Thursday, May 24, 2007

my UOB VOX Card~~~

my UOB VOX Card sudah sampai~~
quite fast also...

just wave, pay & go~~~
just wave your card when paying at the participating merchant outlets with the Visa Wave logo~~
tat is wat i want now~~~

aiks~~but they giv me 2 cards..
1 is visacard(Vox) n another is general mastercard~~
lolz.. early i just want the Vox card only~~

the garl call me just now to active the cards..
ohh~~ there is a term n condition 1~~
if u just get 1 card then u hav to pay for annual fee nex time~~
if u get both then the thing u need to do is "slot" them both 6 times per yr~~
then tak payah bayar annual fees lor~~
aiyo~~accept it lar....

muahahaha~~ 2 more cards to go~~
i think i wont apply for citibank anymore lar..
so many cards aredi~~~

damn~~ work in public listed company really easy to get approve lar..

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