Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Common topic + questions during gathering when u r aging + single…

every time, bila i meet those long time tak ada c punya kawan or ex colleague or cousin …
10 kali sure ada 9 kali mereka akan ask me som same “COMMON” questions….

Let me show u the conversation… a “sample” + “typical” + “common” 1…..


X : “hey buddy… u r not getting any younger…..”

(me: y sudden talk bout this?? =.=''' )

Me :err… I baru 26 yrs old.. consider middle middle age lar… but ofcoz compare wif those college fella, I can consider as old aredi lar… sigh..

Then, X : “y u stil dun hav gf??? shall we look for some1 for you???”

Me :err… ok de.. noe more female also good de… u ada siapa nak introduce ahhh???

X: “ So what about xxx???

Me: “ mmm… she is not my type lah….”

Y : “ then how about xyz ler??? ”

(Y also ada suggestion aredi… she seem very interested on this topic…. =.=''')

Me: “ hmmmm….she looks quite garang lar…i tak berani tackle her lar… ”

X: “ then abc ok or not? She looks soft soft + Uni graduator sommore.. sure ngam u de lar..

Me: “pls lah..err…. i’m not saying tat she not pretty… mayb som 1 suka her… but not me… hey… u nak introduce gals to me also mesti kasih me ada sikit feeling de mar….”

X : “u must try 1st mar… then baru noe it work or not.. giv her a chance n giv urself a chance too.. nanti ada spark leh…”

Me: “she?? I tak ada feeling lar...”

Z : “ r u gay !!!???”

(Z sudden pop out this question to me =.=''' )

Me: “I’m not gay~~!!! i suka ahmoi 1.. I pun ada ahmoi yg suka de.. macam cde, efg, hijk.. tapi they all got bf aredi… sigh…” (must clarify this 1st, this is very serious punya ''allegation'' >.<)

Me: “well.. I just wan to get a serious relationship wif som1 I really luv.. I dun 1 simply go get a gf becoz I think I should hav 1… I dun 1 simply tries to start a relationship wif some 1 i’m not so sure… I dun 1 ‘pak san tuo’ (un-serious relationship), it will hurt tat gal 1…

Y : “go to hell lar … u r too fussy !!!”

X: “fark u~~!! Wasting my time n air-liur…”

Z: “we dun listen to this farker talk cock lar… he only wan the Lee Ka Yan, Lum Ka Yan & Chung Ka Yan only… ask him go to hell lar.. SP(sau pei) lar... ”

Me: ……………….. =.='''

~~~~~ End of the topic ~~~~~


**Lee Ka Yan : Michele Monique Reis ( 李嘉欣) (HK artist) ( Miss Hong Kong + Miss Chinese International + Miss World 1988)

**Lam ka Yan : Karena LAM Ka-Yan (林嘉欣) (Taiwan artist: 1 of my favorite artist..)

**Chung ka Yan : Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) (Miss Chinese International 2004 and is now an up-and-coming popular actress affiliated with TVB)

just in case you guys don't noe who r them.. =p


Tina K said...

Lee Ka Yan = Michelle Reis??? That I really didnt know leh. I thought lee Ka Yan is already old (same zaman as Jacky Cheong) and Michelle Reis is young (same age as us, hahaha.

ahh_mun vS hAM said...

Michelle Reis same age as us?
which Michelle Reis ohh?

Lee Ka Yan is of mixed ancestry as her father is Portuguese and her mother is cantonese…
her birth name is Michelle Monique Reis lah..

Daphne said...

i tell u wat.. i like Zhong Kar Yan vy much .. dunno why .. is jz too attractive to me.. hehe
by the way.. i think "got any girl intro to me" is ur hot topic when msn with u too.. haha~~

ahh_mun vS hAM said...

muahahaha.. I lup her so much toooOOO……
btw… u just like Chung Ka Yan only?
actually, I lup 3 of them ler…

Let me give u a little bit of ‘lesson’…

hAM’s GMW (Girlfriend/Mistress/Wife) Theory

If let me choose… (if really wan to categorize them into tat 3 categories..)

i would choose Chung Ka Yan to be my gf... she giv me gf feel… she is beautiful + young…. can play’ing kissy-kissy, talk’ng mooshy-mooshy (something meanless).. I’ll feel young… just like a” kid’’ again…

Lee Ka Yan is hot, sexy + mature… secret lover (情妇- mistress) feel… I would find some way of making her my mistress.. (dreaming~~)

n Lum Ka Yan I wanna make her be my wife… she giv me punya feeling is intelligent + attractive.. pretty + mature + smart… n she is sooo cute even she is fat (last time duno which movie aredi.. her weight reach 60kg de)… she is the type I wan to stick together for the rest of my life…


p/s:"got any girl intro to me??" is not our hot topic in msn.. the hottest topic is "when u wan to marry ur sis to me??"


Daphne said...

yup, i like chung kar yan only.. not jz bcoz she is pretty, is she give me a different feel than any other artist, especially when she smile.. omg XD
if i'm a guy.. i will like this type of girl.. simple and happy go lucky..

no choice, u force me to show this.. hahaha..
kar jie got to protect sister from devil..

ahh_mun vS hAM said...

so rude.... international sign (finger of death) also come out...


i really luv ur sister de... i fall in luv to her @ 1st sight ler... pls giv me a chance lah...

dun over protect ur sis lar.. she no longer kids anymore... ah ookk sei kah jie (恶死家姐)...


ahh_mun vS hAM said...

to Tina:

oiii... update ur blog often lar..
dun 'curi ayam' so much~~

post somthing....!!!
oiii~~ were is our TTDI mabuk punya pic?????

p/s: Tina yg cantik + intelligent + bagus.... bila nak introduce me ur cousin jek??