Wednesday, August 08, 2007

durian madness~~~!!

Warning: durian "inside" ~~!!!


  • Grown in Malaysia and Indonesia.
  • the fruit having a hard, prickly rind and soft pulp with an offensive odor but a pleasant taste.
  • Each fruit weighs 2-3kg and has a soft, cream-coloured pulp, with a smell considered disgusting by the uninitiated.
  • A 100-g portion is a rich source of vitamin C; a good source of vitamin B1; a source of vitamin B2; supplies 125 kcal (500 kJ).
  • Within the shell are five or six segments of golden or cream-colored custardy pulp, the flavor of which is reputed to be so delectable that it is commonly known in Southeast Asia as the "king of fruits."

one little, two little, three little durians~~

as wat the pic shown~~
a quite huge numbers of durians STORING in my house~~~

wah~~ damn it~~ the smell is SOSOSOSOOOOOO bad~~~!!!!
i can smell it once i step into my house~~

"maaa(mum), y so smelly~~!!?? who ate durians~~~!!??"

my mother pointing the store room n ask me to hav loOk~~
walau~~ y so many durians there~~!!??
durian mega sales arrr~~~!!??

"nolar~~ tat uncle bought it n hoard it here temporary~~"

damn~~ it's so smelly~~~
hrmmm~~~ nightmare for me~~~
i sudah few yrs nv touch this "king of fruits" liao~~~
coz i cant tahan the smell of it~~

3 yrs ago~~
i ate durian frm dayz til night~~
coz i having vacation @ my auntie's Durian Park~~
it's nightmare for me~~~ makan makan makan~~~
so crazy~~~u can smell the durian flavor when i open my mouth~~
so GERI~~~~~!!!


HuonHengChai said...

Can i stay with you for a day? i promise I won't reject you offer to eat durian

ahh_mun vS hAM said...

those durians not mine~~
but if u want boleh ambil 1 atau 2 biji 1~~
tak ada org notice 1~~~

but~~toO bad~~
now those durians no more wif me aredi~~

(i think tat uncle noe tat we whole family tak suka makan durian~~ so baru berani put it in our house~~~)