Thursday, May 24, 2007

90 million can do wat orr~~!!??

c2piDhAM :


90 mil is small money only lar~~

90 mil is not including the water proofing system 1 lar..
u noe how exp is the water proofing system arrr?
90 millions only a small small small amount only…
tak cukup to cover it lar..….
U wan including the water proofing??
i think roughly add another 20 mil lar..

I think 20 mil punya water proofing system mayb can giv u 1 yr warrantee only lar…
Takkan I guarantee for whole life marr…..
1 yr is ok lar..
if later BOCOR then u mar employ ppl to repair lor..
since manyak org pun BOCOR every month 1…
lolz~~~ the works is BOCOR after 1 yrs is beli good aredi lor~~~

hey~~ if within 1 yr tak ada BOCOR~~
can the sub-con get award arr~~!??
To praise them lar~~
at least giv them a sijil lar~~
Manyak org BOCOR everymonth ler…
If their works really BOCOR after 1 yr must get award lar~~~

Aiyoyo~~ dun talk wif u aredi lar…
I’m very bizy 1 lerr..
My works is best in Selangor n KL 1 ler…
Dun play play~~~
Only som times BOCOR only~~
But tat 1 is a small small case(accident!!??) lar~~
Ppl very easy to forgot bout this kind of thing 1 lar..
last time the jalan @ duno were were were got prob also wat~~
c~~ now the ppl forgot bout tat jalan aredi ler...
they stil using it everyday~~ tak ada org mati pun~~
take it easy lar~~
were got so easy to cause ppl die 1 arr...

BTW~~ I told u tat the works r not including the water proofing system lor~~
So , this is not my biz~~~
dun alwyz talk bout this issue lar..
i'm beli bizy 1 arrr~~~


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