Wednesday, September 12, 2007

PTP, Johor Bharu~~~

well~~ i went to Johor to submit a tender on this tuesday~~
wif my colleague, Kong~~~

stay 1 night @ JB then going back to HQ on wednesday~~
hrmm.. we drive the company pajero to JB~~
we start our journey @ IJM wisma @ 4.30 pm~~
errmmm... following the map print out frm the internet...

we reach the JB @ 8.00 pm~~~

well~~ we r proud to ourselves~~~

reach JB in such period~~~

C~~~ tat's the New York Hotel~~
fast fast~~
drive to there...
tat is the hotel we gonna stay tonight~~~
yes~~~ it looks coOL~~~~

aiks~~ we belok wrong direction lar~~
sini tak boleh U-turn lar~~!!!
nv mind~~~
there there there~~~
infront ada U-turn~~~~~!!!

well~~ finally... we reach the hotel lobby~~
aiks~~~the standard room sudah habis~~

harr~~!? deluxe room~~!!??

how much is tat~~!!??

wah~~ so expensive~~!!??

is tat any cooperate rate~~!!???

ohh~~got arrr~~
10 % ++ ???
lucky lar~~~~

wah~~~ Deluxe roOm~~~

wat the hell is this~~~??
walau~~ it is the "mother remote control" of the room~~
muahahaha~~ it loOks so advance~~
damn it~~~
we can control the all the light inside the room, air-con & Tv by a single touch~~

hrmmm~~ at least this c2pid deluxe stil under our budget~~
we no need to pay for the extra to stay into this Deluxe roOM...
aiks~~ i accidentally deleted the pic frm the camera~~

so~~ cannot show u guys the view frm this 19th roOm~~

but i can roughly describe the outside view here lar..

outside the JB loOks like the KL city~~
the lights r every were~~~~

u can c alots cars~~motorcycler + alots ppl frm my room~~

after check in~~
we went to the nearby shopping center to makan our dinner~~
wau~~~the ahmoi cantik like in KL~~~

they looks coOL~~ like the local ahmoi lar...
all so fashion~~

c2piD hAM~~~
taken be4 tidur~~~

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