Monday, April 30, 2007

Dancing lion~~~ coOL handseT~~

watch moVie quite frequent this few weEks~~~

watch the c2pid dancing lion on this noon~~~
damn it~~~
wat kind of movie is this~~!!!??

the Anthony Wong (黄秋生)'s handset damn YING man~~~

muahahahaha~~ he connect his hp to the handset n call~~~
damn it~~~~
just like the pic below~~~
but his 1 damn classic 1~~~~
damn coOL 1~~~~

n guesS wat~~!!??
i found out were can buY this "handset" liaO~~~
efficiency ler~~!!??

hahahaha~~ i found it @ the lower grd floOr in 1u~~~
the shop's name forgoten aredi~~ but it is just nearby the OSIM's shop 1 lar...
aiyo~~ i onlY remember how is that female promoter loOKs like~~
mana ada masa c wat shop name is tat orr~~~!??

damn it~~
the handset cost around RM80 lar...
n it only can connect to the Nokia phone~~~
duno they got offer another adapter head to connect others hp model o not~~!!??
btw~~ any 1 dare to use tat handset in mamak~~!!??

( ~~~i sure laugh til headache if i saw som1 using it~~~)

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