Friday, August 03, 2007

office talk~~~ Step mother coming in~~~



RB purchasing dpmt moving in today~~
n my contracts dpmnt punya QS will moving in on 10th n onward~~~
tapi few dayz ago sudah ada few of them come n survey aredi~~
i was bizy'ing on the tender submission~~
so , tak ada layan them..
not even c they r male or female~~~
(when i concentrade doing something, i alwyz ignore others~~~)

let me tell u guys a story~~

long long time ago~~
(semua story also ned to start like this~~~~~lolz~~~)
there is a widow(RB) get married againz to a new husband (IJM)~~
once they get married~~
the later husband ask the step childs (step sons + daughters) move to his house(wisma IJM)~~
this is becoz the husband say they r 1 family now~~
so~~should stay under 1 roof~~~

problems appears~~

early~~~the daddy alwyz say tat "now we all 1 family aredi.. Tak ada diferentiate who is whose childs (RB or IJM)~~ we all satu family~~~ u all also my childs~ all follow daddy's surf name lar(all also consider IJM staff~ no more RB)~~ ~~ "

the later husband giving his step childs alots of candy(ESOS), baju baru(car parking) n etc~~~

mean while, the husband sendiri punya sons + daughthers tak dpt baju yg baru (car parking) now~~
early mempunyai~~ but now no more~~
the baju baru (cark parking) only for those elder sons+ daughters (manager levels)~~
the anak bongsu(executive levels) sudah bising sangat now~~

the candy(ESOS) only issued to the step childs (RB staffs)~~
sudah 3 tahun tak ada giv the candy(ESOS) to the own childs aredi~~~

the poker money(salary) of the step childs also higher than the own childs~~
the daddy(IJM) say got adjustment soon~~~
saying tat frm April until now(August)~~~

so~~ kids~~ u wait lar~~~
i think got adjustment on ur pocket money 1~~~
wait lar~~~~

Step mother alwyz more powerful than the daddy 1~~~
lolz~~ so funny~~
this is the rulez~~~

so~~ kids~~
if u tak puas hati + tak suka + tak boleh tahan~~
then move out(resign)~~~~


~~~ extra~~~

at this stage lar~~
we (or maybe just me only lar) think tat this daddy really unfair~~

u can hear those aunties gossip @ any were… eg: pantry~~
treat step childs better than own 1~~
but tak tahu lar~~~

mayb he wan to please the step childs lar~~
he want them accept this new daddy~~~
lolz~~ so tat the step childs will like this daddy n wont leave(resign)~~~
my own view lar~~ its do looks unfair~~
tapi mayb just my own view lar~

but~~who cares~~!!??
i think i stil getting the same treatment~~
or maybe better pulak~~
coz the salary got adjustment since the RB staff's salary is higher than us~~
so~~ i think get benefit on the adjustment lar...

so~~ i tak kisah larr~~
nothing different or big chances for me~~~


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