Tuesday, May 15, 2007

senior in hoSpitaL~~

aiks~~ forgotten how long i nv visit ppl in hospital aredi...

i remember the previous time visit is few yrs ago....
1 of my fren kena car accident~~
3 of the passenger sudah X~~~
he is the only 1 survive~~~
we went there for mentally support him~~

i dun like the feeling being in a hospital lar..
the smell so geli~~~

but this time is my senior masuk hospital~~
suspect is TB wor~~
btw~~ i stil duno wat is TB~~~

it is 24+ yrs ago~~~
i went here be4....
i was born here~~~
Assunta Hospital~~~

opss , back to the topic~~
my seniors looks very tired~~
but stil consider ok ok lar..
hope she will becomz fine soon~~~
now HQ no 1 doing building costing lar..
u must recover faster~~~
if not i'm the 1 who gonna do the costing...
i stil not enough qualification lar~~~
scare lar...

but if the ball really kick to me~~ then i'll take only~~
who cares~~just do my best~~~
(sounds like goal keeper~~ keep the ball~~~~~~~~)


the nurses are so pretty + young lar..

my colleague Kong already say tak nak balik home liao~~~


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