Monday, August 20, 2007


dang dang dang dang~~~!!!!!

my 1st platinum credit card~~~~
1st platinum card in my life~~~~~!!!!!
(i think this is quite easy to get approval lar~mayb just becoz of their marketing strategy~to con the ppl like me to use their credit card~~~ )

i'm toO busy until now baru upload this pic into my blog~~

s0~~ i cancel my VOX visa to get this~~~
this 1 got alots cash rebate 1 wor~~
btw~~ i dun clubbing frequent~~
so get this One card is better than tat VOX lar~~~
this 1 got visa wave too~~
i go GSC can get 5% cash rebate toO~~
n i did slot it last week toO~
flash point~~

i use it n slot a washing machine @ carrefour for my mum last week toO~~
got 4% cash rebate ler~~~
RM500 * 4% = RM20~~~
aiks~~ i so"Auntie" now~~~

n i wave it to pay my sushi @ carerfour toO~~
it is so simple + fast~~~

just touch n gO~~~!!!



yeee said...

wei, u simply post ur credit online. not scared kena rompak ar? :p dun 4get ur card like touch n go, just steal then can use liao lu~~~ :p

ahh_mun vS hAM said...

like tat arr~~
then u r the 1st person to be suspect if I lost my card~~

actually nowadayz a lots credit card also can wave now~~
if u wanna use it then better dun worry so much lar~~

alwyz~~my limit so little~~ ppl wanna steal also steal those REAL PLATINUM lar~~
tak payah takut so much lar~~~
(wanna steal also steal ur daddy 1 larr~~)

yeee said...

sei jai, if really kena rompak, dun come crying to me :p