Thursday, August 09, 2007

funny company~~

This is so funny~~

this Glob*l construction company really KENG CHAO~~~
They submit a company profile without office contact & fax number~~
Wat kind of ahpek company is this~~~!!???
I got to call the Contract Manager(HP #) listed inside the profile~~
N guess wat~~!!??
That manager resigned~~~

Then I call the Project manager’s hp~~
Resigned too~~~

u think I’m god arr~~!!??
How to call u or fax u the quotation/tender invitation~~~!!??

who surpose to contact now~~~!!???

C2pid betul~~~!!
Tak ada otak~~~!!!

now ~~ I hav no choice~~~
straight away call the director~~
OMG~~ this director baru 37 yrs old~~~

no 1der lar~~~


Very potential company~~~

any job vacancy there~~~!!??
i apply for the Contract Manager post lar~~~



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