Monday, June 25, 2007

~~~RM26 million for Proton dealers~~~

WARNING: this article may contain nut~~!!!

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Yesterday we QS'ian (QS Kaki) gathering againz…
Dinner @ 88 restaurant….
After finish all our food + dish..
We start salking about nonsense…
Starting the topic frm garls until the gov….

yi~~~ ada org jual news paper wor~~
buy 1~~ buy 1~~

here is the part of the conversation~~~~~

wai: wah~~ gov say owners would be able to sell their cars which are more than 15 years old to proton for a RM5,000 coupon~~~ u can it as a down payment to purchase new proton cars wor~~

Keap: wah~~ then i can ask my dad change his car lor~~

hAM: ur dad's car sudah 15 yrs old?? 55 change lor.. i think this kind of kang tao , 1st come 1st get 1...

Keap: 13 yrs old only...

hAM: ..............

Keap:hrmm.. do u noe tat proton dealers get compensate frm gov??

hAM: yes yes~~yes~~!! I read this news be4… Proton offered RM150k to each dealer, money that it had obtained from the gov~~~ that’s RM10 million there…. but only 30+ ppl accepted it only… others say they worth not only this price ler… then request more wor..

Keap: yalar.. they say wan 300k… 150k not enough lar…

Wai: wah wah wah~~ kam dou dak~~?? (ini org selalu send by his boss to dubai~~ so tak ada read m'sia news paper)

hAM: let’s register to becomz the proton dealer lar… 1st.. we pergi rent an empty shoplot.. chinchai lar.. rent frm Kampong lar.. rental + expenses~~ 2k per month should be ok… then after 2 months we close it.. n request for the compensate..

Weng: u gila arr?? 1 month enough lar.. rent 2 months for wat? u got alots money arr??

Keap: yalor.. no need renovation arr.. ??

hAM: told u empty office lorr.. deng.. but I think 1 month also can aredi 1 lar..

wai: wah… no “salesman” inside tat shop ?? later the gov ppl check how?

hAM: aiyo.. when they com n check , we just giv them 200 lar.. deng… this kind of thing very easy to handle 1 lar… easy jobs lar… the salesman issue ler.. is so easy… u, u, u & u (weng , wai , keap & hup)… damn.. we aredi got 4 salesmans.. dun play play.. we all got cert 1 ler.. all also “du shu ren”… professional QS pergi sell car.. banyak adcance ler.. u think our salary is low arr.. all also best of the best ler…

Keap: yalor yalor… then when the customers wanna test drive right..? we got wira, gen2, iswara, waja here… wira got special edition some more…

Hup: if the customer say wanna test satria~~??

Weng: tell the customer.. “were got ppl take satria 1.. out jorr larr…” n if them ask for perdana, then we can say “perdana tak ada keluar jorr lar…”

Hup: the customer wanna test drive must test it @ night~~ we tell them “were got ppl test drive in the morning 1.. so farking jam.. test @ night.. the highway tak ada kereta.. easier for u to test the speed of the car… then I can take my uncle’s waja let the client test it.. “u slow slow test lar”.. hahaha…

Hup: wah , sounds like not bad lar... if our biz very good then how orr? stil wan to close it~~!??

hAM: then we dun close it lar.. continue be the dealer lar.. but it seems like difficult than kena TOTO lar… hahahaha…

semua org ketawa: hahahahahaahaha~~~

~~~~the end of this topic~~~~
(the QSian start another topic againz~~~~)


Prot*n's dealer: oii~~~give us RM300k lah~~~ RM150k where got enough? we invest up a minimum of RM200k to setup the operations lar... (BULL SHIT'ING)

Prot*n: err~~~ Ok lah~~~ nah~~here is RM300k, take it~~~
(haiya~~ money doesnt matter, as long as the problem can be solve ~~MOney? u take it only lar…)

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