Tuesday, September 25, 2007

goOdbye IJM~~~

today is my last workin dayz wif current company~~

i think i'm a heartless person~~
the feeling of leaving is not so strong...
last time went to UK study also macam tak ada feeling..
i'm so heartless~~
sekarang leaving this company also macam tak ada rasa...

but frankly speaking...
until the last minutes i standing outside the Wisma IJM n watch it back frm the car~~

only really got the feeling of leaving~~
baru ada sikit feeling of upset & helpless~~

suddenly~~ all the happy memories & un-happy memories (甜tian, 酸suan, 苦ku, 辣la) in IJM come into my mind~~
my selection of leaving is correct~~!!??

i think there is no answer right now~~
we should look forward to the future~~~
i think i can "survive" probably in S'pore de~~~

i wish IJM Construction continued success in their endeavors...
n really wish all my frens & colleagues in IJM all the best~~
i'll miss u all~~~

shall i shout "i'll be back~~~" when i step out IJm~~!!???
hopefully i will becomz a manager when i "step into" IJM againz lar~~~

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