if both agree then ok la...
sex is not a must...
but eventually MOST people will do la
(i'm not saying a MUST lar.... necessity lar... =.=''')
the most important or needed thing to do at a particular time - defination for nessasary
(swt~~ u pergi cari dictionary bout the definition of necessary~~~ =.=''')
well i agree tat the couple having a sex to make relationship bcome more closer between each other...

however it mus be carry out in a moderate time...
(hahaha~~ farker.... bullshit'ing~~dun cover lar... hahahaha~~)

~~~~~the end of the research~~~~~

hahaha~~ just take it as a jok lar..
lolz.. the purpose of doing this research is becoz i'm too boring~~
n it mayb can cheer up som of u~~~
lolz~~ i also able to use this opportunities to keep in touch wif those ppl i seldom contact...
guys~~ keep in touch man~~~
find me yamcha if free lar...

( u guys punya answer will keep as secret~~ tak payah takut~~ muahahahaha~~ for those who wanna noe wat's my answer 1.. PLS PM me~~ lolz~~~~)

*PM means private msg

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