Thursday, June 28, 2007

thieves ~~~!!??

Early of the morning~~
We reach our office~~~

n OMG~~~~!!!!
Wat’s going on to our department~~~!!???
Visited by the thieves~~!!??

Were is all the computers, tables & chair ~~~!!??
OMG~~ partition pun sudah hilang~~~
This thieves damn ganas lar..

Wah wah wah~~All the things are gone….

Wah~~ u c the ceiling board ~~!!??
The 1 my colleague pointing it~~!!??
My colleague Kong suspect the thieves come in thru the roof there…

his suspect on tat is consider reasonable also wat…
But~~ wait~~~!!!
our department @ 1st floor ler..
Atas masih ada 2nd floor ler..
Noway the kakilang(org sendiri) stole the things mer~~!!??

btw~~~ how the thieves move all these “properties” frm the office~~!!??
They got doraemon’s “magic pocket”~~~!???
So ganas lar…
We got so many security guards+ CCTV around lar..

Hrmm… so weird/ministry~~~~

It's just a jok~~my office is under renovation recently…
This is becoz the RBH big family coming to join us soon…
The current partition layout couldn’t fit the huge numbers of staffs…
So, got to renovate then re-partition lar…

Lolz~~ my boss planning to renovate it partly…
(becoz the contracts depmnt stil ned to go on~~ y dun just let us vacation lar~~~?? )
so, the worker demolish 1 part of my office n make som changes there~~

hrmm… hope + pray + wish I can sit back my original seats later…
tat seat really damn good feng shui 1~~~~
boss arr bosss~~~

pls~~~let me choose my seat~~~~~~!!!


HuonHengChai said...

Sei con man!

ahh_mun vS hAM said...

dennis i lup u~~~
pls believe tat my lup to u is true man..
wont con u 1...

i just notice ur new blog few dayz ago...
u nv tell me bout tat also...
i added it to my favorite links jorr~~~

keep in touch~~~ =p