Friday, November 09, 2007

happy deEpavali~~!!!??

happy deepavali~~!???

i'm not so happy lor....
coz i rushing claim @ home~~

yes~~ dun doubt tat~~
i really bring the works back to my house n do it~~~

u tot i play play arr~~!!??
i cant finish all my works lar..
the works keep coming~~
early i tot wanna take leave de~~~

damn it~~
so many things to do..
how to take leave~~!??

i did learn a very useful skill in this company~~~
"拖 (duo)~~~!!!"
( somthing like delay/hang the works)

i really got to do the works according the priority~~

but everything also seems like very important~~
wat to do~~!?
do which 1 1st~~!??

which 1 kena push then do which 1 lar...
u tak ada push me then i leave it only lar..
btw~~ the claims must be out lar..
tat's y i alwyz so farking bizy @ the early of the month~~
damn it...

dun write anymore lar..
back to work lar....
(stil my lunch time ler...)



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