Wednesday, May 02, 2007

watch Spideman3 + liverpool won the match~~

1st of May (tuesday) ~~~labour dayz~~~

wake up @ 11am (slep@ 6am morning)~~
damn~~ i feeL i cant slep anymore~~~
siAL aredi~~ baru 4 hours ++
but really cant slep anymore~~
so~~ wake up n Bou drama @ home whole dayz~~~

dinner + yc @ yi lou(double storey = NKS = Nasi kandar sedap)~~~
opss~~ wenG & yeE share a lots their "secret"~~~
or maybe call tat as "experience" lar~~~
12am fetch yEE back~~then go 1u~~

12.30am~~ sPiderman 3~~~
we saw grace there~~
damn it~~
she properly watch spiderman toO lar...
weng n me saw a garl loOKs like grace @ car park~~
we jsut question each other is tat she~~???
then suddenly grace shake her hand to us~~
tat really is Grace~~~

opss~~ her bf hanging her hand lar~~~
aikS~~~~ lucky chloe not there lar~~
if not som body's heart mighT feEL hurt~~~
(although som1's heart "mayb" getting hurt when saw Grace's bf)

almost 1am lor~~~
damn sleply aredi~~
almost fall to slep when watching the SHI BAI DE MAN~~~

finish the movie around 3am~~
yes~~ time to watch liverpoOl vs chelsea~~~~
malo~~~ LiverpoOl kena tiang fir twice lar~~
i scream til my throat pun sakit~~~
damn it~~ if not can "finish it" earlier~~

but lucky~~~ finally liverpoOl won in the penalty stage~~~
i scream againZ~~~
1 bALL shout once~~
damn IT~~~
liverpoOL rock~~~

aiks~~ if MU win later then i really duno support which side liao~~
but i think mostly i will support back MU lar~~~
coz C. Ronalda is there~~~



cowen said...

u think i feel feel bad...?

ahh_mun vS hAM said...


Music by Elton John
Lyrics by Gary Osborne

How come you're so understanding
When I tell you all my lies
And pretending to believe them
See through all my alibis
And I need you more than ever
And I want you till the end

How you handle what you live through
I can never hope to learn
Taking all the pain I give you
Loving blindly in return
And I need you more than ever
I will always be your friend
Chloe, Chloe

Chloe, what you gonna do about me
Chloe, what you gonna do
What you gonna do about me

You're the lifeline that I cling to
When I feel like giving in
When the dreams that I rely on
Start to wear a little thin
Then I need you more than ever
And I want you till the end
Chloe, Chloe