Saturday, September 08, 2007

Putraline LRT~~ @#$^%$%#$@#!!!!

Thanks to this farking Putraline LRT~~~
It spoiled my morning~~

Fark dap~~
actually early of the morning sudah moody aredi~~
saturday stil ned to work~~
N now~~~ it make me more heated~~~!!!

Usually~~ I use my Touch n Go to pass thru the LRT gate~~
Todayz~ I cant pass thru when i reach the Tmn Jaya Station AGAINZ~~
Then, no choice~~
I take my Touch n Go card to the counter to solve this farking problem~~

This farking idiot staff say I didn’t touch my card when I entry the gate~~

I tell u wat~~
There are 2 possible ways to occur this kind of situation~~

the 1st is ur farking idiot system cannot detect when I touch my card on ur farking gate~~
another possibility is I pass thru the gate without touch my card~~
for the 2nd possibility, it means ur farking idiot staff nv guard ur farking idiot gate~~
n let the anonymous go in n out simply~~
orhhh~ ya~~ mayb there is 3rd possibility~~
mayb I can invisible myself n go thru the gate without notice by others~~
BTW~~ If I really wanted to cheat ur farking RM1.30~~
I would just walk away frm the monthly pass entry~~
fark dap~~
use ur farking brain~~~

I dun 1 talk so much farking crap wif that idiot~~


tat idiot : “ u got to pay here.. buy a single trip ticket”


I farking long time nv buy this single trip ticket aredi~~
so , I’m not sure how much it cost frm KELANA JAYA to this Tmn Jaya~
previously when I facing this kind of problem..
the staff will automatically deduct the money frm my Touch n Go~
this time, this farking idiot asking me pay n buy another ticket…
ok~~ well~~
I hav no small change~~
RM50 only~~
U dun1 accept it??
Ok~~ fine~~
Do u accept credit card??
U can choose either 1~~
OUB got Wave n Go function~~
U choose lar~~

oh~ ya~~~
sorry arr… ur station is TOO FARKING OUTDATED~~
Cannot accept credit card~~
So~~ wat the fark r u waiting for???
Accept this farking RM50 n giv me back my change lar…
fark dap~~

after I paid~ this idiot nv giv me any “ticket”~~
she just ask me pass thru the gate~~
u ate the farking money arr?
No ticket?
Ok, fine~~
I out of time aredi~~
Dun 1 waste my time for this farking matter~~

Putraline LRT got time to adjust the rate of journey + monthy pass~~
but no time to improve their service~~
nv provide a comfortable or equivalent service~~
PLS lar~~~
Nowadays ~~
This kind of farking attitude to serve is not work anymore~~

Sudah Merdeka 50 tahun aredi~~~
Pls change abit ur farking attitude lar..
Cuti-cuti in M’sia worr~~
If the overseas visitors experience this, they will laugh lar…

I’m stil blazing~~~ in fire~~~!!!!
Fark dap~~
But once i call back the famous "pet phrase"~~
My emotion will calm down~~
It may works to u too~~
Just remember this 2 words when u facing any un-fair treatments~~

Just shout this out~~

MALAYSIA BOLEH~~~!!!!!!!!!

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