Wednesday, May 16, 2007

popular @ amcorpmall ada sales~~

Popular @ amcorp mall closing soon~~
Lolz~~ a lots discounted books there..

yesterday my early plan is went to amcorp mall to exchange the remaining pound 1...
but too bad~~ the money changer tak buka~~
then i walk to the popular lor~~
since sudah walk to here~~
pergi tengok ada apa-apa books yg interest tak~~

OMG~~~ I found the book I looking for long long time ago~~
I went to 1u n the curve punya bookstore pun tak ada stock~~
Finaly I found it here~~
Damn lucky~~~

I bought 7 books yesterday~~ It only cost me RM90++
sooooooo cheap~~~~

Lolz~~ 4 books r less for 70% n the others 3 books r less 20%~~

Aiks~~ now I realize the pros of having a credit card~~
Lolz~~ coz there is only 100 bucks inside my wallet yesterday~~
I also takut my books exceed these amount~~
Lucky got credit card~~

SLOT it only~~~~

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