Tuesday, May 22, 2007

~~black listed bank by hAM~~

yesterday I was interviewed by a fella n a garl in BU’s center point~~
tat is a research bout credit card~~

so~~ he ask me wat kind of credit card + wat brand am I using now~~
HSBC lor~~

Will u consider bout others credit card~~!??
UOB’s vox lor~~ I applying it now~~~

Y u chooses HSBC as ur prime card~~??
Coz it is world wide~~!?? n I use it be4 in UK~~I think its security is not bad~~
(aiyo~~ 55 apply since this company so easy to get approve~~ apply all the oversea bank lar~~lolz~~~)

Will u consider bout others brand credit card??
For example~~ mayb@nk ~~!??
NO~~~~~~ definitely no~~~!!

the garls laugh on tat~~
becoz I’m shouting the “no” when i answering this question~~~
Wau~~ she is so sweet man~~~ =p
Lolz~~~ tat old fella also laught aredi~~
n ask me y~~?
Coz of the bad experience lar..
Their services so poor~~

All of us laugh only after listen the answer~~


The interview end after 20 mins~~
n there is a free gift..
is a key chain~~so sweet~~~ =p
i gav it to weng aredi~~

after the interview~~
i'm thinking tat since when i start anti M@ybank~~
i think the feeling is so strong is becoz of somthing happen @ last 2 months ago~~
tat time i wanna bank in 2k to my remisier..
My shares will be force to sell if i cant do tat be4 12pm~~
n the service providing by the them (M@ybank @ Jln Yong Shook Lin2) is damn damn damn poor~~
it takes me about 1 hour to lineup n do the transaction~~

actually i'm quite stupid also~~
should trasnfer by ATM lar although i failed to trasnfer wif M@ybank2u~~

but the staff who working in tat branch really giv me a very bad reputation~~
i wont forget bout it~~
i noe tat the figure less than 3k shouldnt bank in @ counter~~
But I aredi out of time lar~~
damn it~~ the online transaction keep failing~~
damn it~~ I going to lost 300 if I didn’t bank in the money~~

poor service~~
+ idiot staff~~~

but too bad~~
my company use this bank as their prime bank~~
everymonth punya salary also hav to trasnfer to it~~

damn it~~~

i try to forgiv n accept M@ybank~~
but it may takes time~~~
"1 hari kasi ular gigit~~ 10 tahun pun takut tali~~"


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