Friday, November 23, 2007

gathering~~The Legend Four Aces~~


~~the Legend Four Aces~~

should be foolish 4 lar~~

PoOseng, Au, Chee meng + myself~~
i call it the team of Liverpool 4 aces ( i just decided it todayz)~~ =p

4 guys stick togeter for dinner...
wat else we can do?
wat else we can talk?

talk crap lar~~
blow here blow there...
it remind me our study life in UK~~

we sambil makan sambil talk~~

i realize tat our topic more on scolding our company lar~~
hahaha~~ it seems like everybody wanna quit after CNY~~
resign after get the bonus~~

toO bad~~
i sign a c2pid contract~~
if i wanna resign after CNY~~
i gonna compensate this company~~

but if i really unhappy + ada better offer~~
i might resign toO~~
compensate marr compensate lar...

get/apply another company which can help me compensate lar..

life so short~~
dun force myself if i really feel unhappy~~

i feel great after this gathering~~
hope we can meet each others once per month or 2 months lar..

we can release our our stress after scolding~~
we can share exp frm each other toO~~
how to "play taikek" wif the man-con / consultant~~

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